January 18, 2012

A Magickal Night with another FLR Couple

While there is a considerable number of couples following of the FLR lifestyle as evidenced by the number of blogs, comments and e-Mails, unfortunately we don't get much of a chance to have face to face meetings with them.

Last April Cora and I did meet with another FLR couple.  We had  a wonderful time and it was at that time that I experienced the fulfillment of one of my biggest fantasies - a Double Lap Spanking!

Saturday night, we hosted them again. While they have established a FLR lifestyle, she has perhaps not been comfortable with aspects of disciplining him.  Sound familiar? 

Cora Showing Her Cropping Technique

Well, Cora just never ceases to amaze me.  Saturday night Cora became 'Super Mentor' and proceeded to take charge of the evening, demonstrating FLR, Cora style.  I think she has achieved a level of comfort with the discipline aspects of FLR that she may not have had before.  I could see the energy sparks between Cora and her as Cora showed her 'the ropes'.  I am sure that he felt those sparks as she was laying it on pretty hard.  Later he shared with me that she has never disciplined him quite that hard but that he loved it.

Cora Demonstrating Her Rack

Recent posts have addressed the subject of wives providing the needs of their husbands in the form of firm, strict discipline which they may be reluctant to provide.  Of course there are many benefits the wives get from a FLR too.  But one benefit that perhaps gets lost is the joy of actually applying the paddle (or instrument of choice) to their husbands.  I know that Cora often expresses an euphoric feeling when she spanks me, and I think that Cora was not the only one feeling the same thing last night.  Perhaps for the first time.

A Capable Disciplinarian

It was fun watching things develop last night and we even gave them one of the Spencer Paddles I have made.  Since Saturday's meeting we have been in contact with them and it sounds like we will be getting together soon.  One of the suggestions from them as a night of 'Spanking and a Movie'.  Cora and I both love the thought.


juliesp said...

I know that euphoric feeling of which you speak. When I spank david, if I spank him in a very "controlled" fashion, it's fun, but something is missing. When I get the chance to go to town on his butt, that's when the euphoria kicks in, and the more he shrieks the more euphoric I get. I ought to feel guilty about that...

Anonymous said...

Yes, same here! I get such an endorphin rush from really breaking out a sweat over a poor little bottom, watching it redden and thicken with welts, hearing its owner squeal! Demonstrating control is a sub's job, I think.

Anonymous said...

Terrific account of a great evening Cora and Ken. There is not an abundance of female tops, but the ones who are love the euphoric rush of laying on a hard spanking. I hope you have lots of movie and spanking nights with your friends.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend, hope you have many, many more.

I know we enjoy meeting with others, always a rush when I know what's going to take place.

And my Wife and Her friends always get great pleasure in turning all the male bottoms a bright RED!!!


overherlap said...

I love the account of your magickal night, I have not participated in a night like that for many years, but would love to again. I understand the euphoric feeling that you and juliesp speak about. After all a good discipline spanking should bring about shrieks, tears and crying, and when the spanker can accomplish that, feeling euphoric is a good thing. Do not feel guilty juliesp, when that happens you are an FLR success, I just wish there were more women in the world with an attitude like yours!

Njspank said...

Amazing, happy for you both.

Love ya


Maria said...

When I have spanked boyfriends together with other couples, part of the kick is from making it clear that the guys have sex when it pleases their mistresses. I love showing off how I make D. shave his pubes and sac completely bald, and I let the other women put on a cock ring on him. It is so important to break that make sense of lust driven cock energy! Just showing that I make my mantout keep his equipment ready for the way I like sex is powerful turn-on