July 1, 2010

Spanked For Being Too Serious

You may have noticed that its been a while since I have posted. Well, life just seems to sometimes get in the way. I am sure this is no different than most of you who read this blog.

Late last week, I was working on chipping some branches from a tree I had pruned. This was a project that I had let go for much too long and the material I had removed was rather extensive. I felt a tap on my shoulder and Cora beckoned me to follow her. I turned off the chipper (its a dreadfully noisy machine) and followed her. Cora pointed to the front of our lot where one of our gates had been knocked off its hinges.

Now, the two gates at the front of our house have been in need of repair for quite some time but while I was still engaged in my job, there just wasn't enough time or energy resources to give this project the attention it needed. It seems like for the past five years the gates, along with many other 'projects' were just placed on the 'deferred maintenance' list.

Since my retirement last October I have begun to take on some of these projects. However, yard work is something I just do not like. If Cora wanted to provide a true discipline punishment, she could assign nothing more appropriate that 'yard work'. The only problem is that these yard work project really do need to be done, so Cora really doesn't have the option of using them for 'punishment'.

So the gate repair (replacement, actually) became a number one priority. I began looking at options on how to replace these gates and we headed to the local home improvement store. We found the necessary items (including a nifty kit that uses some welded steel parts that can be used to assemble a very stable (and permanent) gate. Over the next few days I completed a drawing, painted the pickets and frame pieces and began to build the frame. I was positive that I would have the project completed by Wednesday (yesterday).

Of course, nothing goes as intended and while the frames are completed, I still have to nail the pickets to the frame and then mount the completed assembly to the posts. Thankfully, the 'new' posts are already in place with concrete foundations, as they have been for the past 7 years!

So, naturally I was feeling a bit 'down' about this project; both because it is still looming over my head and also because I missed the deadline that I had committed to Cora (even after adding an extra day to my estimate). Add this to all the other things going on in our life and the result was that I was in one of those 'moods'.

This morning while preparing for the day, Cora decided that I have been way too serious and needed a 'snap-out-of-it' spanking. First she layed out her Favorite OTK implements on the bed.
Next she proceeded to bare my bottom. Once ready, over her lap I went. First, she spanked me with her hand (she has gotten rather good a a hand spanking). Next she proceeded to apply her 'impact therapy' with all four of her tools. I felt the kiss of her small paddle, hairbrush, Ferule and finally the SMTR paddle.

The result was a rather intense fire in my behind. But the overall feeling was one of great relief. She was right (Duh!). I was in a much too serious frame of mind. As many of you have observed, our relationship is one that tends more towards the 'playful' side of the spectrum. We both are of the philosophy that 'life is too short to take it seriously'. Thankfully, Cora knows how to get me back on track. And she also knows how to express her love for me by taking the initiative to spank me when I get moody as described above. And I love her, too because she does.


Alan said...

Ken you are one lucky guy
Cora you are one lovely lady

Ron said...

Wonderful story and spanking from two wonderful people.

Awesome and love the hand spankings!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The SMTR paddle looks like it can get the job done with ease. Just toss the rest of the paddles out. No sense in tiring Cora out with the little toys.