January 11, 2012

Men Are Really Very Simple Creatures - A Follow-Up

Since our post three days ago, our hit counter has gone off the scale.  Apparently there has been lots of interest in this subject.  We feel that Ms. Clara's initial post and the comments that resulted were not only well put but important to the concept of a Female Led Relationship.

The idea of a Relationship led by the Female is basically what our blog is all about.  We have been blogging almost two years and we have received quite a bit of input from many couples over the years both through e-Mail and through comments on our blog.  Some have already been engaged in a FLR and are even at levels much deeper into that us, but we also receive input from many, usually the male parts of a relationship, where the Female is reluctant to 'engage'. 

It is our hope that some of the exchanges in the previous post may spark some interest in those couples.  In exchanges with many of you, one of the issues is whether 'normal' people engage in a FLR.  A common thread for the couples who have responded to us has been a reflection upon our own relationship that we seem to be just common ordinary 'folks';  we could be your next door neighbor.

One of the tools that seemed to help was our 'Notice of Discipline' form.  I am including a copy of that form.  Based upon the feedback we have received many couples have had 'fun' with (well perhaps in some cases some 'serious fun).  If you would like to have a copy, let me know by e-mail and I will send you a copy in Microsoft Word format.  The blogger doesn't have the ability for me to post a file that you can download direct from the blog but this way I get an idea of how many are being requested and it often results in follow up messages on how the form worked.

In light of the large volume of hits (well over 5,000 since it was posted) we thought we would post a follow-up, hopefully to encourage more of you to comment.  We would be especially interested in a situation where one of you shared the information in the post with your wife, and the result.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing education on this subject. I am not in a FLR relationship, but my wife and I have spiced up our lives by including spanking. This would be a great first step for a couple. Even the main stream magazine Women's Health recommends spanking as part of foreplay. See May 2011 issue. Good luck and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Quite right.

In fact, a man who is disciplined consistently will tend to be a much better husband simply because he is having his most basic need met.

Men are simple creatures. Many women think the simplicity is about nothing more than sex; but it is more basic that that. It is about the comfort of knowing precisely who is in charge. There is nothing more freeing than being able to say and mean, "I do what I am told."

And, of course, knowing that there will be consequences if you do not do as you are told, simply secures the order of things.

I am caned as punishment; but I am also caned simply to remind me of my position.

cravatman said...

exactly: i am a man and because of this i am very simple and very lucky to know what i have to do.

Njspank said...

We still use the notice, and with the house empty it will be used a great deal!!


overherlap said...

I am not in a FLR, but wish I was, because you are right men are very simple creatures... usually what you see is what you get. I fantasize a lot about going over the knee of a mature Lady like Cora, so I love the pictures....... keep up the good work!