January 16, 2013

Her Hairbrush

Is There Anything Better than M'Ladie's Hairbrush To Symbolize Her Ultimate Authority?


J said...

There really is something about a woman with a hairbrush. Just seeing it gives me a little thrill and when in hand, a weird happy feeling of dread for what is about to occur. The hairbrush really is a symbol of female authority. I wish I knew the origins of it all and how it became so powerful.

Anonymous said...

Something so simple but yet can strike fear into any man and ultimately respect when it's put to good use. Love the pictures, Cora looks as if she means business so you better watch out Ken.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Cora is keeping you in line.


PS Please remove word verification so that I can more easily leave comments.

tommyspt said...

my favorite symbols of authority are in order.
A strong wiled woman who is willing to take charge.
A large heavy hardwood hair or bath brush
A straight chair

put thaqt together and you will have a happy marriage with less stress than most others.
Keep up the great work on the blog

Njspank said...

Dam fols, so well done and no nothing better for you or for me....awesome, thanks

Anonymous said...

A wooden hairbrush and a beautiful lap- not too much better than that.

Anonymous said...

my heart skips when I see an older woman who is dressed well like women when I grew up in the 50`s I dream of her grabbing me beating my ads and making me clean her house and work for her hair brushes riding crops and a good birch rod make my heart flutter