June 27, 2010


The hit counter (which measures the number of 'page loads') just passed 100,000! I thought I would indulge myself with a little self-congratulation and offer up a big Thank You to all the followers and readers of this blog.

I started this blog in February of this year with absolutely no idea where it would lead me. I had been (am still am, for that matter) inspired by number of blogs that were appearing that specifically dealt with Female Led Relationships. It took me until April 14 to figure out how to attach the hit counter. So the 100,000 milestone has taken only 10-1/2 weeks. I am aware that there are plenty of other blogs with many times the activity of this one, but it is still an important achievement to us.

Our most humble thanks to all of you and thanks also for all the kind words received in the comments and e-Mails.

Ken and Cora
Follow Up
Upon hearing the news of our 100,000th hit Cora decided that a tradition should be started - a blog spanking! I was summoned to her bedroom where she had layed out her five favorite OTK implements. Then over her lap I went. For a while I feared she would give me a swat for all 100,000 hits on the blog.
I may not have gottom 100,000 hits but was left with a very tingling bottom. Cora never ceased to amaze me with her creativity!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ken, I'm sure you enjoyed Cora's celebration, even if it was on your bottom!!!
If your like me every celebration like that is enjoyable, LOL


Anonymous said...


We are now back online at home so can read your blog properly. I see you a reader fo reciavist too.


Tim (and Cathy)

Ron said...

Well now what better way than a traditional OTK spanking, great work Cora and both of you, profound congratulations for a wonderful blog and some terrific insights and commentary.

You truly are an inspiration for all of us and congratulations as well on a wonderful loving relationship.

All the best and as always thanks for sharing.

Awesome OTK traditional, love it.



ronnie said...

Congratulations, a great achievement.


John R said...

Congratulations on 100,000 hits. And for encouraging others to embrace this life style. I am sure everyone is envious of the power dressing of Cora. I love her outfits - keep up the good work. Also I am pleased that she is adding caning to her repetoire!

redxxx said...

congratulations. you are explaining a topic that numerous people are interested in. Keep up the good work.