March 9, 2015

Spanking Spectacular - Part 2

Its been over two weeks since Cora took me on and administered an old fashined spanking: good and hard!  We posted photos from the first part of that spanking on the day of our fifth anniversary, February 24.  Those photos showed Cora delivering an Over-the-Knee spanking with her Ebony Hairbrush and her OTK Spanking Paddle.

Well, after getting my bottom thoroughly toasted by her, she then bent me over our kitchen table and applied several of her paddles to my already reddened posterior.  Here are a few photos from that session.

Cora's Rack: "So Many Choices!"
"One of My Favorites - The PurpleHeart"
"And the Reliable Spencer.  This'll Sting His Naughty Bottom"
"Yoo Hoo!  Time For Your Paddling!"
Starting with the PurpleHeart, Panties Still Up

Raising the Paddle Nice & High.  He'll Feel This One!

Panties Down, Bottom Red.  Gee, This is Too Much Fun!

Cora Lands a Good One

Finishing Up with the Spencer


Nice and Red.  Well Done, Don't You Think?
So that was over two weeks ago.  Lots happened since.  However, I'm probably due for another session with Cora's paddles, straps and hairbrushes.  In fact she just requested a blank 'Notice of Discipline' and a pen.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as Cora already had you wearing panties, she should also add wearing a bra as well. All sessions with the paddle should end with her using the strap-on for pegging as well.

spankedbywife said...

Its been a major step to be wearing panties most of the time. I'll defer to my lovely Wife as far as wearing other traditionally feminine garments. After all, isn't it her decision?

As far as pegging, well I don't disagree. But again, the final decision will be Cora's.

Anonymous said...

Another spanking well delivered by Lady Cora and well received by you. She did a wonderful job and you had a nice red glow. May I ask how you feel wearing panties? I've been in panties 24/7 for a few years. I love the feel and look of them and R loves to see them on me. They also remind me of my submission to her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken Anonymous here again with more observations and ideas about your wonderful notice and request forms.
This time I notice what a tangled web it is when any singular offense besides maintenance is earned , it almost automatically invokes all of the others. It would seem that it is really designed to invoke an almost perpetual state of maintenance by the remedies and actions provided.
I notice that it is almost impossible to be rude without being inconsiderate, irresponsible and inappropriate and most often it isn't possible to incur any of them without the other 2 with a couple exceptions.
I think the real stroke of genius is that any time the form is a Notice and not a Request it almost automatically implies smugness laziness or inconsiderate behavior for being to lazy to submit the form your self or not considering the behavior of the infraction. So it is quite a wonderful maze and it really seems to ask the person in charge to keep the majority of the sanctions in effect most of the time, I think it's very well done.
From your reply above dated March 9 , I would like to take the opportunity address the infraction of smugness on the form. Consider the difference between wearing certain things most of the time, as opposed to the form enforcing wearing that and nothing else for a specified amount of time, making smugness very difficult.

cowboy_lac said...

Ken, We have not communicated in many months. Seeing you latest photos, I have to tell you I was paddled and pegged just last Fri, Mar 13.

cowboy_lac said...

A note to Archedone. We used to communicate very often, I think. I'm cowboy, we met on EP but continued to e-mail for a long time. We suffered a major computer breakdown involving police and all. I lost most of my address book, including your address. Would you like to continue our communication? Please e-mail me if you would like to.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the lovely Cora! And you, in your thin Vanity Fairs... perfect! sara e

Rimfire said...

sexy old lady..wish you lived near me

Jonathan said...

Hi Ken and Lady Cora: Have not tried the Spanx Power Panties, but I wear the Spanx Undetectables when doing my Saturday housework and for my subsequent spanking. Something very appropriate about being "Spanked in Spanx" (although they don't remain up for long), don't you think??? Regards Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to be so lucky to have a woman that gives a firm spencer-paddle spanking, forced wearing of WOMEN'S undergarments, and a good stiff pegging.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to be so lucky to have a woman that gives a firm spencer-paddle spanking, forced wearing of WOMEN'S undergarments, and a good stiff pegging.

otkloverjohn said...

Ms Cora you should get him some bright red panties to match the color of his bottom to. My wife uses RED punishment panties the majority of the time if it is a spanking scheduled by her rather than an on-the-spot punishment.

Anonymous said...

My wife has been using the same disciplknary methods for some time now. I get paddled a minimum of once a week with her spencer paddle; this is always at least 40 swats. She has insisted I wear bras and panties for several years and I have no male undergarments. She also insists I assume the traditional role of a woman regarding sex. The only penetration in our household is with her strapon. Over the past year she has also insisted that I start wearing tampons.