February 20, 2015

Shopping for Panties

OK, I have to admit that I had to muster up a lot of courage to write this post and even more to publish it.  It concerns a side of me that I feel just a little 'shy' about.  Just a little.

I know that its no secret that most men have a fascination for women's panties.  I have heard stories (confessions?) from many men.  Lots of them deal with browsing through the pantie drawer of a sister, aunt or some other relative.  Others concern the laundry hamper.  You know what I mean!

So I don't feel alone in my own interest in a woman's panties.  In fact we've published a post or two concerning my own fascination that now mostly is focused on Cora's panties.  After all there is a reference to 'Panty Stealing' on our Notice of Discipline Form and I've had my bottom paddled a few times for committing that crime.

Two days ago we had an appointment with a Veterinarian for our twelve year old Springer Spaniel, Vixen.  She looks just like the winner of the Best in the Sporting Group at Westminster this week and earned her own championship a number of years ago.  She, like our other two Springers, are very special to us.  Last month Vixen had a growth removed surgically and it showed some bad stuff, although contained.  The appointment two days ago was for an Ultra-Sound to make sure that there wasn't any other bad stuff that might need our attention.  Fortunately nothing bad showed up and we expect to be blessed with many more years with our pup.

The procedure was expected to take three or four hours so we had some time on our hands.  We decided to catch up on some shopping opportunities and a nice lunch together.  Off to the Mall we went.

Now Cora has been wanting to purchase some new panties for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  We checked out a couple of department stores and she was able to find a pair of Vanity Fair panties that she liked.  She liked them a lot but alas we could only find one pair in black, the color she prefers.

Since I was holding onto some other items she found, Cora handed her pantie-find to me.  I suggested that she grab a pair of the same thing in white.  "You know I don't wear white panties", she said.  "Well, maybe they aren't for you", I replied.  Her reply was a devious grin and she handed me the white pair.

Off to the check-out counter we went.  There was no reference to who was going to wear the panties during the check-out process and we completed the transaction.  Other stores had similar panties but none in black.

Upon arriving home, Cora modeled her new panties and a black bra that she had found.  She said that she really love the feel of the panties.  Turns out they are 22% Spandex and 78% Nylon.  I think her previous panties were mostly nylon.  That particular blend resulted in something she really liked.

OK, I couldn't resist.  I tried on the white pair.  OMG!  Now I knew what she meant.  The feel can only be described as the most erotic feel in any underwear I have ever experienced, men's or women's.  How is it fair that women get to wear all the cool stuff?

Up until that moment, my interesting in wearing women's panties was totally focused on wearing panties that had been previously worn by Cora and then only when Cora instructed me to wear them.  I didn't find an interest in just wearing women's panties.  However in that one moment, I realized that I may be wearing them more often.  Much more often.  And thanks to a reference in Scarlett Hill's 'No-Nonsense Ladies' #58 regarding a wife who put her husband in 'Spanx' for a caning, we may even be in the market for them, too.  Imagine, 'Spanked in Spanx'!

I have the pleasure of chatting with two men who classify themselves as Cross Dressers.  Both wear panties exclusively and have shared their stories of pantie shopping and how they have amassed quite a collection.  I think that now I understand.

Oh, and I think I found another advantage.  I started wearing some of Cora's old panties yesterday starting with the first thing in the morning.  Prior to her rising I turned on our television and loaded up a USB memory stick that contains copies of some of the photos and videos I've captured from the net.  It amazes us at the number of photos of women spanking men.

So when Cora came down the stairs, she was confronted with a 'slide show' of photos of women spanking men on the TV.  She sat down to enjoy the show and a little later I played a couple videos too.  I know I was getting her attention and giving her lots of inspiration.  Lots.

After our morning coffee she retired to her bedroom to get dressed for the day.  Turns out I was chatting with one of my cross-dressing friends.  I had described Cora's movements and told him that I though I'd end up getting a spanking.  So we carried on chatting making guesses as to how she would be dressed when she returned (he, like me is a big fan of Cora when she dresses in girdles).

Cora's Riding Crop

Soon Cora appeared dressed in some of those tight, spandex leggings, boots and the black bra she had just purchased.  She had a riding crop in her hand and was slapping her other hand with it, making quite a slapping sound.  I quickly described Cora's entry to the room to my friend and then signed off.

Cora had me bend over the table after instructing me to bare my bottom.  I suggested that she leave the panties on me for now.  She agreed and began to put her crop to work on my pantied bottom.

Cora loves a variety of implements and shortly had gone through her collections of leather paddles and straps.  It included our 'Canadian Prison Strap' which is quite intense.  She then reached for her Spencer Paddle.  It was at this time that I retreated temporarily to gather the new, white panties.  Oh how erotic they felt!

Cora in Action With Her Spencer Paddle

Back downstairs and bent over the table, Cora started applying her Spencer Paddle.  Now, since reading Ms. Francy's books Cora has been spanking me much harder that previously.  However for reasons I don't understand (and don't care that I don't understand) Cora was paddling me even harder with the panties still covering my bottom.  And I do mean harder.  I certainly acknowledged the fact that the panties did reduce the impact of the paddle a little but Cora's harder paddle swats more than made up for it.  Wow, I was getting a first class paddling.

