March 1, 2015

Its Been Quite a Week

Wow!  Its been quite a week.  With all the issue with the Google blog policy and such.  We're really delighted to see that its behind us, at least for now.  And then there was the issues surrounding our purchase of panties but we did receive confirmation that most of them have been shipped!  And it appears that they will all arrive on Tuesday.  Finally!

And this will be the eighth post since February 20.  I can't remember a spell where we have posted this often.  And we still have yet to post part two of the 'Spanking Spectacular' and unless there more chaos from something like a Google policy issue, we'll post it in a few days..  Actually there will be a photo from that session to help illustrate what happened Friday afternoon.

It seems as though during the early hours of Friday morning, I pulled the covers off Cora.  Naturally she wasn't happy but grabbed another blanket that she keeps handy for just such an incident.  Seems as though I've done it before.

During our morning coffee discussions later in the morning, Cora informed me that I had earned a spanking for pulling the covers off of her.  OK, I won't disagree that I've earned a spanking from Cora.  After all that's part of our agreement as part of our FLR arrangement.

Sometimes, Cora will assign a session of her discipline and never follow through.  I guess she gets distracted with the events of the day.  However, I wanted to make sure that she didn't forget this one.
Cora's Line-Up of WAD's Ready for Action

We often take a quick nap in the afternoon and Friday was no exception.  Upon rising I took our dogs outside and then prepared for getting a spanking from Cora.  During this time, Cora was getting dressed for the evening.  It seemed like she was taking forever as I had lined up four of Cora's WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction - my Ass!) on our kitchen counter.  I had prepared myself by wearing a pair of black panties which Cora had handed down to me.
These are the Black Panties I was Wearing

Finally, she descended the stairs wearing a nice, tight pair of jeans and a top appropriate for the evening.  She found me bent over the table and the paddles ready for use.  I detected a bit of a giggle but she didn't hesitate.  She grabbed the first strap and laid the first stroke on my waiting bottom.  I didn't count but it wasn't long before she switched to the second strap and spanked me with that for a while.  Next she applied her PurpleHeart paddle, too but first pulled my panties down to expose my bare bottom.

Its interesting the different effects of leather versus wood.  However I was very aware that she had switched to the much heavier PurpleHeart paddle.  I hadn't looked back during the time I had received the straps from Cora but I did turn around to verify the fact that she was using the PurpleHeart.

Even if I say so myself, I think Cora has a fabulous figure.  And in turning my head to check out what was burning my bottom, I had a lovely view of Cora's curves.  Lovely indeed!  Oh, if  all women realized the power they hold in their curves.
The View From My Position as Spankee

Finally, Cora set the PurpleHeart down and picked up the Spencer.  I think she planned to make a point with that paddle and began spanking me a bit harder that previously.  I have described what its like getting paddled with the Spencer before but it never ceases to get my attention.  You see, the small holes in the Spencer create a whistling sound when swung with enough velocity.  And Cora was putting on the velocity.  I heard that characteristic whistle just before feeling its stinging punishment.  Stinging indeed.

I think she applied twelve of her best with the Spencer paddle but somewhere in the middle asked me if she was paddling me too hard.  I guess my ooo's, ahhh's and eeek's where telling her that she was definitely getting through to me.  I replied, "No" and she continued paddling me.
Photo from a Week Ago but Almost Identical to Friday Night's Paddling

Finally, she stopped and told me to get up.  I don't think the entire session took more than five minutes but I could sure feel the sting.  And she remarked, "That sure felt good to me and it sure was a stress reliever".

Now, there is a 'Smart-Assed Masochist' (SAM) in me and later that evening it decided to come out.  "Do you remember the question you asked me", I said to her.  "No, I don't", she replied.  "Well, you asked if you were paddling me too hard".  Her response was, "Oh, yes I remember and you said that I wasn't".

Then the SAM in me came out.  "Well, why didn't you ask the other question", I said.  She responded, "What do you mean?"  "Well why didn't you ask if you were not paddling me hard enough!", I said.

Her response was one of those looks only women are capable of.  I just smiled back.  So next time, I expect Cora will get her revenge for questioning her ability to paddle a naughty husband like me.  When that happens I'm sure I'll be thinking, "Should I have thought about being careful what I ask for?"


Anonymous said...

You performed your submissive duties well and had the proper implements out for Cora to use and I'm sure your bottom was presented well. I'm sure you can expect a harder spanking next time.

Baxter said...

I love this blog. You certainly do what you can to encourage Cora, but she doesn't seem to need much encouragement to spank you but good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken , Anonymous here, the anonymous that wrote about the forms 2 weeks ago, wow i go away on business for 2 weeks thinking I most likely wont miss a post and 8 posts happen!
From the story related in this post i can see you have earned yourself a request form for smugness with your self assessed " SAM " comment. I also think that there are certain lesser visited areas of the form that address smugness in a different way than your usual favorites, it's almost impossible to be smug wearing pink. Which brings me to a point about your kindly reply to my last comment that I wish to address.
There is a difference between severe and extreme ,and this is a critical point, in that it is possible to deliver a session of an increased severity without it being a simple matter of an increased amount. For example every hour on the hour, or in a certain attire or having to recite certain words or having to request a certain activity , having to admit certain things, all of these factors add up to more intensity than a simple increase of amount, because the difference between 25 and 30 we can imagine, but having to admit something or ask for something or wait for something is an entirely different matter altogether. So while a more elaborate outfit may seem more severe, shopping together and bringing the different sizes to the same counter then paying separately might be much more extreme, pink might be much more severe than white, you know who wears white, do you qualify for white? there's also the conundrum that the effect comes down when they do, so that usually means additional items that don't need to come down, and these things all add up to a greater effect without necessarily being more severe.