February 24, 2015

Fifth Anniversary Spanking Spectular - Part I

Its hard to believe but today marks the five-year anniversary of our little blog.  Our first post was simply:

This is my first venture into the world of Blogging.

I am a 62 year old male, newly retired and partnered with a wonderful Lady. We live in Seattle, WA. Together, we have ventured into a 'Female Led Relationship'. I am hoping to describe our relationship from my own point of view and see where this goes from there.

And now five years have elapsed!  Of course I'm no longer 62 but I'm still together with that wonderful Lady.  Over the course of five years we've shared lots of aspects of our relationship and I hope have helped convince some of the women out there that spanking your naughty mate isn't so abnormal after all.

And I continue to get spanked by Cora.  A couple of posts ago we described how we were going to schedule a session on what was last Saturday, not for any particular reason other than to emphasize that Cora is still in charge.
Cora Preparing Her Selection of WAD's
Indeed that session went right on schedule and took enough photos to put together another one of our Photo Story Posts.  In fact there were so many photos that it will be posted in two parts.  In the first part, Cora takes after me with her OTK Spanking Paddle and her Ebony Hairbrush.  In the second part I bend over the table and Cora delivers some rather hard discipline with her full sized Spencer and PurpleHeart paddles.
Are You Staring at Me?

So as pictured above, Cora set up her selection of spanking implements to be ready and handy.

Yes, Definitely My OTK Spanking Paddle

And Of Course My Favorite Ebony Hairbrush
Why am I Happy?  'Cause Someone's Gonna Get a Spankin!
Armed with her WAD's of choice, Cora called me for my discipline session.  I was looking forward to it and immediately reported to her.  She sat on our couch and over her knee I went.  She first spanked me with her OTK Spanking Paddle.

At this point it was still Panties Up, as you can see.  As noted before, Cora likes to spank a bit harder when I'm wearing panties.

The OTK Spanking Paddle was followed by Cora's Favorite Ebony Hairbrush and down came my Panties.

The Ebony Hairbrush is heavier than any of Cora's other Hairbrushes and it really leaves a sting.  It also has a quite loud 'crack' when it connects.  My senses were on overload but I was really enjoying the discipline from this Goddess.

Cora, the Happy Spanker was really enjoying spanking me that day.

As usual, Cora's personality really came out in these photos.  I just love the determined look on her face in this one.

I don't think any of our previous photos show my naughty bottom as red as these photos do.

Finally, Cora concluded this phase of my discipline.  I must admit that I wanted more.  But not to worry, I would be facing Cora's paddles soon.  Look for part two of our Spanking Spectacular in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

my complements to Lady Cora. she spanked good and hard and give you wonderful color. You took her spanking well as you will the second part. Love your story and picture posts