January 8, 2012

"Men Are Really Very Simple Creatures"

So says Ms. Clara Hewitt on her blog in a post of January 8, 2012.  Ms. Clara has only been blogging a few days but oh my does she know men.  And what makes them (us) tick (and tock, too).

Ms. Clara is a 'Professional Disciplinarian'.  I think she might better be described as a well informed psychologist.  Her knowledge of both men and their wives is almost scary.  And she has given me permission to quote her.  Oh, and thats a picture of her from her blog (again, with permission) spanking one of her naughty boys.  She does know how to get our attention, doesn't she?

Ms. Clara further says, "I think it's wonderful they're so easy to understand and keep happy. They need to be loved, fed and disciplined. That's really all there is to it."

Oh, I couldn't agree more.  And part of that need to be loved actually encompasses the need to be disciplined.  Ladies are you paying attention?  The quote above is from a lady who is sought after by men who would love to be disciplined (spanked) by their wives.  However, due to some kind of weird ideas, many wives don't understand.  So why wouldn't your husbands seek out a woman who will spank them?

Ms. Clara continues, "Compare that to your average female, with her weirdly complex and conflicting needs! Genuinely, It makes me very sad that so many wives seem to fall down on the job, so their husbands feel they have to come to me to get the thrashings they desperately deserve. It's sad for the wives...."

Sad indeed.  Ladies, are you reading this?  Wouldn't you rather spank your own husband rather than have him secretly seek out the female discipline that he so desparetly needs????????

Then, Ms. Clara provides further insite, " ... training a man to perfection is easy and rewarding, and guarantees you loyalty for life."

Ladies, are you still paying attention?  That's right, Loyalty for Life. Life!

And finally Ms. Clara provides more words of wisdom, "Women, it's your duty to show your husband how much you want to nurture, chastise and own him, whenever he needs it."

OK, I can't add to that.  Its sooooooooooo true!  Ladies, did you notice that word, "duty"?

Often I emphasize my opinion that one of the really good things is that the younger women have begun to figure this out.  Another fairly new blog is Ms. Julie's 'Miss Julie Spanks'.  She has discovered the many advantages to taking on so many of the things that Ms. Clara describes above.  Her blog is one of my favorites and one of the reasons is that like Ms. Clara, she has figured it out.  Here is what she added to Ms. Clara's post as a comment:

"I hate to criticize my own sex, but come on, ladies, really, how hard is it to dress a man in your bra and panties, and spank him silly? Such a small thing, it means so much to them, and I, for one, enjoy it immensely!"

"I try not to get on my soapbox too often but I couldn't resist.  Ms. Clara along with Ms. Julie have provided some very, very insightful words of wisdom."  Ms. Clara's post along with Ms. Julie's comment were inspiring, indeed (can't you tell?).

Guys, if you are like so many of us, needing your Lady to show her love through discipline of you, and want your lady to paddle your bottom, share this post with her.  She won't be disappointed and even though you have have further trouble sitting in the future, you will be better men for it!  At least thats my humble opinion.

Finally, I am often reminded how lucky I am.  Cora already as these things figured out and knows what I need.  In return I can't think of how I could love her more.  Indeed, we are a very happy couple, at peace with each other and without some of those deep, dark secrets that I know so many of you have.


Q said...

I can't begin to tell you all, what a difference spanking, and sexually dominating my husband has made to the quality of our marriage! I knew of his "fantasy" for a couple of years. But I never contemplated how it could be a real, deep down need! That is until I decided to use his fantasies to my advantage, and lay down the law within our household!

I'm not about to claim it would work for every man, or woman for that matter. But the results I had with taking charge of our marriage were dramatic and immediate! And they were all positive! By the third time of bending him over for a sound paddling, I was not only enjoying it, but I was actually getting sexually aroused! And not just by the simple act of blistering his bare bottom. But also from the natural feel of being the one in control!

Ladies, all I can say is it saved our marriage. And defiantly enhanced our sex life! Especially mine! And I'm glad that Ms. Clara included the most important part: Men need to feel loved! They need to be loved! Between that, and the discipline I administer to my husband, I have received in return, a level of love and loyalty that most women have only dreamed about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every comment made by Cora, Clara and Q. A special compliment to Q and Cora for their understanding and making their husbands fantasies a reality.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds good to me.


FLR-HappyHubby said...

A fantasy...only partly. But I would rather it be realized for what it really is...a deep and almost overpowering need. If only Q's posting could be sent to every woman, especially those who might need a little help over a rough spot.
Sometimes a husband will search for something he knows is missing, but might not even know what it is, and certainly not know how to ask for it.
It is so great that the openness of Ken and Cora have created a window that hopefully will let fresh air into many relationships.

spankedbywife said...

Yesterday, the hit count on our little blog set a record with the second most hits in our (almost) two years of blogging. The hits were exceeded only when we posted information relating to the ever-popular Nu-West/Leda.

So there must be something in this post that hit home with many of our readers. I would encourage you to leave a comment if you find this subject of interest.

And a special thanks to Q, for leaving such an eloquent comment. I agree with FLR-HappyHubby that Q's comment be sent to every woman. And thanks also to joeyred and Michael_Michael.

So what do you think?????

Respecting Mistress said...

Ms Clara obviously has a great understanding of the male - as does Cora. And it must have been heartening for every subbbie male out there hoping their wife/lady partner might take control of the relationship to read Q's comments.

Njspank said...

Well said my friend, you two are wonderful.

Cora looking particularily hot in that last pic.


ES said...

I think Clara's comments about males should be revised to say submissive males, even then, it sounds a little simplistic.

All he needs is to be fed, loved, and disciplined? To a certain extent, all males need the first two; submissive males need the third. But I reckon that no man is such a "simple creature" as that. Even the most one-dimensional neanderthal clearly has more needs than that.

Why do FLR blogs have to reduce the richness of life down to simplistic female domination porn scenarios? Hey, they have their place; if you like to be dominated there's certainly the time and place for it in your life. But why does it have to be that this is what life is about?