February 17, 2015

Just Released: No-Nonsense Ladies #58

And it features us!

I've mentioned the connection we made with Ms. Barbara of the 'Scarlett Hill Enterprises' publishers. As I mentioned previously, Ms. Barbara found us in a search for the Disciplinary Wives Club.  We had featured finding the DWC's new site a while back and Barbara's search engine directed her to our blog.

Cora Showing Off Her Original DWC Paddle

Turns out she liked what she saw.  So Issue #58 includes a page about us and a few of the photos of our wedding two years ago.  The photos Ms. Barbara used included one of our minister handing over the symbol of authority (otherwise known as her Hairbrush):

And me getting my first spanking as Cora's husband:

We appear on page 5, just below an article describing the return of Aunt Kay and the DWC.  Now, that's quite an honor to be just a page after the DWC. Ms. Barbara also says some really nice things about us and our blog.  Oh, and besides the page on Aunt Kay and the page on us, there are 51 pages of other stories, photos, letters and such.  I think its well written great reading.

We have included a link to Scarlett Hill's publication.  Its on the right side of the page in the and is labeled 'FLR and Other Related Resources.  Its just below our list of followers.

And finally, if you found our blog from reading NNL #58, please leave a comment and let us know.


Anonymous said...

The spankings are not the part I hate the most, it is the waiting. My wife will have me wait in the bedroom, always in my underwear (she will bare my bottom) or I will go to the living room and wait. Once the spanking is over I stand always facing the wall in the living room, time varies. What I never will understand, a lady friend of her might drop in and other than mentioning how red my bottom is, they talk like I'm not there. Do you women like men not get aroused. My wife just states that yes they enjoy seeing a man naked, but not a naughty little boy who has been given a well deserved spanking.

Anonymous said...

Came by via NNL link. Liked your blog a lot & will be back. You're a lucky man!

Anonymous said...

Having to wear panties during a spanking adds a level of apprehensive humiliation & arousal that I personally love, too. They feel that good! By the way, I came by due to No-Nonsense Ladies, my fave femdom mag for over 20 years now & one you should check out too if you like great erotica.