April 19, 2010

Notice of Discipline Form - II

I have been amazed at how much activity and feedback I have seen from my 'Notice of Discipline' Form. I have seen it discussed on other blogs and have received quite a few requests for the actual form. I am still willing to send a copy to anyone requesting it as I still haven't figured out how to make the file accessable directly from my blog.

As much as the 'form' has become an integral part of the process under which I am disciplined, my Lady sometimes has been unable to carry out her 'sentence' (sometimes life just gets in the way). The result was that we had a backlog of four forms. Finally while serving her coffee this morning, we discussed the barriers to our process. She indicated that when I sometimes go into my 'Geek' mode and bury myself in my 'man cave' in order to problem-solve a problem (which can happen quite often), she felt uncomfortable interrupting me to administer her discipline.

My response was that she need to take ownership of her power as the Female Head of this Household. One of the ways we have implemented her power is the use of bells which have been placed near her bedside, her favorite chair and in her bathroom. I suggested that she simply ring her bell and issue a simple instruction (command?). This could involve, sucking on her toes, kissing her Derrierre or serving her a glass of wine. The result would be to bring me out of 'Geek' mode and could easily followed by her administering discipline.

We followed up on this idea just this afternoon. She administered a thorough OTK spanking using her hand, hairbrush, DWC Ferule (She is holding it in the pic), SMTR paddle and a small purse paddle.

Wow, did she set me on fire. And since she had been holding off disciplining me, she found that she had missed spanking me and really was having fun with the large variety of implements she has available. In fact she was making fun of the sounds of the paddle impacting my bottom and the similarity of the 'tick-tock' of a clock and began exploiting this connection. I won't even go into what happened when the alarm went off! Then later this evening, she had me bend over the kitchen table and administered about a dozen swats with her purpleheart paddle. Now, having been spanked this afternoon, 12 swats with something as heavy as her purpleheart paddle were very intense.

I write this post as a well spanked man. (one down three to go!)


Rob said...

Wow, it's bad enough when I know I have one spanking coming (my spouse has been known to keep track of offenses on a similar form) but to know there are four waiting in the wings would be somewhat overwhelming. Well, at least you're now down to three, as long as you can avoid adding to the list you'll be caught up in no time.

Good suggestion of using the bells to bring both of you back to your respective roles.

Vanessa Chaland said...

Great photos and I love reading your blog. Thanks for the efforts and updates. :)

SARA'S hank said...

My wife and goddess has a small bell on top of her desk in our bedroom. When I hear that bell I drop whatever I am doing and report to her at once. There are no exceptions. The sound of that bell can be annoying at times when I am in the middle of watching a ball game etc., but i have learned to go at once, stand before her and wait to find out just why and how i am about to be punished.

Last month i was in the garage with a neighbor when i heard the bell. I excused myself at once and reported to my goddess. After ten with a paddle on my bare ass i went back to finish working on my neighbors lawnmower.

garykane said...

Thank you for your very interesting blog. My Mistress and I really like your idea of 'being on Notice'. Too often little matters slip as normal everyday things intervene. If find if we have several days at hom togethere my entire demeanour is much more attentive to Mistresses needs. But work life tends to interrupt for days at a time and my focus gets sidetracked. Notice of discipline forms might be handy way of remembering once's place.....But I'm feaful of collecting too many.