April 21, 2010


I have wanted to post something about my own beginnings in this lifestyle. I have enjoyed reading how others have gotten into this lifestyle. It is especially interesting when the discussions include something about 'are we born this way' or do we 'evolve' into this lifestyle.

There is some conjecture that we may be born 'wired' into this lifestyle. However as stated in the introduction to his book, "Dragons of Eden", Carl Sagan said, "Most organisms on Earth depend on their genetic information which is 'prewired' into their nervous systems, to a much greater extend than they do on their extragenetic information, which is acquired during their lifetimes. For human beings, and indeed for all mammals, it is the other way around." I will leave the answers to this questions to the experts but it appears that we may be less 'prewired' than influenced by our environment.

I was not raised in a strict parental environment but instead in a rather liberal one. I was not spanked in a formal sense but occasionally received a corrective swat on the seat of the pants. I was also not raised in a strict religous environment but instead was encouraged to make decisions of a spiritual nature later in life, when I had more information. Thus I grew up in an environment that was relatively free of 'guilt'. (Note: I intend to keep my own religious beliefs to myself and I do not want to see anything on this blog regarding pre-conceived religious notions: I will defend anyone else's right to their own beliefs, as long as they respect my right to my beliefs. This is a place for exchange of thoughts and ideas regarding Female Led Relationships and I have seen too many 'flame wars' erupt regarding the religion issue on other forums.)

I grew up in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Corporal punishment was still practiced in public schools during this period. My first exposure to women who had authority over me (other than my mother) was when I began attending school. I found something very fascinating that my teachers (all female through grade school) had much control over me, including the possibility that I could be subject to their discipline. As observed on another blog, something that also was happening during this time was the afternoon 'cartoon' shows that were directed at children during this period. I remember when we first got a television set (a Sylvania 'table model'). A number of the cartoons dealt with a morale message: 'Be good or there will be consequences'. Many of these cartoons showed spanking as the consequences. I especially remember a 'Little Lulu' cartoon where Lulu had a stamp, 'I got Spanked' that she used in her diary. Also, I am sure many of you are aware of the clock shown in the Disney movie, Pinocchio which portrayed a woman spanking a child.

While I witnessed spankings previously, it was my time in the fourth grade that may have been my own 'turning point'. Something to keep in mind was that in this era women still wore skirts and dresses, heels, stockings (not panty hose) and girdles. My female classmates also wore skirts and dresses. My fourth grade teacher was a handsome woman who was very kind and not especially strict. However, there was something very powerful about her, probably a function of her position of authority knowing that I could be subject to discipline (in the form of corporal punishment) anytime I mis-behaved. The way she dressed was part of the image of her power.

My fourth grade years bridged the years 1957-1958 and I would have been about 10 years old during this period. I am sure this was the time I 'matured' sexually. It was literally 'the perfect storm'.

Our classroom was arranged in 5 or 6 rows of desks with about 5 or 6 desks in each row. These desks were not tied together like some desks were. My fourth grade teacher would roam the classroom and at times pass between the desks. Thus at times she would pass between my desk and the desk just ahead of mine. If she was facing forward, her Derrierre would be only inches away. Wow! In addition, she had a rather stong feminine scent. She was transmitting pheromones on my frequency and my receiver was getting a very strong signal. Imagine my state of mind when she found it necessary to paddle one of my classmates... and in front of the entire class. Oh, how I became hooked!

I witnessed further paddlings in the fifth and sixth grade. I was not the recipient of corporal punishment during my school years, but wish I had at least asked one of my teachers to paddle me, just to find out what it was like. There were several times when I was assigned 'sentences' and would have had the option to opt for a paddling. I still wonder what it would have been like.

I knew that the idea of getting spanked by a woman was connected to my own sexuality. Oddly, I didn't consider myself unusual or 'odd'. I recognized that not everyone felt this way but I had 'permission' to be this way.


Heather B said...

I loved this post. :) Very interesting.

Rob said...

Interesting post. Funny how our minds hold on to such memories from our early years. I grew up in the same time period so I can relate to much of what you've written here, but never did see this in the schools I attended. I can distinctly recall a teacher reading the class a book, probably around 1st or 2nd grade. Something about a prehistoric family, and how the two kids (the heroes of the story) got spanked by their parents for doing something wrong. It gave me a bit of a thrill even at that young age. We did have corporal punishment in our household at the time, so maybe this is where the fascination comes from in my case. In any event, I enjoyed reading your recollection. Cheers.

Hot_Bottom said...

I agree we are not pre-wired.

Anonymous said...

Dear spankedbywife,

I found your blog through a link place in Deirdre above Evan’s blog. About your age (two years younger actually), I too grew up in a virtually spankfree household: I do remember just one spanking from my father, on from our German au pair and non from my mom. Unlike in the US spanking or paddling was no longer practiced in Swiss state schools, the most cp I actually witnessed was a face slap. I too had only female teachers through to 6th grade. One I remember, in grade 2 and 3 actually threatened naughty pupils to take them down to the basement and spank their bare bottoms. She never did though and I doubt very much she was allowed to do it anyway (that would have been 1958 or 59).

