July 11, 2010

Ron's Story - Part II

Here is the conclusion to Ron's Story.  Ron has graciously given me permission to share his story.  He has gone to great lengths to document the events of last Thursday with his wife.  Most of the following is in Ron's own words and again, I have highlighted them in Bold Italics.

Part Two

Ron sent me several e-Mails on Wednesday. He cleverly titled these e-Mails, 'anticipation'. Now, for those of us fortunate to have received a spanking from our ladies, where we have been informed that the spanking will take place a day or two later, know all those feelings that happen after the notification but before the actual spanking. Ron was no exception and shared many of his feelings. His comments included, "Breathing is difficult right now", "More than 24 hours still to go and my stomach is churning, can't concentrate and well, just love this feeling", and "Am dying inside, wow."

Ron's wife was also caught up in the pre-spanking excitement and texted Ron with, "... your bottom will be hotter than the weather tomorrow!!", "you will get the spanking of your life tomorrow, so be ready!" and on the morning of the scheduled spanking, informed Ron, "I can't wait to spank your bare bottom later!"

In Ron's own words, he describes his own preparations for the day of his spanking:

"I was on the road this afternoon. I stopped at her office and gave her a card, a thank you card. Expressed my love of course and thanks for allowing me to give myself to her and for her to punish me the way I need and deserve. Expressed my love and told her how much it means to me that she will spank me this way. In the card I gave her a nice gift certificate for her nail salon so she can pamper herself, as I said before most of our money goes to the kids so I wanted her to do something for herself. On the back of the card I made some comments and wishes for tomorrow:

1. Have fun,

2. Do what she wants to do and not feel forced.

3. Bend me over the bed so I can see her paddle me for a while.

4. Finish me over her knee with her hand.

5. Use the colors, I reminded her that she is in charge but I am in control with the colors, so she should not worry about hurting me.

6. Have fun

Now I received two text messages, one saying thank you. But then text two said, "you will get the spanking of your life tomorrow, so be ready"!

Having trouble breathing right now, lol.

I then stopped at Victoria Secrets and purchased one white silky panty and one Kansas City Royal blue panty. Bikini but full silk panties. I also purchased a white, lace bra. I love white panties. I then stopped at Macy's and purchased a silky, slinky white half slip. My plan is to leave the bra, slip and blue panties on the spanking chair with the brush and the paddle."

 On Friday Ron e-Mailed me a very detailed description of his session with his wife. Ron's own words describe very elegantly what happened. I first received a short indication of how things started:

"Oh my. I was just severly scolded for not finishing my chores. Was told to give the dog a treat, lock up the house and 'march my naughty ass upstairs for a good spanking!'".

Ron later followed up with a very detailed description of what happened:

"Well the set up in the room: I place the kitchen spanking chair at the end of our bed. The white bra was placed over the back, the blue panty and white slip on the seat of the chair. I laid out the fanny paddle and brush on the bed. Unplugged the clock radio, not time limits, put the ipod on low, Lady Antebelum and Kenny Chesney, nice and cool with the air on high.

Showered, dressed in white underpants, white shorts and a new golf shirt, will explain that later.

Well I sent you the note yesterday, so from there, I did what I was told, waited to hear her done in the bathroom and went upstairs. I opened the door and she stood there, in the bra, slip and blue panty, holding the brush in her hand. The chair was already moved away. She walked over, hugged me and looked me in the eye and asked if I really wanted this, I told her was never more sure except for when we got married!!! She backed off and asked for a color. Green Ma'am was my response.

Well she sat on the edge of the bed, called me over and began another soft scolding about my chores and being spoiled and naughty. Was awesome, no yelling. She then lowered my shorts. Then stood up and had me bend over the bed, hands on the bed, she moved my bottom so it was in the right position. She then began spanking my underpants lightly with the brush, quick, sharp and with purpose. Not hard. Now my first sign that she did some studying, she spanked my sit spot and added some spanks to the lower part of my thighs!!! Not sure how long it lasted but was not hard. She then stopped, rubbed my bottom and then picked up the Fanny Paddle. She slowly began to spank with the paddle, lightly but effective. I let out some voluntary ughs, and the like so to encourage her on to spank more. Little did I know. Not sure how long this was but it seemed a long time. Well she then stopped and sat down. Now must tell you I spent most the time watching and admiring her blue pantied bottom thru the slip, was hot as hell.

As she sat, she made me turn around and then lowered my white underpants and began to rub my bottom. Scolding me and telling me it is a nice pink!! She turned me around, then looked up at me and asked a color, green of course!! She then told me that it was now time for me to get a really good spanking, she lowered me over her slip lap. She shifted me around, moved my bottom in place, second sign she did her homework, she was I thought a novice but she had a clue!

