March 17, 2015

Spanked in SpanX (Finally!)

I have to admit that I have enjoyed wearing panties.  The Vanity Fair panties have a rather delicious texture and I love the erotic feeling from wearing them and Cora likes seeing me wearing them.  We both recognize the emphasis on our roles as submissive husband and Dominate wife.

We have also been amazed at the number of men who have expressed their own enjoyment in wearing panties, too.  The postings about our panty adventures have resulted in lots of comments and it seems there are many more of you out there than I ever would have guessed.  I seem to be in good company.

SpanX.  That's been quite a story.  As mentioned before, the first ones purchased turned out to bee too small for me but they are quite happy to occupy Cora's panty drawer.  (So to speak!)  The other pair of SpanX took over three weeks to get here, arriving only last Monday, but we were able to find a pair at a local department store at our local mall.

Last Wednesday we drove to the location of our tax accountant.  On the way back I suggested that we stop at our mall. Access from the freeway was quite good and would only add about 20 minutes to our trip. Previously, I had made inquiries of where SpanX panties could be obtained.  Turns out that they are available at Nordstrom's, one of the major department stores at our mall.

So  in we went and found them on the third floor.  Oh my, there were racks and racks of them.  We had no idea that the SpanX line is so large.  We finally located a pair similar to the ones we had ordered previously but in a larger size.  We made our purchase and headed home.

Now these are quite different from the VF panties previously purchased.  Very different.  They feel almost like a pantygirdle with long legs and a high waist.  Naturally, I asked Cora to 'break them in' and soon I was over her lap getting a dose of her Ebony Hairbrush and the OTK Spanking Paddle.  That was followed by a session bent over our kitchen table getting a substantial paddling.  Cora used several of her WAD's and I was getting my bottom quite toasted.
Cora Checking Our Her Spencer Paddle in Preparation to Paddling Me
"Come Here!  You're Getting a Well Deserved Paddling."
I know Cora was thoroughly enjoying herself and I could also tell that she was spanking me much harder than she used to.  Something about me wearing panties really brings out the spanker in her.  I must say that I rather liked getting spanked harder.  Naturally the panties or SpanX absorb some of the impact but its more than made up for by the intensity increase from my lovely wife.
Spanked in SpanX 'Power Panties'
Note That the Stepstool Gets Me Raised at a Better Height for Cora's Swats
SpanX Spanks
Today we made a quick trip to the grocery store.  I decided to wear the SpanX hoping that it would inspire Cora to paddle me upon our return.  Indeed she did paddle me.  It was not a long session but we did set up the camera and the photos attached here are 'hot' off the press.  Naturally, as I'm typing this text I am sitting rather gingerly.  But with a big grin!

Changed to the Leather Paddle
Cora's Determined Expression Says it All
It May Not Have Been a Long Session but Cora Seems Quite Satisfied with the Result


Anonymous said...

I've never had on a pair of spanX and must say they look good on you and I'm sure Cora loves them. I believe I've told you I also love wearing panties and my wife loves to see me in them. I also love the stool it presents your bottom for Cora very nice.

Respecting Mistress said...

I love your SpanX!

They look great on you and your wearing them seems to have encouraged Cora to give you the spanking you deserved for wearing Ladies' lingerie, you naughty boy!
Looks like the both of you are having fun as ever.

Thanks, as ever, for the inspiration.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Ken is a VERY lucky guy.
I'd give just about anything to have a woman make me wear women's undergarments, paddle me with a Spencer paddle, and use the strap-on for regular pegging.
I'm thinking enemas and tampons could make an interesting addition too.

Anonymous said...

I'm another *total* Vanity Fair fan! They feel SOOO DELICIOUS!! Even though i have about 150 panties, I wear VFs most of the time, I've found... would never have guessed that, at first... Granny Panties!!
But the feel is just so thin and sexy.

That said, your SpanX do a good job slenderizing your butt (hee)! And Cora looks wonderful, as always!
sara e

Anonymous said...

I have been through the same experience and it was fantastic. Results on spanking tube, markbtm. Love being constrained in a panty girdle. Good work LadyCora

Anonymous said...

I am also a member of the spanx club!! Erotic feeling.