February 21, 2015

Shopping For Panties - A Follow Up

We've gotten quite a response from yesterday's post on shopping for panties.  I decided to follow it up with another post to address a few of the comments, address an observation from Ms. Barbara of Scarlett Hill and to relate a story Cora told me last night regarding boys and panties.

First, Ms. Barbara viewed our post and complemented us on the photo of Cora holding up the pair of black panties.  She mentioned that she might like to use it in some of their future publications.  So I went into the archives and pulled out several other photos from that same photo session.  Ms. Barbara, you are more than welcome to use any of our photos in your great publications.

In less than 24 hours we have received some wonderful comments which deserve replies:

Merryslave - I found your blogs and you do indeed have quite a collection of panties.

Respecting Mistress - You mentioned the erotic feeling in wearing women's panties.  I agree.  And I'm not sure that I would want to hide the pantie line.  And as far as wearing our wives panties, right now I'm wearing a pair that is essentially a 'hand-me-down'.

Archedone - Wow, I didn't realize you are one of the 24/7 pantie wearing guys.  And as you indicate that Mistress R loves the way they look on you, Cora would agree that she likes seeing me in panties and also likes the way they feel on me.  And good luck on your Saturday Spanking day!

Bogey - Indeed its a rather exclusive club but I'm glad I've joined.

Baxter - While you are shopping at Kohl's with your wife, why not do what I did and hand her a pair.  If she asks, just say they aren't for her!  And I haven't forgotten your question about why Cora wears Panty Girdles.  I plan on addressing that issue soon.

Sara e - I was initially a bit concerned about posting my interest in panties but with the influx of positive comments, I've gotten much more comfortable with it.  And I have certainly gotten more comfortable wearing them!  And your observation, "Nothing like getting a spanking in my panties" certainly resonates with me, especially after my experience with Cora's paddles on my pantied bottom a couple of days ago.

Comments just keep coming in.  Here is a updated reply just received:

Mr. Bill said, "As many men can attest to, a fascination with women's panties rests with many (all?) men."
Well based on the comments it appears there are indeed lots of men fascinated with women's panties. And based upon your comment it appears that you wife makes you wear them occasionally.  Welcom to the club!

Shelly's Tom said, "Cora, with your habit of wearing elegant girdles, and Ken's heartfelt appreciation of that fashion choice, I'm amazed that you have not gone beyond panties with a bit of lycra to full-in high-waist boned and zippered panty girdles for Ken'
Well we just happen to have exactly that in our closet.  Turns out that one day while going through some travel bags we came across a zippered Panty Girdle.  It was something that I had purchased for a former lady friend, long before I met Cora.  So, it had been stashed away for a number of years.  Turns out that it fits me just fine.  It even has six garter tabs.

And just a while ago, I pulled the trigger on two different styles of SpanX.  So soon I'll be Spanked in SpanX!

Cora's Pantie Story

Last night Cora related a memory that was inspired by reading yesterday's post and I thought it was too good not to share with you.  The incident occurred during her High School days.  It seems that many of her friends would communicate with each other on the telephone to determine whose parents would be gone on a Friday or Saturday night.  The main purpose was to find a place to gather where the music could be turned up.

It seems that one time one of Cora's male classmates asked if he could have a little 'private time' with her.  Cora said, "Sure" and they went off to an unoccupied room. Cora was a bit surprised by his request, "Can I have your Panties?"  After getting over the shock of the request, she replied, "Sure".

She then removed her jeans and the panties she wore underneath and handed her panties to him.  He expressed his gratitude and then brought them up to his face and inhaled her scent.  Cora decided that she could go 'commando' the rest of the night and let him take them home.  Seems as though that's all he wanted from Cora.  She left the room but he stayed behind for a few minutes and I'm sure that we all can guess what he did during that time!

Cora was so flattered at the request for her panties that one time she saved a pair that she had worn and gave them to him!

So I'm still in for a session of Cora's Day of Discipline.  She is already in the process of getting ready.

More to come on that later.

Update at 5PM today:  Cora did discipline me.  Quite soundly as it turns out.  And we have the photos to prove it!  Look for the story in a few days (I need to edit the photos).

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Anonymous said...

Great post on panties. I do love wearing mine. If you care to see what happened to me on Saturday go to sub hubs site I posted it there. Can't wait to see your photos posted.