July 9, 2010

Ron's Story - Part I

If you have been following our blog you have probably seen the comments posted by Ron. He has been very generous with his comments and has been describing what I believe to be an amazing success story. He has given me permission to describe his story, which I believe is awesome and inspiring.  I have quoted Ron and his own words are shown in bold italics which have been provided by Ron in his comments and direct e-Mails to me.

The first comments from Ron appeared on May 16. Ron was one of the many typical men who wanted to be in a relationship where they are spanked by their wives, only to find their partner was not interested. Ron's situation was underscored by his comments on May 20 about his attempt to get his wife interested, "... I am slowly trying again...". However, Ron indicated that he was insprired by the descriptions of the relationship between Cora and myself.

I started receiving e-Mails from Ron on May 30. In his first message he indicated that his wife of 33 years, "never connected" to his desires for her to spank him and he just lived "in the spanking closet". He went on, "One day I hope to convince my wife to emulate your relationship". But one thing that came through very strongly, was that even though Ron's wife was not spanking him, he does love her very much.

Ron also requested one of my 'Notice of Discipline' forms. (Note: I am unable to include the Microsoft Word version on this blog, but for anyone that wants one, please send me an e-Mail and I will send it to you).  In a later e-Mail he indicated that he and his wife often vacation together alone in September. Ron's plan was to wait until then and while traveling to their destination on the plane, give his wife one of the forms filled out in a manner to request discipline from her. So much for Ron's initial plan!

On June 20, Ron left a comment advising that he had given his wife a request for a spanking. In an e-Mail from Ron the same day, he indicated that he was on the road and stopped at one of those 'Country Stores'. He purchased one of those 'souvineer' paddles. After returning home, Ron stated, "I decided to try it out. I completed a form, left it, the paddle and a kithcen chair for her when she came in the room". Ron further described the first reaction from his wife, "At first she laughed and did her this is not fun thing. I looked her right in the eye, told her about my misbehavior and told her I was serious. Well, she oblidged, pulled my white underpants down".

Ron went on to describe getting spanked by his wife with the paddle. After the spanking, Ron made sure to provide his wife with a token of his appreciation, "So I left one rose on her pillow with a thank you". And in a comment on the blog, "So now we will see where it heads but I feel wonderful and she was smiling this morning." Oh, and Ron also indicated, "... what followed was about a passionate session of love making we have had".

A follow up e-Mail described what happened when Ron and his wife discussed the events of the previous day, "My wife asked me if I wanted another "spanking", the words took my breath away but I remained calm. I told her only if she enjoyed giving me the spanking! Well she laughed again, saying in essence, you saw what happened to me. So we spoke about FLR a little bit and she seemed to be interested. Now, I also made it clear my passion is for her, not just the spanking."

Further exchanges of e-Mails with Ron indicated that he was getting plenty of 'signs' from his wife that she was starting to like the idea of spanking him and the benefits that she was getting, herself.

A week later, Ron reported receiving spanking number two from his wife. Harder and longer and "It was awesome and she is really starting to get into the role, I love it and love her." In an e-Mail, Ron further described what happened, "OK, now she just delivered her second spanking, over her knee in the bed, long and nice hard hand spanking. We had a window of no kids and she came up to me and said, rather sternly, up stairs, NOW!!". Ron followed up the 'treat' from his wife, "I just ran out and left another thank you and a small piece of dark chocolate on her dresser".

To his delight, the relationship between Ron and his wife kept getting better and better as his wife was getting more and more warmed up to the FLR lifestyle that Ron has been desiring for so long. They even went shopping together resulting in a purchase of a 'paddle brush'. Ron's wife also selected a belt. "She said in the car, not for now but later". Later that night Ron described a conversation between them, "Well, all she said when going to bed is, 'Ron, you want a good sound spanking? You will get one very soon with that brush'".

Then on July 5, Ron posted the following comment on the blog, "Also for those who read, I am in line for my wife to give me my first "real" spanking tomorrow." In an e-Mail to me, Ron said, "We are set for Wednesday for my "real" spanking as she told me this morning!!!" However, as we all know sometimes scheduling difficulties get in the way and in a further e-Mail from Ron, he stated, "Got text before from her work. My "long hard spanking" is moved to Thursday afternoon due to schedule issues for her. She said she wants "plenty of time to spank me properly". Awesome. Was difficult sitting in my office."

To Be Continued!


Anonymous said...

That was very interesting, and I think will be very inspirational and a good guide. I hope he writes it up into a 'How it started' story one day. It should help others.

HerKnee said...

It's always nice to hear about success stories. If there are common denominators that surround success stories like this, it’s that when there is love and when there is communication our partners are willing to take a chance and try to make our dreams come true. In spite of how much of a stigma the rest of the world may apply to these activities.

Anonymous said...

Fot Ron: Cherish the exploration and development of this part of your relationship. We bid you well.

ServingB said...

I agree with HerKnee. Very well said.

Ron - thanks for sharing your story through Ken's blog. I'm very happy for both you and your wife!

Ron said...


Good morning. Thank you all for your kind words. It is appreciated more than you know.

I must tell you that my love for my wife has never waivered and that is par tof what drove me to where we are today. Also she is beautiful, afetr 34 years, she is hotter than ever.

But, it was reading about the love and respect between Cora and Ken that gave me the "guts" and the inspiration to give it a go again. Ken's words are wonderful and when he speaks of how much more he loves Cora and she loves him, well I knew I had to try.

Rob, you are right and our story grows, she loves the feeling. Serving B, thanks so much. Scally, thank you and I hope our story can helop other I not sure what you mean about how it started, please let me know, but thanks.

HerKnee, you said it all. We talk more now than ever, but yes the love has to be there.

One last note, all the wonderful laps I played with for the past 20 years or so are loved forever. But the fact that I don't have the guilt anymore, well is amazing.

Thanks to all,



As much as I love