February 9, 2015

Catching Up

I've spent the past few weeks 'catching up' on things.  There were lots of items on my 'to-do list' and I've been concentrating of checking them off but there are more yet to address.  For example, we haven't added to our selection of photos for quite some time.  We are way overdue for a photo session and I have been hinting at Cora that she needs to model some of her girdles along with her newly acquired Ebony Hairbrushes.  Perhaps even a video.  So for now, I'll have to settle for posting some of my favorite photos from our 'archives'.
 Like these.

Perhaps one of the biggest area of catch up has been in answering e-Mails.  I've been spending quite a bit of time responding to several people who have contacted us.  This has included several contacts through 'FetLife' and our blog.  Strangely, I've received more that one e-Mail from men who seem to be interested in spanking Cora.   HA!!

We really appreciate the comments that many of you have left.  Its really nice to know that many of you have been patient and stuck with us. I'm going to address a few of your comments that I feel need a response.  Some of the blogs I've seen provide for a response to the comment directly but I've not been able to figure out how to make that work on our blog.  (Anyone know how to turn on comment response?)  So here goes:

First, we really appreciate the comments from Ms. Olive.  She often scolds me for not receiving more severe discipline or for not taking Cora's largest 'tool'.  She said she is looking forward to 'more regular reports of thoroughly spanked (and fucked!) sub arse during the course of 2015.'  I can only say that I, too am looking forward to being thoroughly spanked (and the other, too) by Cora in 2015.  However, we have quite a ways to go before attaining Ms. Olive's level.

Ron and Archedone often leave comments with some very kind words.  Thanks.

MFB and Scally commented on Cora's girdle and strap-on photo.  Indeed, I think she just looks hot that way and I'm looking forward to further exploration of being on the receiving end of her 'tools'.  I agree that DD and Pegging go together.

Baxter and Archedone both commented on how they, too get spanked on their wives's birthdays.  Its great 'fun', in my opinion when our wives celebrate both their birthdays and their dominance over us in our relationships.

Several of you commented about being reminded of the Adult Book Stores of days gone by.  Indeed it was a different place, different time.  However, I have really been enjoying the e-Magazines from Scarlett Hill.  I purchased four of their titles and its very reminiscent of reading the real paper.  I've really enjoyed reading them and found a letter that described the scenario of a school paddling that almost perfectly described what I would love to have experienced.  Great Fun and more to come on Scarlett Hill.

And finally an anonymous commenter left a rather lengthy comment on our first 'Celebrations' post regarding our Notice of Discipline form.  He observed that there were sections and combinations that we have not used and wondered if there was a reason.  Were we waiting to implement them?  He or she thought that we should consider 'every permutation' of the form either by Cora issuing a Notice of Discipline or by me utilizing the Request for Discipline form.

I must say that I'd never thought of the use of the form that way.  When we designed the form we tried to think of the kinds of things that might apply to our particular relationship.  There are forms of discipline that we utilize on a regular (well sort of regular) basis like spanking, paddling, strapping and such. However there are some things included on the form that we haven't pursued.  'Caning' is one of them.  And while I have a collection of several canes (including one obtained from Nu-West/Leda several decades ago), Cora has indicated that she'd rather not use one of them.

Also if you look at the form the severity parameters ('Mild', 'Moderate' and 'Severe') are all on the same line as 'Spanking', 'Paddling', 'Strapping' and 'Caning' are located.  The original intent was that the severity applied to those for forms of corporal punishment.  However, I guess we could consider the severity parameters applying to 'Petticoating', 'Pegging' or something indicated in the 'Other' category.  We haven't done much in the Petticoating category but when some of the early Nu-West/Leda publications mentioned it, it got my attention.  And we do keep one of those 'French Maid' costumes obtained during the Halloween season.  For the last few years it has just taken up space in our closet.  I guess if Cora just panties me, it would be in the 'Mild' category and if she went full out and put me in the French Maid outfit with shoes, and such it could be considered 'Severe', with the appropriate combination as 'Moderate'.  It does work.  And, I can certainly visualize the difference in a 'Mild', 'Moderate' or 'Severe' pegging session.  Just check out the photo of Cora's 'tools' (repeated below).  Can you say 'Supersize'? 

So, anonymous, thanks for your thought provoking comment.  I hope it results in further comments. We'd be interested in ideas and thoughts.  I do intend to address more on the definitions of some of the terms on the form when I take up the issue of updating our contract.  Stay tuned.

And finally, thanks to one of those e-Mails mentioned above, I was informed of the re-activation of a blog that has been dormant for a couple of years.  Well actually it never went away but there were no postings between June, 2012 and September, 2014.  The blog is 'Die Starke Frau' which is German for 'The Strong Woman'.  I'm delighted to see her return and there can never be too many blogs hosted by Dominant Women.  Welcome back Ms. Tina.  I enjoyed reading her posts previously and look forward to reading more.  Its been re-instated on our blog roll.


Baxter said...

I will probably deserve a spanking for saying this, but why does the sexy ms cora wear a girdle? I didn't think women wore those anymore. Isnt that right up there with corsets? She does look great in them, tho. Great blog.


Anonymous said...

spankedbywife, it's great to see you posting and thank you for the mention I always like to put my two cents in for what it's worth. Ms Cora does look great and her expressions are fantastic they say across my lap NOW with a bare bottom. Mistress R bought a larger attachment for her harness and she just had to try it out right away. It was a new experience for me, she stretched me open and filled me like never before and I was very deep is sub space. I'm sure when you can take the black one ( it looks like the largest) you will enjoy yourself as she will when you start to moan and move with her as she uses you. Ms Cora love your blog and love to follow what happens between you and spankedbywife.

Njspank said...

Wonderful and I love your beautiful wife in her girdles, so hot, and she is so hot.....love that brush sir.

Njspank said...

By the by, two comments, I would love to see you two wonderul people act out a nice scene where Cora and her ebony catch you in her panty drawer......just me being me.
Two, wow, I so am turned on by the line up of toys for you and Lady Cora to take part of...amazing

Anonymous said...

Greetings to the gloriously girdled Lady Cora,

Oh my! The sight of you in that girdle, hairbrush ready for action, certainly caused some stirring in my nether regions! I note that the sub "appreciates" my comments. I think that he obviously needs severe thrashings on a regular basis, followed by some deep and vigorous pegging to open up his obviously too seldom fucked man hole. he states that Ms Cora and himself are not up to my standards. Does he think that I waved a magic wand and hey-presto! my own sub was suddenly able to take what I dish out? Not at all! It has taken some extremely hard work on my part to train my sub to accept what I deem a satisfactory level of punishment. I have had to put up with tears, tantrums and the most annoying level of whining whilst I am training him. I am sure that the glint in Ms Cora's eye means that she is prepared to put in the hard work to ensure that her sub comes up to her expectations. The very least the sub can do is to attempt to take whatever is dished out, and to be grateful that Ms Cora is willing to devote her time to ensure that he is trained properly. I envisage that the row of strap-on toys will be put to good and regular use in the near future. I expect to read that his tight man hole is being well used and that he can accept the biggest, thickest, longest dildo in Ms Cora's collection without so much as a whimper before too long.
Hugs, licks and kisses to the Magnificent Lady Cora.

Ms Olive

Anonymous said...

Great to see Ms. Cora's beautiful way of demonstrating her authority. And her girdles! She's done a nice job of reddening your butt. Thanks for your posts.. must get back here more often, was thinking of you all.
sara e