July 10, 2014

Yesterday was Wednesday

... and was the designated day for my 'Maintenance Spanking'.  We found that Wednesday just didn't work very well as our routine during weekdays seemed to interfere with me getting spanked.  So we sat down and discussed this and other things.  The result was to change the designated day to Sunday.

Way back in February, 2009 Cora and I drew up a 'contract'.  Our contract was rather simple and was modified from one of Dorothy Spencer's 'Spanking Plans'.  Ms. Spencer was certainly ahead of her time when she advocated spanking as a way to settle disputes between couples in the early 1930's.  There is lots and lots of information available on the net regarding this plan including the actual text of the plan which advocates spankings to both the wife and husband.  Ours is a modification that only addresses Cora spanking me.

We we opened up our discussion I thought that perhaps a revisit to our contract would be in order.  However, due to its simplicity I thought that just amending it would be all that was needed.  Cora agreed and we ended up with three amendments.  The first one spelled out some definitions of our 'Notice of Discipline' form and how it should be applied.  I'll share the text of that part in a future post.  The second amendment applied to our weekly Maintenance Spanking.  Here is the text of that amendment:

Amendment II.  Maintenance Spankings

It is agreed that weekly spankings would solidify the respective rolls of the Disciplinarian Wife and the Disciplined Husband.  These spankings will be referred to as Maintenance Spankings.

A. Maintenance Spankings should be carried out each week on a designated day (Sunday).  They should not be postponed unless there are above normal circumstances that prevent them from happening.  When such delay occurs they should be re-scheduled as soon as possible.

B. Maintenance Spankings will be administered as Over-The-Knee (OTK) spankings with the appropriate OTK implement such as the Ebony Hairbrush, OTK Spanking Paddle or any other implement that is suitable for the OTK position.

C. For instances where the Disciplined Husband's behavior has been less than acceptable, the OTK spanking will be followed by a session with the Disciplinarian Wife's paddle.  The Disciplined Husband will assume a bent over position as directed by the Disciplinarian Wife who will choose one or more implements suitable for the administering of a good, hard paddling.

D. The OTK portion of the Maintenance Spanking shall be no less than five minutes but she is encouraged to administer her Hairbrush or other implement(s) as long as she sees fit.

E. For instances where the OTK spanking is to be followed by a paddling session, the number of swats shall be no less than six.  However, the Disciplinarian Wife is encouraged to administer as many swats as she may deem necessary.

Please note that the above is just something that Cora and I worked out and may or not apply to anyone else.  However we did want to share the specifics of what we came up with.

As was mentioned in an earlier post, I was paddled Saturday morning and paddled rather hard.  So I was a little surprised that on Sunday, Cora beckoned me to come to her for my weekly Maintenance Spanking.  I was still feeling the impact of my Saturday morning paddling but who was I to question her authority???
Like it or not you're getting a Spanking!
This time Cora decided that she would utilize our couch for my spanking.  She wanted both of us to be comfortable(!)  So, over her lap I went.
Her Lap Awaits
I might mention that Cora now has no less than three (3) Ebony Hairbrushes.  The first one I purchased for her has a slight concave surface and really can deliver a stingy smack and does so with a rather pronounced cracking sound.  The second one has a convex surface and is quite thuddy and does not impact with much of a sound.  The third Ebony Hairbrush also has a concave surface and is very similar to the first one I purchased for her but has slightly different dimensions and is a full ounce heavier.  So, Cora wanted to compare number one and number three.
Get Ready!
Lining up the two Ebony beauties, Cora began her comparison.  (Note that the attached photos are from our archives and the hairbrushes pictured are not the Ebonies.  We hope to photograph them soon.)  I felt the familiar impact of her Ebony Hairbrushes and she did not start with a warm up.  I think she wanted to get down to the business of her comparison.

Naturally, I was feeling the sting of the impact on my recently paddled bottom.  But in the interest of science I hung in there enduring Cora's spanking.  She switched back and forth and I could tell slight differences but the sound of their impact was almost identical.  Soon I was feeling like a well spanked, naughty boy.
Getting Spanked with Cora's Ebony Hairbrush
Cora continued.  Now, remember that we are in the post Ms. Francy period and Cora no longer modulates her spankings.  In fact at one point she mentioned that she was drawing a little blood.  Yes, I was getting a real blistering spanking.  But unlike previous times, Cora did not let the appearance of a blister deter her from continuing.
The Result of a Spanking from Cora is Much Different Now!
On she went until I think she was exhausted.  She checked the clock and much to the surprise of both of us a full thirteen minutes had elapsed since she began.  As I write this (four days later), I can still feel a dull pain in my bottom and there are still marks.  So finally, I feel like I have received a good, hard spanking that I have felt I not only deserved but needed.  And Cora was delighted at the result and has been literally glowing (in her own way!) ever since.  And she has hinted that I need another spanking today.  Why?  Because she feels like it.


Anonymous said...

I believe the whole ethos of the D/s relationship to be summed up in the last sentence. you were to be spanked again because Ms Cora decided that was what She wanted. I have never limited punishments to a specific time or day (although I always punish subby on a Saturday afternoon). However, I always punish him in the evening before I go to bed too. This evening punishment is usually followed by my taking his arse with my strap-on before I put him in his box and retire to bed (usually very wet after the turn-on of punishing and fucking him!) If I may offer Ms Cora some advice, it would be to give in to Her instinct more often, and to wield Her paddle far more frequently (and with greater force!) Then we'll see if your attitude improves! hugs, licks and kisses to Ms Cora from Ms Olive in Wales XXxxXX

spankedbywife said...
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spankedbywife said...

Ms. Olive-
As one of our newest readers I'd like to say welcome. It appears that you and your subby are into the D/s thing quite a bit deeper than us but then we all approach things differently.

But know that Cora is definitely applying her paddles and hairbrushes with much greater force. And as far as giving into Her instict more often, well we are working on that.

I shared both of your comments with Cora (as I almost always do) and she was intrigued by both your comments and some of the aspects of your lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. I agree that my lifestyle seems to differ greatly from that of Ms Cora and yours. I regard subby as my property, to use and abuse as I see fit. he being totally submissive and a pain slut, accepts that there will be aspects of his training that he does not like or enjoy as much as others. I know he gets turned on by both pain and humiliation. Thus keeping him cock locked 24/7 and allowing him to cum once a week ensures that his balls are constantly swollen, tender and painful. As I have stated, he is punished daily, and usually fucked as well. he still hates his cleaning me duties and having. to re cycle his own ejaculate. But basically, I don't consider what he thinks. he is mine to do with as I please, and it amuses me to make him do things that he is not comfortable with. I suppose it could be said that I am a sadist - I would agree, and so would my subby! Live and let live, eh? Hugs, licks and kisses to Ms Cora. Ms Olive XXxxXX

Anonymous said...

I love your amendment and agree 100%. I also encourage R to spank as long as she wishes and there have been times she has spanked left me in position so she could continue spanking me later. We also love the OTK with her sitting on the sofa with me OTK on her left leg while her right leg is behind my legs. We both find this comfortable for a long spanking. What we don't do is mix maintenance, or just because spanking with punishment. If something were to come up during maintenance or just because, it would be discussed while I'm being spanked and I will be told punishment will be carried out the next day. I love following your posts keep up the good work and to Cora you are a woman of a mans dreams spank him often.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading your blog, you and Ms.Cora are lucky to have each other.

You both have really embraced the FLR lifestyle to it's fullest. Hope you guys never tire of it, I know we won't.


Anonymous said...

always enjoy a good story thanks