Some of my mate’s moms did spank, but, alas, much as I would have liked to witness a spanking, it never happened. One of them showed me his well marked bottom though!

I was past forty when I finally managed to convince my wife to start spanking me. She was quite reluctant first, but then took to it like a duck takes to water and looking back I do not think she regrets her decision – nor do I!


widgets said...

We were in our mid 40's when aj took me to a House of Dominance and I learned how to be the Mistress of his life and spank him. This changed my outlook on life and never again will I be a wus.

Anonymous said...

I almost believe I was pre-wired to need and want to be spanked.

I feared any sort of punishment until the age of seven. I then received three sessions of corporal punishment within a very few weeks. That set the stage for the rest of my life.

We lived in southern Ontario in the mid to late 1950s. I went to public school. Corporal punishment was permitted and the - I guess - approved implement was a leather strap.

My first encounter was an application across my fully clothed backside: four swats - just enough get my attention and start the wondering about how it would have felt right on my bare bottom.

I promptly proceeded to misbehave in a way to find out. The result was not what I had planned. A friend and I threw stones at some girls while walking to school. We were observed doing this and immediately sent to the principal's office.

I received four quite sharp strokes across each palm for the offense.

The third time followed some weeks later. My mother and my friend's mother got to talking. It came out that I had gotten the strap twice at school and hadn't reported that it had happened.

I was marched to my bedroom, made to pull down my pants and underpants, and bent over the footboard of my bed. Mother's wide leather belt was applied pretty liberally.

I didn't enjoy a second of it, but here's the thing: It wasn't more than a couple of minutes before the craving started. It has been there, now, for over fifty years.

Thankfully I have an understanding wife who has come to enjoy satisfying the need.

Good spankings to all!


P.S. Yes, I did get the strap across the hands a few more times. Maybe I'd want to revisit the experience under the right circumstance. But mainly what I want is my ass to be made very uncomfortable while it's up in the air very sore for a day or two afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Hello Spanked by Wife,

Your description of your fourth grade experiences were very close to mine. I don't remember having any sexually related thoughts then but I am sure sex was involved in some way. I remember wanting to get paddled as early as about age five. I think it was triggered by a threat made to me which was never carried out at home. (darn it).

CP was the norm in elementary school and I saw it in earlier grades but my fourth grade teacher took it to a whole new level. She always dressed as you described and was very firm in her demeanor. Her's was the first paddle I had ever seen with holes. One classmate got paddled so long and hard that I thought it would never end. She had to push him back over her desk at least twice. But the crowning touch occurred when she paddled a girl and realized it was having no effect because of the girl's crinoline petticoat. She lifted up the girl's skirt and paddled her right in front of us. I think that triggered a few spanking desires that remain today.

BTW my wife has been giving it to me when she thinks I need it for more than five years. Sounds like she and your wife have a lot in common. I most always get it for good reason. Once in a while for her to "practice" as she calls it. LOL!

Anyway, this is your blog and I don't want to get too wordy (too late for that). I have many more recollections of that era and if you want to exchange stories, I am up for it.

Best regards,

spankedbywife said...

There is certainly a 'theme' here:

Heather, its great that you loved the post, especially from a Female perspective.

Rob, loved your recollection.

HotBottom- I think that the bottom line (pun intended) is that it may be a combination.

George- Interesting recollections of your past and I did note that you are apparently spanked by your Lady.

Rachel- I am honored by your comments as you have established you and aj as of of the leaders of the community and your spankings of aj are legendary! If I may be so bold: You go Girl!

Red- I have noticed something about the 'Ontario' connection. There seems to be a big connection with your Provice and Spanko's. Perhaps your recollection may explain at least part of it. And again, I have noticed that seem to be currently subject to spankings from your wife. Another lucky guy!

Ed- Another interesting recollection especially involving one of the rare examples of a girl on the receiving end of the paddle. And yet another guy admitting he gets spanked by his wife. As it should be. And we would all LOVE to hear more; both about your experiences growing up and current.

I am most greatful to all who have left comments. It seems that there are many of naughty boys getting spanked by our Ladies!

Anonymous said...

I not only admit to being spanked by my wife but I am proud of it! It took quite a while for her to understand this need of mine and a lot of talking about myself. Those were intense times as it is a lot easier to bare your bottom than it is to bare your soul.

We had played for years a little bit but she always thought it was just play. As I began to need more and more realism she at first felt I just wanted more play. Eventually I had to just really let it all out. The rest is history. I had to teach her a lot about real spankings in the beginning, but now she is the confirmed disciplinarian in the house and has given me a few sore bottoms which lasted almost a week. Aunt Kay of the DWC would be proud of her!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Since my last reply I have tried to remember if any other girls were ever paddled in my classes. I can remember none but I know of one other in another class where the girl was caught stealing. Instead of making it a federal case as they would today, the teacher got another teacher to hold the girl over the desk and from what I hear she got a true bottom blistering. I doubt if she ever stole again.

And in regard to the one in my class that I witnessed, I have ever since wanted to be that girl, up front with a skirt over my head, getting paddled by that teacher with her paddle with holes.

Why is it that only the guys got paddled?

Best regards,