April 11, 2010

Notice of Discipline Form

I have received several requests for copies of the 'Notice of Discipline' form which was described in one of my earlier posts ('Style' posted March 2, 2010). Some of these requests came from a delightful get-together My Lady and I attended today, locally in Seattle where we met some wonderful people. I was hoping to be able to upload a copy of the Microsoft Word file to my blog but the blogger won't accept anything other than certain picture and video file types.

However, if you are interested in a copy of this file, which you could modify for your own use, please send me an email request at: SpankedbyWife@Yahoo.Com and I will respond with a copy. I can also furnish a RTF file format if you don't have access to Microsoft Word.


wdspoone said...

Very interesting Ken....glad to see an update. Been wondering about you guys. I would love a copy of your form.

spankedbywife said...

I have received a number of requests for our 'Notice of Discipline' form. It appears that my blog is read by more people that I realized. To those who sent requests, thanks for the kind words. We would be interested in how you end up using them and the results.