January 27, 2012

What Happened to 'Ma'am, Yes Ma'am'

The blogosphere has been alive with posts about the 'disappearance' of one of our favorite blogs, 'Ma'am, Yes Ma'am'.  The author of this blog, WdSpoone is one of the cornerstones of Female Led Relationship blogs and has inspired almost all of us who have followed.  We are No exception.  I have chatted with WdSpoone on several times and he has been generous with suggestions and guidance.  Very Generous.

Today, a message appeared on his Yahoo Group (Spanking female male) that indicated that he did not remove his blog but instead 'rather it has been "removed" apparently by Google without my knowledge or consent.'

I have tried to stay out of the political sphere but my reaction to this news is that it is OUTRAGEOUS.  Of course there is no recourse to the gods at Google or Yahoo.  I myself, had an account at 'flickr' cancelled with very little notice and for reasons that seemed very insignificant, at best.  I made an assumption that someone made a complaint and that was that.  I have no specific information but why would anyone object to Women being in control.  (Well, that's rhetorical but I think you know the answer).

So stay tuned.  Will there be a mass cancellation of Female Led Relationship blogs?  Perhaps.  But I hope someone has a suggestion of a sex-positive, Female Friendly host that we might consider moving our blogs to.

I know that many of my fellow bloggers read our blog and I would ask that you e-Mail us as a way to keep in touch.  Maybe I am being afraid of Black Helicopters, or Dick Cheney, but I think it would be good to establish a base in the event that we are under some kind of attack.

I just can't imagine why WdSpoone's blog has been the target of some kind of evil conspiracy.  But without a reason given, my own mind is running wild.

Ken and Cora


wdspoone said...

you know Ken, I never even suspected Dick Cheney but now that you mention it????? lmao!

wdspoone said...

btw, I did hear from Google. They claim that my blog was "flagged" by automated spam tracking software as being a spam blog. Go figure! lol I am no conspiracy theorist but I know a rat when I smell one. At any rate, I am in the process of attempting to have the blog unlocked. They ask that I be patient while they verify that the blog is not spam! Um.....me? patient? now that would be a trick and a half! lmao

Hermione said...

Wdspoone - I saw your thread on the Blogger Help forum. It was probably unintentional, but if you have a link to an affiliate, or some site that is spamming, you might be tarred with the same brush. They do make mistakes. Fingers crossed that your blog will be reinstated soon.


Anonymous said...

Please excuse me for asking, but what is a "spam blog"? I always thought spam was unsolicited commercial email. How can a blog send email?

wdspoone said...

unfortunately, it was no mistake! I was deleted for violating the TOS in that my blog was deemed by Google to be "violent". It just took the 3 - 4 years to make that determination? At any rate, screw Blogger! lol I have spent the better part of the day designing a new blog home at wordpress. If you are interested that address is:


I appreciate the outpouring of support from this great community and it is my plan to make the new blog even better than the last! I am determined! :) thanks again all!

ravensron said...

He's back just in time! I always linked to you and Ms. Cora thru his blog, and couldn't find you until just now!!!