January 13, 2013

Bloggers - They Come and Go

Sometimes it seems as if my blog reading time doesn't allow me to keep up with all the wonderful things that others blog about.  For example, just a couple of days ago I was reading Ms. Deirdre's blog, 'Spanking My Husband' and discovered a new blog, 'WifesInCharge' hosted by a delightful woman, Dianne.  Indeed, she even left a comment on our January 1, post and I thought, 'I would really like to see her start a blog'.  Well, she did start a blog but it was way, way back in November. 

So I corresponded with her and gained permission to add her blog to the list of blogs we read.  I would highly recommend anyone who reads our blog that hers is 'required reading'.  She writes well and is very detailed in her descriptions.  I am still 'catching up' but some of the things she says in her post of December 14, 2012, "My Perspectives on Spanking My Husband and a Female Led Relationship" are particularly well thought out and well written, too.  In this post she states in part, " I would like to state that the whole reason I started this blog is to hopefully help others understand the need to communicate with their partners their needs and desires".

Wow!  That probably describes our mission statement as well as I can think of. 

So go read her blog!

As I was adding her blog to the list of blogs we read, sadly I found that there are several blogs in our list that are no longer active.  'Spankable Husband' is still there but there hasn't been an update for two years.  Likewise with 'Her Paddle'.  WdSpoone's 'Ma'am, Yes Ma'am' was censored but there is still a link to a blog that comes up.  I think he may have moved his blog to a different domain but sadly, I seem to have lost touch.  'Die Starke Frau' actually closed as a conclusion to her story, a rather happy ending.

There there are three blogs that no longer even show their last posts, "Serving B", "Ms. Clara Hewitt" and "Strict Mia and Blazingbottom's Spanking Blog".  I became rather close friends with Serving B but he suddenly pulled the plug.  If you are still out there, I hope you are OK.  Ms. Clara portrayed herself as a 'Professional Disciplinarian' in the UK and had a knack of posting some amazingly wise words of wisdom including a warning to the women of men who ask for them to be their disciplinarians, that if they ignore their requests, their men will seek it elsewhere.  And Ms. Mia, you really had some good stuff going for a while and then you disappeared.  Like with Serving B, I hope you and your guy are well.  Your pix are sure making their rounds on Tumblr.

So it is with a heavy heart that I finally delete these listings from the lists of blogs we follow.

But, if you have started a blog and think we would be interested, please let us know.

Ken and Cora

P.S.  We have a major life event pending.  Its good stuff and we will be sharing soon.  Pictures too, which I hope makes up for the fact I didn't include any on this post.  Just couldn't come up with an appropriate one.


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora. Now that is a weird thing. Only a few days ago I went through the long list of 'Blogs I follow' and deleted a huge number - some I have to admit, I had never had time to read, but several that were really great blogs and have fallen by the wayside. I was a big fan of Serving B's blog and was very sad when he pulled the plug. I too hope him and B are having a great time out there.

Hermione said...

Hi Ken,

Here is Maam Yes Maam's new blog, although he hasn't updated it in several months.

If you go through Bonnie's Kindred Spirits blogroll, and look for the ones with the suffix F/M, you'll probably find more active blogs to add. Inactive ones get deleted after 2 months.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We dropped a Blog Roll, as it seems to be a curse to the Blogs we have listed. They go poof.

tommyspt said...

i still haven't figured out how to add the blog roll but then again i only upgraded to the improved blogger about 2 weeks ago. my blog list is on my profile but it is so long i will have to pick and chose just the most read i think. the list will still be long but more manageable.

dimmube said...

Yes Ma'am i will read it your wish is my command

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ken

Njspank said...

Some great blogs, but you two still are an insporation to all.