July 11, 2014

A Magickal Afternoon at Salty's

Cora and I represent a local club (not related to our FLR thing) in our local summer festival parade.  This year the parade will occur on July 19 and we have been getting preparations in order for a week now.  For example I took our car into the shop for annual service to make sure its running fine.

And yesterday Cora wanted to make a trial run of what she plans to wear.  Just to make sure everything fits and to make whatever adjustments are necessary.  For this year's parade she purchased a dress that nicely matches the color of our car.  Color coordinated she will be including her 4 inch high heels that match the car.

Cora Showing Off a Little Cheek
The Duck at Salty's

So we decided to make a 'trial run' to our favorite local restaurant for lunch.  Cora got all dressed up in everything she plans to wear during the parade and I would be able to make sure our 'Fuel Injected Stingray' would be ready to perform.
Cora On Her Way Up the Stairs
I Couldn't Resist the 'Photo Op'
Me Getting Caught Taking Advantage of the 'Photo Op'
Wonder if She'll Pull Out One of Her Notices?

Cora and I have been visiting Salty's for many years including the evening of our wedding, and have never had a bad experience.  Indeed the staff are very friendly and the interaction is great fun.
Seattle's Best View
Yesterday was no exception.  Our server was a woman who attended to our initial needs in the usual efficient and professional manner and soon Cora had her Gin and 7-UP.  We then dived into their summer menu (Salmon was featured!) to make our lunch selection.  As the afternoon progressed, we got to know our server a bit better and shared our story of why we were having lunch as a way to test out Cora's outfit and to make sure the car was running fine.  The conversations progressed and we discussed our holiday light display.  She seemed quite engaged and more that what you might expect from someone attending to us.  There obviously was something that just seemed to click between us.
Cora Getting Ready to Order Lunch
I think it may have been when we talked about having dinner at Salty's after our wedding that we began to share how we have adopted a Female Led Relationship lifestyle.  Both Cora and I could tell that she was more than just interested.  All the while maintaining her professional demeanor, she began asking questions and we finally shared the full story of our wedding including the ceremonial pass of the hairbrush (the symbol of a woman's power, as we explained) from the minister to Cora followed by my first spanking as her husband.  One thing she confessed was that this approach might be a way to 'spice up' the relationship with her husband.
Cora's 'Business' Card
We ended up giving her one of Cora's business cards.  These depict a picture of Cora beckoning me to her side in preparation for the first spanking of our marriage.  The URL of this blog appears on the card and we thought these cards would be great to pass out to people that we felt might be interested in what we do.  So far we haven't passed out very many but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to share one with our hostess.  And to top things off, Cora pulled out of of her (famous) Notice of Discipline forms and gave it to her, too.  Smiling, she indicated that upon return to her home she would be opening up her computer to check out our blog.  And the last conversation we had with her was that we felt a story had developed that we would like to share on our blog.  She consented to sharing our story without hesitation.

One thing that Cora and I have attempted to do is to share what we believe are the benefits of a Female Led Relationship.  We have no intent to 'force' it on anyone and we totally understand that its not for everyone.  So we have opened up our blog and have met many of you in the 'virtual' world of the Internet but have sadly not met many people face to face.  But today was a time that it just seemed right to share and who knows, perhaps a relationship might just develop.  I can just see Cora 'training' her in the implementation of a Female Led Relationship which could introduce some very interesting energy into their relationship.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Cora would do a fantastic job of "training" her in the fine art of leadership.
It might be possible that you would be included in that training as she might need to learn the proper way to spank. And what a better way than to see you over Cora's lap getting your bottom tanned.

Brent said...

It is wonderful when you make an unexpected emotional connection with another person in a social setting. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. And, thank you again for being such great role models in the Female Led Relationship lifestyle.

Brent & Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I agree that Ms Cora would do a fantastic job training this lady. And as far as I'm concerned, the more women there are in the world who rule their roost the better! I know there are a list of infringements for which you are spanked. Please mention to Ms Cora that sloppy spelling should be added to this list. Don't you have a spell check? For your information, there is no k in magic or magical. I send my usual hugs, licks and kisses to Ms Cora. Ms Olive XXxxXX

spankedbywife said...

Archedone, Brent, Ms. Marilyn, Ms. Olive-
As always we really appreciate your comments.

Dear Ms. Olive-
The word Magick is spelled with the 'K' intentionally. We consider Magick a special kind of magic, that is magic with Knowledge. Its a term coined by a spiritual group that we follow.

Anonymous said...

To: Ms Cora and ken,

I bow to your superior knowledge, and offer an apology for my ignorance. I too am a member of a spiritual group. We call ours the Roman Catholic Church! Now I'm off to sublimate my annoyance of being shown to be wrong by giving my sub a long, hard and extremely painful caning. I do hope Ms Cora gives her spanking arm some exercise before too long as well. I send her hugs, licks and kisses. Ms Olive XXxxXX

Jonathan said...

Suggest Ms. Olive could benefit from a session over Lady Cora's knee for a generous application of the ebony hairbrush to her backside. Perhaps this would curb her arrogance and rush to judgement.

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that you're willing to be open and spread the word about your lifestyle. If more people become aware of FLR, there will be more FLR couples ! And that's something the world needs.
Nature intended for women to be in charge and us men to have red, sore bottoms.