January 1, 2013

Cora - The Ambasador: A Follow-Up and Holiday Greetings

We received some very inspiring comments on our last post and since I haven't figured out how to set up the blog so that I could respond directly to comments posted, I thought I would just publish another post.

Suzanne said,
"Kudos to Cora for sharing it with the women so willingly. You should be very proud of her!"

Yes, very proud.

Isabella said,
"That is something that I do not see myself doing at all. But isn't it fun when you don't have to be so carefully guarded about our lifestyle?"

Yes, we are blessed with not having to hide our lifestyle.  And it is fun to 'flaunt' it sometimes, even in non-consensual situations.  We often tease the check-out clerks about me getting spanked for some bad behavior I may have exhibited.

Sara stated,
"Thanks for the spanks and inspiration!
And... must say, this post has both!!!"

Indeed the inspiration comes from comments like yours.

Respecting Mistress commented,
"What a great post. Big credit to Cora for telling how it is.
Love the way you two are so open with your friends about your relationship - well Cora is and you Ken have to go along with it I guess! Lol.
Can you imagine the conversation among those couples at their respective breakfast tables the next day?"

Actually, I love sharing our relationship too.  And yes, it would be loads of fun to be a 'fly on the wall' during the conversations of the couples the next day.  Who knows what might develop?

Cora and I have been blogging for almost three years now.  We hoped that we could share ourselves with the universe and perhaps inspire other women to at least think about the Female Led Relationship lifestyle.  Sure, I find being spanked by a beautiful woman to be a 'turn-on' but it really has some great benefits to both Cora and I.  Since that last time she gave me 'the silent treatment', Cora has never gone back to that kind of behavior.  Instead, she holds me accountable for angering her with the use of one of her 'WAD's'.  The discipline is quick and over and we both feel better afterwards.  I am sure that anyone who has heard Cora's stories, must at least think about those kinds of benefits. 

And finally Ron and Joey commented about the last picture which displayed my rather red bottom following a session with Cora's hairbrush.  I might add that the smile of Cora's face might be exceeded by the smile on my face which, of course, is not in the picture!

Since its New Year's day and we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2013 brings you all great things.  Its my birthday and I am sure that Cora will provide a good, hard paddling to celebrate the day, sort of like she did last year as per the attached picture.

And, yes we do things other than the things we describe here.  I must admit that I love electronic 'gadgets' and flashy lights.  So this year I assembled a light controller from a kit and set up lights in our front yard which are sequenced to music.  Here are a couple examples of what you would see if you drove by our house.  Enjoy!


Respecting Mistress said...

The benefits you describe from domestic discipline are very real and very rewarding. Happy new year to you both!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Ken, I think it would be a substantial challenge to my wife to give me a spanking in time with the rapidly changing beats occurring in "Wizards of Winter." I suppose, with your techy skills, you could rig up a way of doing this electronically, but this would take away the fun of experiencing this from my lovely wife.

Doug Morton

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken and Cora,
This is my first time commenting on your blog but I have been reading it for a few months now. We just started a FLR back in August and I must say the benefits you describe I have seen first hand. I wished I would have realized this long ago in our marriage but I guess as they say it's never to late. Anyway just wanted to let you know I enjoy your post and wished I could be as open as Cora and you but not that comfortable sharing yet. I did just recently share our lifestyle with my sister but that's as far as it's gotten.

Njspank said...

Happy healthy and peaceful New Year, Cora keep spanking your man!