February 28, 2015

Shopping For Panties Should Be Simple - Right?


A week ago I posted about our little panty shopping trip and my discovery of the joys of wearing panties.  I've almost converted to a full time panty wearing guy.  However we still needed to round out our collection of new panties.  And even though I could wear the white pair we purchased during that panty shopping spree, I found that I really need the next size up.
Panties Originally Purchased For Me

Since we only found one pair of panties in black for Cora at the Mall, we thought we'd do a little shopping on-line.  We dialed into the web site of the store from which we had made our purchase earlier in the day.  It didn't take long to find the same ones on their site and we ordered about a half dozen for Cora in her preferred color black and one pair in white for me in one size larger.  We completed our purchase and expected that in five or six days the panties would arrive.


Tuesday morning I received notification that the order for Cora's black panties had been cancelled.  Apparently my single pair was still in stock.  I called the service number to confirm that Cora's panties were no longer available and to find out when my pair had been shipped.  Turns out that my pair had not even been shipped.  And this was almost a full week after placing our order.  It seemed to me that we'd have to go back to square one so I just cancelled the entire order.

Now I understand the logistics of their business but it seems like it took a long time for them to notify me that they were out of stock black panties.  And why did their web site show them as 'In Stock' when we visited their site??? No wonder some of the old established stores are struggling to stay in business.

OK, off to good old Amazon I went.  I found the same Vanity Fair panties in both sizes and both colors.  I decided to make sure Cora had a good supply and ordered ten pair for her.  I ordered a few for me and placed my order.  That was the three days ago.

I've always had good luck with Amazon and have found that things usually get shipped right away.  Usually.  But up until this morning our panty order was in some kind of limbo with the status showing 'Preparing for Shipment'.  This morning the status changed to 'Shipping Today' but so far we haven't received notification that they have actually shipped.  I can only hope that they will be on the way.  Until they arrive I'm just going to have to be happy with some of Cora's 'Hand-Me-Down' panties.

Oh, and in that same post I mentioned that I might try some 'SpanX' too.  Well, I did order two different pairs - a week ago!  I did receive the confirmation of shipping but the tracking seems very strange.  One pair shows 'arriving shipping partner facility' and the other 'arrived at the origin sort facility'.  So I'm not even sure they are on their way at all.

So is it just me or is the Universe in 'Park'? And why should shopping for panties be so difficult??????


Anonymous said...

Ordering on line can be a pain in the butt and you don't even get spanked LOL. I'm happy to see you and Lady Cora enjoy you in panties. I've been in panties 24/7 for about 14 years now and love the way the feel and look so does my Mistress. Every now and then she will say pantie day. That means we will be home all day and I can only wear panties for her viewing pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I think panty boys should wear pink panties exclusively, preferably with flowers and lace.


These should do nicely.

Paddling Ruth

spankedbywife said...

Paddling Ruth-
Now there is a name that gets my attention!

Thank you for the recommendation. I noticed that they have a nice mix of nylon and spandex. Cora and I both like something a little higher in the waist but the idea of panty shopping at a local Norstrom sounds very interesting!

We both like the idea of a 'Pantie Day'. We hope to see the arrival of most of our panty order on Tuesday and may celebrate it that way.

Anonymous said...

I think Cora should have you in Bras as normal wear as well.
I sure wish my girlfriend would make me wear bras and panties along with regular pegging, hairbrush and spencer paddle spanking. I don't have the courage to ask.