March 4, 2010

Wooden Handled Strap

Being retired, Its nice to have time to dedicate to 'fun' projects. In a previous post I described how I made a paddle for my Lady out of Purpleheart wood. I just completed my second project, a leather strap with a Wooden handle. It was my attempt to replicate an implement I use to have which was a favorite of mine. The handle is made from red oak and is 3/4 inches thick and 8 inches long. The strap extends from the handle a little over 12 inches. This turned out to be an instrument that delivers rather heavy discipline.

I have outlined a detailed description of its development and construction on the 'At Her Feet' forum in the area labled 'Workshop'. The link to this forum is included in my blog.
As with the Purpleheart Paddle, my Lady really likes this strap, especially since I made it for her. So far she has mostly just taken it for a 'test drive' but she is looking forward to the chance to really lay it on me. I must say that I am also anxious for her to up the level of application. When the fantasy of her using it to discipline me changes to reality, I forsee me loving to hate it!
Here are two pictures, one assembled the other showing the individual parts.:

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wdspoone said...

awesome Ken...I love it! Thanks for posting the pics, you're right....looks pretty simple to let me find a leather supplier! :) Btw - thanks for adjusting the comment procedure now I can comment. You're doing an awesome job with the blog too.