January 5, 2013

Cora's New OTK Paddle (With Thanks to Ms. Dana Specht)

Most of you know my fascination with Nu-West/Leda.  I first found them in the mid 1980's and at the time they were about the only publisher of Female-Spanks-Males material.  In 1986, they published 'Beatings '86', a video tape featuring several scenes of Women spanking men.  It was a break through and I purchased a copy, which I still have.

In 1990 they began publishing the 'LedaGram', a monthly publication which claimed to be 'The only Female Dominant newsletter available anywhere'.  I have almost all the issues of this newsletter, something I keep safe in a trunk.  I still refer to the Ledagrams often and they still inspire both Ms. Cora and myself.

Ms. Cora posed in front of Her 'Rack' which displays several original Nu-West/Leda items.

Then, in their 1992 publications, they began to feature items available for purchase including their rattan canes (Feb.), a Leather Tawse and (full sized) Spencer Paddle (June).  In the July, 1992 issue a pair of OTK Spanking Paddles was featured, one with holes, one without.  These appeared to be very similar to their full sized Spencer paddles, but shorter and appropriate of use in the Over-the-Knee position. 

OTK Spanking Paddles as shown in July, 1992 Ledagram

Later in about 1994 a catalog was published, titled, 'Instruments of Correction' which showed all the hairbrushes, canes, paddles and straps that could be purchased from them.  I still have my copy.

Instruments Of Correction Catalog From Leda (ca. 1994)

These items were available for several years and I purchased several of them including two Spencer Paddles, a Rattan Cane, and one of their earlier hairbrushes (still one of my favorites).  Sometime in about the year 2000 I ordered one of their straps but was informed they weren't available.  I have always regretted not purchasing more of their 'Instruments of Correction' while they were still available.

Recently, I found a picture of Ms. Dana Specht holding one of the small OTK Spanking Paddles.  I think most of you are familiar with Ms. Specht as one of the most beautiful and notable Female Disciplinarians around.  She has appeared in many videos, including a DWC video on 'Scolding' which was a breakthrough for us.  Cora had me over her lap while watching part of this video, following along with Ms. Specht as she changed from hairbrush to strap to paddle, and so on.  What was amazing was how Cora started to not hold back while putting the heat to my bottom with her own hairbrush, strap and paddle.  I was finally getting spanked 'good and hard', just as it should be and as I had been hoping for.  Thank You, Ms. Specht!!!

Ms. Dana Specht Holding Her Original Nu-West/Leda OTK Spanking Paddle(Used with Permission)

I had already re-produced the full sized Spencer Paddle, so I thought I'd try to reproduce the OTK Spanking Paddle, too. I had communicated with Ms. Specht in the past so I thought I'd send her a request for the dimensions of the paddle.  With that information and the head-on view from the picture I had, I figured I could generate a pattern and come close to matching the original.  Its a technique I used in making a wood handled strap a while back.

Cora Showing Her new OTK Spanking Paddle Replica

Well, Ms. Specht in a very gracious gesture of generosity replied that she would trace her original and send the tracing to me.  Wow!  That was something totally unexpected and certainly 'above and beyond' from what I had expected.

As soon as the tracing arrived I went to work.  This paddle, like the full sized Spencer is made out of 3/8 thick, 7-layer birch plywood which is available in sheets from our local woodworking store.  So Cora and I went shopping and obtained a couple of sheets and I began to lay out several paddles on the sheet.  I cut them out, sanded the edges, rounded over the edges, drilled the holes, sanded them and began to apply the finish.  I decided on using shellac and applied at least a dozen coats.  The result was a nicely finished spanking tool that could apply an effective 'shellacing' to a naughty bottom.  Cora had 'test driven' a sample or two several times and I can say (with first hand experience) that they delivered the sting as advertised in the Nu-West/Leda catalog.

Cora 'Testing' Her New OTK Spanking Paddle on Her Palm

Naturally, I promised one for Ms. Specht.  In fact I sent her a pair.  I received a totally unexpected reply from her- in the form of a personal, hand written 'Thank You' note.  In it she indicated that they were exactly like her original.  I also have learned that the small OTK Spanking Paddle is one of her favorites.  I must say its an honor to have pleased her so.  She has done so much for the community and for us in particular. 

So now Cora has a pair of these OTK Spanking Paddles hanging in strategic locations in our home and has a third one that she carries in her purse (much as suggested in the 1992 Ledagram ad).  Several times while we have been 'out and about', she has pulled it out to show off one of her favorite Instruments of Correction.  (There are probably future blog posts about some of those stories!)


Anonymous said...

You are obviously a handy man with woodworking! My husband, on the other hand, is totally incapable in that department (although he has other skills), and so he and I prefer to use 'ready-made' ( or 'perverted') instruments that we have collected over the years (often overseas, in odd-ends shops or or open-air markets) and we have a small collection of second-hand whackers, straps and floggers that have lost none of their 'correctional' virtues!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

With paddles all over the house, I can sure see how more paddles would come in handy. The shape is like Bacall's fav. I think plywood would be heavier than the pine I made her's from.

Njspank said...

Amazing couple you are and now to be in such direction and friendship with Ms. Specht, wow.

Thanks, awesome paddle and post.

Anonymous said...

I know my Wife loves the one you sent us, me not so much!!

It has been applied several times since it arrived, and I have to say it is probably the worst (best) paddle I've ever had used on me.

By the way, Ms. Meela said to thank you very much.

Things have been a little slow here with the holidays. But I expect that all to change, I know I have some correction coming really soon.


Respecting Mistress said...

There must be a sense of deep satisfaction manufacturing a paddle for your own pain! And having those paddle placed all over the house. Lovely post. I came late to the Nu-West/Leda party but love their clips. Wish I'd been able to get those LedaGrams....

Anonymous said...

Well done Ken. I hope Cora uses it often.

Anonymous said...

I used to get the Ledagam. I loved that little magazine. I remember how my heart would speed up what I saw the latest issue in the mailbox.