December 5, 2011

The Classic Over The Knee Position

In the past few days I have been sort of 'obsessing' about spanking positions.  I don't remember much about spankings during my early years and my parents didn't really use spanking as a form of correction during the years of my youth.  So my main exposure to spanking was in the school system.  My most memorable times were from my fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers, which spanned the years 1957 though 1960.  Paddling was the standard and as a student was considered the 'ultament' punishment.  Naturally I was fascinated by the prospect of being paddled in front of my classmates, especially from the female authority figures represented by my fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers.

Actually, I was a 'model' student, got good grades, did my schoolwork as requested and for the most part stayed out of trouble.  So much so that I never had the opportunity to experience the sting of the paddle being administered by one of my female teachers.  Looking back, its something that fills many hours of fantasies of re-doing several scenarios from my time in class.

The words, "Bend over and grab your ankles" was the instruction my teachers would use when they found it necessary to apply discipline to a naughty classmate, almost exclusively males.  I would watch with wide eyes as the teacher would make her paddle sing with a staccato 'pop'.  It was usually over in 5 or 6 swats but left quite an impression on me.

So it is probably no surprise that this position was something that filled many of my early fantasies.  I would visualize for years being instructed to bend over and grab my ankles prior to a powerful woman applying her paddle to my exposed backside.

However, I think that it has been since I have been with Cora that one of my favored positions is now the classic 'Over The Knee' position.  I am not sure why things have changed.  Perhaps its the maternal-ness of it.  Perhaps I missed out in my young years by not having spanked over my own mother's knee.  Perhaps its partly a result of reading stories where this position is utilized along with the plethora of OTK pictures on the net.  Don't get me wrong, Cora still has me 'bend over' for a strong application of her many paddles and I still find this position 'enjoyable', probably partly to my remininces of my grade school years.

I think that part of my attraction to the OTK position is the overall ritual of it.  First, there is the 'sentencing' portion where I have been informed that I am to be spanked for some kind of mis-behavior.  Once the time and place of the spanking has been determined, she first will place a straigh backed chair in position.  She then sits down and calls me to her right side (Cora is right handed).  She then prepares the spanking surface by un-doing my pants and having them drop to my ankles.  This is followed by any underwear that I may be wearing.

Once the initial preparations have been made follows one of the best parts of the ritual; the lifting of her skirts (assuming she is wearing skirts).  The lap that is then exposed, whether its clad in stockings, or bare, is a memorable sight even if it is all so brief.

Next is the firm nudge that send that unspoken message, "bend over, you are about to be spanked".  Once in place there is a moment of total submission.  My bottom is bared and in position to be spanked and there is some very intimate contact.  Depending on the situation, she may clamp certain 'parts' between her legs (this may vary depending on your gender, of course).

Then the spanking begins.  I truly believe the perfect implement for an OTK spanking is the hairbrush.  A full sized paddle is just too awkward to administer a 'proper' spanking and a smaller paddle may be too light.  A hairbrush weighs in with sufficient weight that its impact will definitely be noticed.  In addition, Cora has gotten really good with just her hand.  When I am spanked in this position, she often switches between her hand and her hairbrush.

Thus ends the ritual when she decides that I have been spanked sufficiently.  What is it about this ritual?  To me overall, its the 'erotic act of my submission to Cora's dominance'.  Being in this position of vulnerability has so many elements of 'erotic submission' that my head is overflowing with submissive energy.  Even if its a 'punishment' spanking, all the elements are there.  It brings me back to my grade school years, except this time, I am actually spanked.

Just prior to writing this post, I asked Cora to spank me in exactly the manner listed above.  She did and I was able to confirm my feelings about all the elements of the ritual.  The resultant tingling is also a delightful result.


steve smith said...

I really wish I could sap places with you for a year or so.Cora is gorgeous and just to be spanked by her would be erotic heaven

spankedbywife said...

This must be a new record, a comment in less that 20 minutes after posting.

Indeed, I wish I could clone Cora and share her with all the men out there like me) in need of a spanking.

Seriously, you comment really made Cora's day. She has been spending way too much energy on mundane things and is now on cloud nine.

Thanks, Steve.


dimmube said...

i wish i could drip onto her stockings

Anonymous said...

The OTK position is my favorite as well. And, like you, I really enjoy the ritual of spanking with the scolding and corner time.

I was subject to CP from 3rd grade to senior year in HS.

You are very lucky to have Lady Cora.

Thanks for the post,


Our Bottoms Burn said...

OTK is the fav position for both genders, for the reasons you pointed out. It's Bacall's fav position for me and my least fav. Can't say why, just is.

I got the paddle from the first grade on. Assuming the position is my fav. And the one where I can take and enjoy the licks.

Anywho, you and Cora enjoyed your OTK paddling. Here just Bacall did. But, I enjoyed making her happy.

Anonymous said...

It has been a month since nov 6th when you had mentioned on strict Julie spanks that you were going to have a confession session with Cora about how " exciting" all of the activities there are. From your posts I gather this hasn't happened yet? Hope this mischeif helps, happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Nothing quite beats OTK with your pants pulled down, with a Hairbrush of course!


Njspank said...

One of your finest posts with lovely pictures of your beautiful lap and love Cora, I lose my breath looking at those pics. OTK with the brush is the best perhaps only thing better is a strong hand spanking OTK.

Just a terrifc post from two terrific folks. You are so lucky. So are we to read your posts.

Great spanking and inspiring.


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken, great post. I can empathise with what you said about schooldays - I ached for the cane but I was just too good and just couldn't bring myself to do soemthing I knew I get caned for. We're not keen on OTK - but I can see why it works for you and Cora. Wonderful pictures by the way! But we're into the whole ritual thing to when it comes to the cane....