January 29, 2012

Ma'am, Yes Ma'am is Back!!!

It didn't take WdSpoone long to get back into the blogosphere.  He has quickly set things up and 'back on the air' although on a different blog host.  Rather than repeat what he has to say, I would refer you to his blog where he explains what happened.

Here is his new URL:

I have updated the link to it on our list of blogs, too.

There has been quite a number of posts about his blog and we are all wondering if Censorship is something that will haunt more of us.  I think the best thing is to keep in touch through whatever means necessary.  We have a very strong community and the Ma'am, Yes Ma'am issue illustrates just how tight our community is, and how we come together when these things happen.

Cora Celebrates the Return of Ma'am, Yes Ma'am!


Njspank said...

Keep spanking my dear and lovely Cora


Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture. I know I look just that happy when I've got a nice red bottom wriggling over my knee!

Anonymous said...

Won't mind being spanked by you Ma'am....