Cora Selecting Her PurpleHeart Paddle

Cora then went for her PurpleHeart paddle.  Its heavier than the Spencer and even though we have a couple of paddles that are perhaps more intense, the PurpleHeart is the heaviest one that Cora normally uses.  So I received a number of swats with it.  That paddling certainly got my attention as Cora was still in 'all out' mode.  Indeed.

Cora and I had previously agreed that Saturday (tomorrow) would be reserved for a 'Day of Discipline'.  We had agreed to that day after returning home from Vixen's procedure.  Needless to say our emotions were wrapped up in what was happening with our beloved pup. The delay would give us time to recover and Cora time to come up some 'interesting' ways to discipline me.  The plan also included the possibility of a photo session.

So she curtailed this impromptu spanking session.  We both wanted me able to take a full out spanking (and whatever else Cora came up with) on Saturday (tomorrow).

"Watch this space".


Merryslave said...

Great post.
Merry and I were discussing it, and she admitted, of all underwear choices, which is about all we both wear around the house, she prefers seeing me in 'panties'. I have a large collection of them from the days before I met her, and I trotted out a bunch of pairs, and tried them out, waiting for a thumbs up or down from her, and I took front and back selfie pix of the ones she liked,and posted them on one of my many blogs on blogger.
Shortly after that, we were leaving for a dinner meeting, so the spanking activity got to wait, until earlier today.

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora. Hope you are both well. Been sometime since we've exchanged comments. Great post. There is indeed something very erotic about wearing women's panties. To me, they have a more 'delicate', sensuous feel. Mistress tends to favour Sloggi hipsters which fit beautifully and don't show any pantie lines. They have some kind of stretch fabric and feel so cool as you slip them on and they just mould to the shape of one's anatomy. Not that I wear Mistress' panties of course! If she found out I'd be caned very hard! Looking forward to hearing about your full on session.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken great post. Yes panties do feel great on you should try them for a few days. Myself I wear panties 24/7 because I love the feel and Mistress R loves the way they look on me. She does not want me in frilly panties and the ones I buy I get from winter silks you can find them on line. I also agree why should women get to wear all the nice stuff. Is today (Saturday) as I'm getting a full on all day spanking today. I have been told I'll wear my white see-thru panties and every time my bottom color starts to fade she will spank me again. I'm sure there will be other play also.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Welcome to the club.

Baxter said...

I am now intrigued by women's panties. When we go to Kohl's my wife spends time in the bra section and I stand idly by in the aisle looking at the sexy bras and panties.Will I buy some for me? not sure, but it is interesting.


Anonymous said...

I hope you weren't too worried about posting your love for panties, Ken, and thanks for doing so. Well, says the guy who now has bought over 100 of them, after my wife caught me in them once! Now, I have my own panty drawer(s), and although I'm too embarrassed (usually) to put panties on in front of Wife, she knows I wear them and sees them quite often! Nothing like getting a spanking in my panties!
And agree that of all those panty types (hipsters, etc.), I find myself loving the feel of Vanity Fair "granny panties" the best! Just an amazing, thin feeling! It sounds like you've now reached that "point" where it clicks! So, hope you can put damper on your embarrassment, and just enjoy more panty play with your lovely Ms. Cora! Hoping you get to go shopping with her for more soon!
sara e

MRBILL said...

As many men can attest to, a fascination with women's panties rests with many (all?) men. I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently "A Spanking Marriage", wherein it is mentioned that the spanked husband wears panties as that is all he owns now. I was interested enough to go back through the archives of the blog to find the post in which all his male underwear was put in the trash and he was presented with a pair of panties to wear. The next day they went shopping for his supply of panties.
My wife occasionally has me wear panties, much to my delight. I usually buy her some pretty panties for Christmas, sometimes thinking of whether I may end up wearing them. This past year I bought one pair that was too small for her, intending on them being for me to wear.
I can only dream of someday joining "the club" of husbands who are required to wear nothing but women's panties.

Shelly's Tom said...

Cora, with your habit of wearing elegant girdles, and Ken's heartfelt appreciation of that fashion choice, I'm amazed that you have not gone beyond panties with a bit of lycra to full-in high-waist boned and zippered panty girdles for Ken, particularly when a spanking is planned. A spanking whilst wearing a firm, back-paneled girdle is most ... memorable. There is no real protection from you hairbrush or paddle, both bounce so delightfully of the taut back panel, and naturally the girdle stays on after the spanking, holding in the wonderful heat.

You could to girdle shopping together as you do for panties, but I find that the style girdles you want for him are easier to find at on-line retailers like Herroom, AmericanShapewear, or SecretsinLace. For the girdle to fit properly through the hips for a man, order a size two inches smaller than his waist. Nothing wrong with the girdle fitting tightly through the waist! And he must learn to "tuck"!

Shelly's Tom