March 16, 2010

She Spanked Me

This morning I was issued one of Her 'Notices of Discipline'. Seems as though she objected to some of my comments the previous night while we were watching a stupid show on TV; something about some of the tabloid type of things in the news. I have never been much for this kind of thing.

Anyway, I was 'sentenced' to a mild to moderate spanking for my 'crime'. Initially, this was to happen in the afternoon but as things developed, it was delayed until after 8PM. I participated in a great chat session hosted to one of the forums I follow (which was a great chat session). Anyway, after the chat session ended, I was directed to the bedroom for my being held accountable. My Lady had me move her 'Rack' from the kitchen area, where a new 'Rack' will be installed soon, to the bedroom. She has hung some of her smaller implements more appropriate for OTK spanking, including the DWC 'Ferule', the SMTR paddle, the NuWest hairbrush and a small paddle. I was beckoned to put myself over her lap as she sat on the bed. She then began to set me on fire with all for of the above implements. Simply put, I was thoroughly spanked. The Notice of Discipline indicated that the session was to be somewhere between 'mild' and 'moderate'. Certainly all references to 'mild' were quickly exceeded and I would contend that this spanking was certainly in the 'moderate' range and perhaps beyond. As I am entering this, I am sitting none too comfortably as she really did spank me! (Oh and yes, not only did I need it but I LOVED it). I Love Her so!

UPDATE: March 18, 2010

Well, here it is only a couple of days later and I got spanked again. Something about comments made yesterday at the supermarket. She issued the Notice right there, in the store.
Its been amazing to watch her accept her role as the Head of Household and my disciplinarian. She has become much less hesitant to issue one of her notices and also to make sure the discipline indicated is carried out at the date and time she entered when issuing the form. I just received 25 from her leather paddle and leather strap on the bare.
I guess if I want to avoid these spankings, I will really have to begin to watch my behavior. Decisions, Decisions!


Ron said...

This by the way was an amazing blog and I love the picture of the brush and the jeans, wow, I love true domestic pictures and scenes. Oh and the girdle is beautiful


Anonymous said...

My wife enjoys spanking me. Is erotic not punishment. Usually I bend over a chair and she uses a hairbrush. She likes to insert a finger into me which I don't enjoy

She also makes me keep shaved an in panties. I am used to that. I have told her I'd rather this was private but two of her friends know it and one has watched me get spanked