July 19, 2010

Spankless in Seattle

I had great plans for some teriffic posts recently but life has pitched a bit of a distraction our way.  Nothing major but my Lady, Cora woke up about two weeks ago with a stiff muscle in her shoulder/neck area.  Thanks to two visits to her physician, some muscle relaxant drugs and plenty of time with the heating pad, she is getting better although not yet back to 'Normal'.

I have found myself spending more of my time tending to her needs and perhaps even a bit of time just in 'worry mode'.  Its just the kind of thing that happens to all of us. 

One of the results, naturally is that Cora has been unable to administer any discipline during this time.  Naturally, she does not want to make things worse.  However, she did put me on notice that I should expect a return to normal by the end of the week.  And she warned me that there is a good chance that I may find difficulty in sitting at some point during the upcoming weekend. 

But rest assurred, there are plenty of other guys getting their bottoms spanked by their women.  Ron has provided an awesome description of a 'punishment' spanking he received and I will be posting it soon.  In addition, several others have reported being recently spanked by their wives.  It appears that women spanking their men is definitely on the rise.

I may be Spankless in Seattle for now, but the rest of the country is not following this trend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Sorry to hear about Cora's muscle problem. I suspect she might have gotten it from spanking you, so I think when she gets better she should definitely give you a good spanking for that!

I guess I am one of those guys you are talking about who are getting spanked on a regular basis. I think I have gotten it every day for a week and a half.

Hugs to Cora to get well soon!


Ron said...


As we have shared already, take car of Cora and get her well first, we are all here and support you two 100%.

Also can't wait to heat what your lovely lap delivers to your bottom when she is better!

Great photo and love the "Needle" in the background.

Cora our best wishes for a quick recovery and Ken, keep on taking care of that wonderful lady of your.

Regards and best wishes,


Anonymous said...


I wish Cora a quick recovery - although you migt wish it not to be to speedy, lol. I am eager to learn how she will finally make up to you when your time comes.


Anonymous said...

Wishing Cora a smooth and complete recovery and you a sore behind, when the time is right! You are such a gentleman - taking care of her the way you are. She's very fortunate!

Anonymous said...

Hope Cora feels better soon, I'm sure she'll deliver on her threat as soon as she's feeling better. But please behave until then, you don't want her hurting herself.
I know how you feel about worrying about the people we love!!


spankedbywife said...

To All who follow and especially those who have taken the time to comment:

Our most humble thanks for all the concerns for Cora during her healing process. All your comments have been read by Cora and have greatly helped in her healing process.

This is truly a 'community' and the outpouring of get well wishes to Cora demonstrates this spirit.

Ken & Cora

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rad about Cora's injury (belatedly). if it recurrs she can always give out lines - writer cramp is a sort of sympathetic condition, ther is a nice symmetry there!