The OTK started with the brush, not hard but quick and efficient. My cheeks, my sit spots and my thights, she well distributed the spanking. It did not last long, but she did not like the loud echo sound of the brush. Well she then took the fanny paddle in hand and went to town. Again, quick, not real hard but constant. She did not get the sit spots as the was too tough for her but my cheeks and thighs got worked over really well. I started to let out involuntary ouches and ohs. My bottom started to whiggle on her lap and my legs kicked. Then she stopped. Made me stand up, and examined my bottom. Commented it was now getting red. Now the surprise!
She made me lean over the bed again, I turned and watched her slip and blue panty bottom walk to her closet and she took out the belt she purchased, folded it over and came back. Now this was her first novice moment but she tried hard and gave me 10 licks, all over the place and not hard but she tried. Amazing. Then she slowed down, stepped back and gave me four lashes over my bottom, made me jump. She walked back to the closet, hung the belt up, walked back, sat and threw me over her lap. She lifted the end of my shirt off my bottom, and then began a wonderful, fast, fairly hard OTK hand spanking. She spanked quick, focused and again not totally hard but nice. I was now gasping, ouching, twithcing my bottom and kicking my legs, I went into that zone that I love, I was lost over her knee and she was lost in spanking me. Was heaven. Not a clue how long but was wonderful. My bottom got slightly numb but was sore as could be. My "novice" spanking wife, (yeah right she did her homework), spanked my sit spot and thighs with equal emphasis. She eventually stopped, and spent time scolding me lightly and rubbing my very sore ass, she commented the reddness.
Now some time later, we laid in each other's arms and just talked, not about the spanking. We laughed and just talked. She got up and went to the bathroom. I ran to the mirror, my bottom was red as a Washington State apple, she did it! Well I got back on the bed and she came back in, wearing her blue panty.

She got on the bed and sat next to me, she asked me to roll on my stomach and commented on my red butt. She was rubbing me and wow, I was moaning. She leaned forward and to my shock, asked for a color!!! Good lord, I said green. Well she proceed, almost with hesitation to mention that I don't listen and I need to be spanked again. I said Yes Ma'am! Well her hand begain to spank my sore bottom without mercy, she spanked much harder and very fast, I was now almost yelling and twitiching all over the bed. She stopped, picked up her fanny paddle and announced I was to get 10 solid spanks. She did not wait, bam 10 hard in a row, wow, I was yelling and almost crying, she really laid into me. After the ten, she rubbed, asked for a color and I said green, she finished me with a fast, probabaly two minute, full swing hand spanking, fast and yes now hard. I almost had tears, not from pain but from happiness. My bottom hurt like hell but it was amazing. She got me to that zone where you almost feel the stress and issue leaving your body with every spank.

The rest of the evening was heaven, we were relaxed, stress free, my bottom was killing me and had trouble sitting and walking. She spanked like a seasoned pro.

Now on our walk, very painful and itchy for me, we talked about the day. She said I made her feel like a Queen and told me she now realizes how a FLR can make our life more stress free. I told her not to worry, we have time. I love this woman more than ever. We talked and I told her I will find a nice wooden hairbrush that won't make the echo noise, I have them already! I told her about some of the scenes we can play but also reinfiorced that we need to go slow. She laughed and was well a wonderful, painful for me, evening.

I left her a gift card this morning for three nights in a two bedroom condo in September, amazing condo with tons of spanking scenes waiting.

OK, wow, am still shaking, Not sure what to say but thank you so much"

Ron, thank you for allowing me to share your wonderful story. From our earlier exchanges, I know that you now have fulfilled what you had only dreamed of earlier and it appears that your wife will be adopting the FLR lifestyle quite willingly.
To the frustrated men who read this blog, I think Ron can be your inspiration. In my opinion, he did absolutely everything right. His story is one of patience, persistance and making sure he placed the needs of his Lady first and foremost.  And its obvious that they are both deeply in love with each other.

To Ron's wife (and I believe Ron will eventually share this posting with her): You are an inspiration to all the men out there who, like Ron, wanted their wives to simply hold them accountable for misbehavior through the simple act of spanking them. You have demonstrated how you have found that there benefits, lots of benefits from fulfilling the desires of your husband. The story that your husband has described is one of a very caring, loving man who (I believe) is falling further and further in love with you. And I am quite sure that you, too are falling deeper in love with him.


ServingB said...

What a wonderful story you have shared about Ron. The best part for me was reading about the loving conversation Ron and his wife are having. It's great to learn of a couple 33 years into a marriage learning new things together and still having wonderful intimacy.

Bravo, Ron! And the same to your wife!

Ron said...

Serving B, thanks.

Cora and Ken, we love you and thanks for the inspiration. Must say wow, it is amazing to read this and relive the moments!!