July 2, 2010

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

I have subtitled this blog 'Adventures in a Female Led Relationship'. The last two days have been full of adventure. After giving me a rather delightful 'snap-out-of-it' spanking yesterday, we prepared to go 'out and about' as we had quite a few errands. During the preparation, I said something to Cora which was probably either mis-heard or mis-interpreted. Either way, she got quite upset with me.

Now, with all we have learned in our FLR exploration, what should probably have happened is either an on-the-spot spanking or at least a Notice of Discipline. I am sure we would have talked it out and resolved it and Cora knows that she still has permission to spank me even if I am right. Those of us who practice a FLR know that its better to take the punishment and clear the air, even if we feel justified in our actions. I know I do.

Instead, however, Cora reverted to her old way of dealing with her feelings: The Silent Treatment (TST). So most of the trip resulted in us not talking to one another and it was rather uncomfortable and stressful. After returning home, we did discuss what had transpired and I believe I convinced her that she had misunderstood what I had said earlier. (Note: I wanted to display a picture of Cora looking slightly goofy in connection with her slipping back to her old ways. Cora actually choose the picture at the left, which was taken for her entry into 'You Look Like Your Dog' contest held by a local radio station a number of months ago. That's one of our English Springer Spaniels, Vixen in the picture with her.)

This morning, we were back to our 'playful' ways and Cora was laying in bed and turned on the TV. There wasn't really much to watch so I decided I would try something: I dug out our Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC), DVD 'Special Edition'. This DVD combined several of their releases including the video on 'Effectiveness' and 'Scolding'. I know many of you are familiar with the DWC and I have included a link to them under FLR related resources which is listed at the right. Many of us submissive men have utilized the DWC for resources to help get our wives to adopt a FLR. Over the years I have purchased their handbooks, DVD, and several of their implements including paddles and a Ferule (one of Cora's favorite implements). They seem to be great people and a great source of information.

I thought that watching the DWC video would be a great way to provide a 'refresher course'. Apparently I was right-on! Cora became entrenched in what was presented and I believe she realized how the situation of the previous day should have been handled. And quite frankly, she even became aroused and we ended up 'fooling around' while watching the video.

The second part of the DWC DVD series features the famous Dana Specht. Ms. Specht has been featured in quite a few videos and appears to be an accomplished disciplinarian. In addition to being a beautiful woman, she is also very gracious. Ms. Specht's part in the DWC video was on scolding. She presents several examples of how she combines scolding with spanking. Cora was watching Ms. Specht's instruction very intently, taking it all in.

Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer. She got up and commanded me to get over her lap. The last example in Ms. Specht's video features her sitting on the end of a bed spanking her naughty boy over her knee. Our TV faces the bed and Cora decided to mimic Ms. Specht as she was spanking and scolding. Cora even learned the trick of placing her right leg over both my legs as Ms. Specht was doing. When Ms. Specht was hand spanking her naughty boy, Cora hand spanked me. When Ms. Specht changed to a hairbrush, so did Cora. When Ms. Specht changed to a leather strap, Cora improvised and grabbed her Ferule (Cora is holding her Ferule in the picture). And Cora did not loose a beat and kept up with Ms. Specht whack for whack! I am writing this with a very tender bottom having been spanked two days in a row.

So while the spanking administered to me today was done more along our normally playful mode, Cora also felt any remnants of her anger or hurt dissipated while spanking me. In many ways, you could say that Cora has learned her lesson. It may have been a day late, but the air is now completely cleared and we are back to our loving selves. In fact the love making was rather hot!


Ron said...

Awesome and very hot story, this is something I would love to do, be spanked the same as the vid, great story, great results and great relationship.



Anonymous said...


What an awesome post! It is amazing how the two of you are still finding new ways to love and learn. It's inspirational!

I have wondered about the DWC videos. I have held off on purchasing any but form the sounds of it, they provide helpful ideas.

Best wishes to you,

spankedbywife said...

I think we may have invented something new: a 'Spank-Along'!
While I was unable to see the video, I certainly heard it and the crack from Ms. Specht's hairbrush matched the same from Cora's. It was like listening to an echo.

Serving B-
The DWC may not be for everyone, but we love it and your comment helped inspire another post.

Ron said...

Ken I can only imagine! Very hot post, thanks.