July 5, 2014

I Got Paddled This Morning

We men can be such naughty boys.  I know from some of the things I have seen on other sites and e-Mails I get from some of you, that we do have lots in common.  Like the things we do when surfing the web.

Well, I got 'caught' this morning.  'Red-Handed', so to speak.  There was no hiding it when Cora took things in hand.  So to speak!

Now, Cora is really OK with those kinds of my activity.  Really.  However, I have asked her to administer an immediate paddling when she does 'catch' me.  Its partly role-play and partly serious.
Cora's Spencer Paddle
So I offered my naughty backside to her by bending over one of our kitchen chairs after placing her Spencer paddle in a handy place for her to pick it up.  At the time I was wearing a thick robe and I pulled up the bottom part over my back which presented my bare bottom for Cora to attend to.
Me Getting Previously Paddled with Cora's Spencer
She Paddles Harder Now.  Much Harder!
And Attend to it, she did.  Since Cora read Ms. Francy's books ('Spanking the Male Mind' and 'How to Spank Your Man', both of which we highly recommend) Cora has been spanking me much harder. And this morning was no exception.  She really laid into me with that Spencer Paddle.  She was swinging it hard enough that I could hear the whistle the paddle makes just before landing on my naughty bottom.  And I heard lots and lots of those whistles as she paddled me much longer that I expected.
Cora Has Lots of Choices When She Decides to Paddle
When she finally stopped with her Spencer Paddle, I remained in place, expecting her to give me the OK to get up.  She didn't.  Instead she placed the Spencer Paddle back on the rack and then grabbed her PurpleHeart Paddle.  Its been a while since she paddled me with her PurpleHeart Paddle but again, she laid into me with quite a bit of vigor.  The PurpleHeart Paddle is a little heavier than the Spencer Paddle and it was delivering quite a combination of 'thud' and 'sting'.  I was definitely getting a naughty boy paddling.  Again, Cora delivered a much longer paddling than I expected.
The PurpleHeart is one of Cora's Favorites
Can You Tell?
And again, when she finally stopped with her PurpleHeart Paddle and put it back on the rack, I remained in place expecting her to release me right away.  But NO!  Cora had other ideas.  Instead she reached for the biggest paddle on the rack: the OAR!
Bend Over This Chair
I'm Going to Paddle You with This!
A post on April 21, 2011 describes how we acquired this huge paddle.  We were shopping at one of the local craft stores and Cora noticed it displayed with other unfinished wood items.  It was a rather interesting shopping experience, especially when Cora made me bend over so that she could try it out.  I had been directed to the area of the store where we found the paddle by one of the clerks in the store who had asked if I need help finding something.  I was looking for shellac and she thought in might be near where the unfinished wood items were displayed.  As we were leaving the unfinished wood display, we encountered the same woman who had suggested I look for shellac where the wood items were located.  "Did you find what you were looking for?", she asked.  Cora immediately spoke up and said, "Well no, but I did find this".  Cora then reached into our basket and pulled out the large paddle then said,  "I think I can make good use of it!".  Cora then complemented her on the stores inventory indicating that, "you have lots of useful items in this store".  The employee blushed noticeably but had a knowing grin, too.

So with her big, huge paddle in hand, Cora continued my punishment.  Again, I got paddled much longer than I expected.  The result being a bright red bottom that still seems to be emitting quite a glow.  I am certainly feeling the effects as I am writing this.  And I know Cora really enjoyed punishing me for being the 'naughty' boy that I was.  And partly thanks to Ms. Francy, what I got was a good, hard and long paddling.


Respecting Mistress said...

Ooh dear Ken, It sounds like you copped a good spanking there.

Love to hear that Cora is still disco lining you - and that she's upped the ante. As you say, us boys always manage to get ourselves into trouble.

Isn't great that we have these lovely Ladies who take great delight in keeping us on the straight and narrow?

Best wishes to you both,


Anonymous said...

You're definitely a lucky guy Ken to have a lady like Cora to keep you in your place. Sadly, they seem to be rare; I'm still looking to find such a lady for myself. Thanks again for taking the time to write your blog, I enjoy reading it and I'm sure many others do also who just haven't commented. I wish you both all the best.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, part role play, part punishment. Haven't tried that yet, maybe a suggestion is in order. I must say Ken that Cora gave you a nice surprise by not telling you to get up and going for more implements and spanking you longer and harder. Like you when I'm receiving a spanking I'm never allowed to get up until she tells me to. Some times the spanking will continue with other implements and sometimes she wants to just enjoy looking at her work as I stay in position with my red sore bottom on view.

Warren Lawler said...

Sorry Ken. I know most of your spankings are of an erotic or fun variety... As we've spoken about before.... mine are purely discipline and I know how you're feeling now.. or at least I HOPE I know how your feeling now.. You are a good guy.. so no matter how lengthy the paddling nor matter how hard... you should be ASHAMED of yourself and EMBARRASSED over your unacceptable and sneaky behavior! I hope you have learned a lesson that need not be repeated for a long while!! REgards and sympathies. I think an early bedtime would be in order as the deprivation of some privilege tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I got paddled last night, myself, by my lovely wife. Can't happen enough, but my wife thinks twice a week is enough. None of them are as thorough as what you got from Cora, so I definitely envy you. But my wife does a very good job that keeps me satisfied. Glad for you, Ken, that you can say the same for Cora. Doug Morton

Anonymous said...

Greeetings, Ms Cora from Wales,

I'm Ms Olive and I've recently discovered your fantastic blog. I'm a 46 year old bi-sexual Domme Bitch. For the past 3 years I've owned simon, a sub pain slut, whom I keep cock locked 24/7. I found that 24/7 chastity brings some problems - such as nocturnal unauthorised spurting. so now I milk him monthly, an honour which he has to pay for by "re-cycling" what comes out of his cock. he hates the taste, but is getting used to it, especially as I put him to "cleaning up" duties after I've been to see my current gentleman friend. It is my ambition to teach my 100% hetero sub to become a champion cock sucker, and if I can find someone willing to help me, I'd love to put simon to the cock. It'd make a change from him having to accept my strap-on!

Anyway, thanks again for the blog. Keep up the good (spanking) work, as reading about it makes this Welsh Lady very wet indeed!

Hugs, licks and kisses,