March 12, 2010

Leather Strap

Here are pictures of my Lady's newest addition to her arsenal. Its a leather strap and uses the same leather stock as was used in the Wooden Handled strap described previously. As with the previous project, I have posted a detailed description of the construction of this implement on the 'At Her Feet' forum. The link to that forum is provided in the FLR resources area of this blog.

My Lady has found that she really likes the strap and its quickly becoming one of her favorites. She has told me that it feels to her like an extension to her own hand and really likes the balance. I have already felt the affects of its use by her and can assure you it has quite an impact. I can also relate that she has quickly learned how to control its application to a naughty bottom. Below is a picture I snapped shortly after she set my bottom on fire after her first 'serious' application of it.

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