July 5, 2010

Disciplinary Wives Club

In a recent post I made reference to the Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC). Based upon thoughts I have had subsequently and also based upon a comment, I thought I would elaborate a bit on this wonderful resource. Note that there is a link to their site on the right side of our blog. If you haven't visited them, by all means check them out.

I am not positive about when the DWC site was established but their site has references that go back as far as 1998. The DWC was a beginning for many couples or men who wanted to establish a set of rules where the men were spanked by their wives, girlfriends or whatever. The DWC (along with Leda) was one of the first to deal with Female Led Discipline and breaking away from the leather clad Dominatrixes that were about the only thing available earlier. I was one of the many who discovered this wonderful site and quickly ordered many of the items they offered for sale. These included most of the 'handbooks', and a paddle. More recently, I purchased most of the videos they have available on DVD along with their 'Old Reliable' paddle and 'Ferule'. The pictures of Cora show her holding her 'Old Reliable' and 'Ferule' (which is one of her favorite OTK instruments).

I made reference to two segments in their videos in my previous post but there are more segments to their set. One of them discusses contracts and features another DWC lady. At a time before I met Cora, I had the pleasure (indeed it was a great pleasure) of meeting with this lady and when I left, I was a very well spanked but happy boy. She is a very accomplished spanker but most of all a beautiful and gracious woman. The video bears this out.

Since the DWC has been around for such a long time, I was wondering how many of their books and videos have been sitting in closets for a long period of time of some of our followers. I would make a suggestion: Get them out of the closet, dust them off and read the books and watch the videos (preferable as a couple). In our case it was a very good 'refresher' and reminded us of many of the aspects of our FLR that may have been taken for granted. In addition, well, in our opinion, these videos are rather 'interesting' and as indicated in the previous post, I got spanked rather hard as a result of watching them. And I think most of you know that's a good thing.

If you haven't purchased any of their products, I would suggest you check them out. The DWC 'style' definitely clicks with Cora and I and if you like the style of our blog, you will probably like the Disciplinary Wives Club, too. Their web site includes a plethora of things including stories, accounts of people who have become DWC couples (including at least one couple who follows this blog), surveys, and more, along with their 'Shopping Mall'. I have always found quick response whenever I have ordered items and Aunt Kay (the founder) was quick to respond to an e-Mail when I asked her if it was acceptable to make the references to the DWC.
In my opion, not only does the DWC offer some great aids for a FLR couple but I believe they have contributed greatly to the community as a whole. (Note: my comments and opinions are my own and I am not connected directly with the DWC).


mysster said...

Once again, you hit the right chords. i've visited DWC many times, never purchasing -- i fear credit card 'issues' -- but always admiring.

Home-nurtured discipline is so fine!

Whatever the world may offer the Woman, she must be the regent within her home. She must exercise the control and the male must crave service.

The implements you highlight make the mouth water. i know i shouldn't simply go after pleasure in this, so i apologize for that.

In defense, let pleasure be seen as one of the 'tools' to guide a male into proper service, so that service (and adoration!) ultimately becomes the pleasure.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Ron said...

Thanks Ken, same here I have visited but not purchased but after this entry and the last, I may have to find a way.

Also for those who read, I am in line for my wife to give me my first "real" spanking tomorrow.

I will report back but thanks to Cora and Ken, we have made our way to this point, I am so happy.

Thanks for the inspiration Cora and Ken.



Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Aunt Kay and her husband, with my then girlfriend, when I lived for the year in the states. She invited us over to dinner. They were both very friendly and supportive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cora and Ken,

I, too, very much appreciated the DWC website and Aunt Kay's guidance. We purchased her DVD's and some of her written material and watched it together.

All I can say is OMG! I had been spanked before many times but after watching how others do it my Wife rose to a whole new level. She took everything to heart and I now have to really watch my behavior. Aunt Kay's advice that the effects of a proper disciplinary spanking should be felt and seen for at least several days was the most heeded, although her scolding instruction may hold a close second.

I would sure like to meet Aunt Kay some day and thank her profusely but it probably will never happen.

I have been following your Blog for quite some time now. It's nice to know that there are others like me out there who love to be with a woman who is willing to draw a line and enforce it sternly with a paddle and strap.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

I got some Female led discipline last night and as I write I have a bruised bottom. We went to a fetish club last night I wanted to go to I wanted to leave early my Wife didn't We got there sort of late,My Wife is a Domme but has not been spanking me. She took her bag full of paddles and straps with her,a nice looking blonde about 45 was watching my Wife folg another male She picked up 2 bags of implements and was looking at them,I ask if She was a Domme She looked at me and I have never flet such a level of control from a Woman, "WHY have you been bad today"?, "My Wife said yes he has".
"Do you want him punished?" (the blonde BBW asked), "Yes I do"(my Wife answered). this Woman grabs me by the hand and leads me to an area that had linen on a shelf in a hall, She said "Bill you have been bad your getting paddled right now",my heart sank this woman had incredible power in her voice I was sort of scared but excited,She got a large pillow case and said "I'm going to blindfold you",Your also going to have your rear exposed I don't spank anything I can't see",She put it on me and took me into a room,She forced me down on a bench type thing, She said green is go yellow slow down red means stop, She used about 12 to 14 implements on me,When She stopped my rear was so tender I could not sit on it for about 30 mns, She said,If your Wife tells me you been bad again you will get it again next time I'm tying you down you moved to much,I was sweating really bad, It will take about a week or so for my butt to clear up, this Woman knew how to take charge of a Man,She is the only woman that I have ever feared in my life She was that powerful

Anonymous said...

my wife has disciplined me for several years she uses a leather strap and the cane. i have to strip naked and bend over a wooden bench grasping the legs with my hands and hold this position until my punishment is completed. The cane is agony and i have to take it on my buttocks and the back of my thighs occasionally she makes me lift my feet up so she can administer bastinado on the soles of my feet...recently she has deceided that i must earn sexual relief. She sets a target number of strokes of the cane that i must take before i am allowed to cum...this is set to ensure that i have to go for long periods without relief the last target was 300 strokes.In addition if i displease her she adds additional strokes to the target and so can prolong the punishment almost indefinitely. I can take the punishment as often as i can bear it but she always does it hard. as i become more sexually frustrated it drives me to bear more pain and take more strokes at each session and my wife tells me that she loves watching me trying to force myself to take more punishment.I know that as soon as i have achieved the target it will be increased for the next time but i do get a sense of satisfaction in meeting my target and pleasing my wife and the sexual relief when it comes is worth the wait. The next target is now 500 strokes so i know that it will be several months and many agonising punishment sessions before i will be allowed relief again.