April 21, 2010

Amazing Activity

I started this blog in February and just 8 days ago installed a counter to track the number of hits. I don't have any idea of the activity prior to the installation of the counter but I was getting about 500 hits a day for the first six days. Yesterday I logged 1,389 hits and today the count is almost 1,200 with plenty of the day left.

I am feeling very humbled by the activity that this blog seems to have attracted. To all of you reading this, a sincere thank you, especially to those who have chosen to be 'followers' and especially to those who have left comments.

I have been interested in being spanked by women for over 50 years, but with the evolution of the internet, this is truly the 'Golden Age' of Female Led Relationships. To those of you who are younger, please be aware that this tool is awesome. It is especially encouraging to see the growing number of women who are actively participating in the discussions of this lifestyle. I know that the men who follow this believe we are all better when we are held accountable by our female partners.

By the way, all the pictures that I have used on this blog are ones I have taken myself, and feature my most beautiful Lady! And let me assure you, she is very real!

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