June 23, 2010

Dressing for Power

Men are visual. I think that is a statement that most would agree. A comment in the previous post complemented Cora on her wardrobe. I started think about this and decided to post my thoughts about the way we have portrayed the way Cora dresses in the photos that have illustrated the postings here. Its no secret that I love it when Cora dresses up and especially when she dresses in girdles, stocking and heels.

As the commenter indicated both of us grew up in the 'baby boom' era. And during that era most women wore girdles and stockings (this was before pantyhose) along with dresses or skirts and blouses. Of course, this included all the women in my life who were authority figures: Teachers, my mother, aunts, and grandmothers. It was probably the connection with my teachers (all female until 8th grade) and the possibility of being subject to their discipline that imprinted upon me the connection with the way they dressed and my fantasies of being disciplined by them.
Much has been written about men's fantasies on how their female spanker 'should' be dressed. After all, its a fantasy made up from the male point of view. There are many stories floating around the net about a man being spanked by a woman wearing a stiffly starched white blouse, short skirt, heels. Often the story includes a description of her lifting her skirt, revealing stocking tops, garters a bit of bare thigh and possibly the bottof of her girdle, when she sits in preparation to spank her naughty male. I am no stranger to the details of this fantasy.

Now, in the real world, not very many women dress this way anymore. And even Cora doesn't always dress this way herself. So when I am to be spanked, its possible that she may be wearing flat shoes, and loose fitting top and pants. Not exactly my fantasy but then its not really up to me to decide. Certainly the spanking is no less real.
When I first met Cora, she dressed, well .... somewhat dowdy. But I was attracted to her anyway. Early in our relationship I asked her if she had ever worn girdles, stocking and high heels in the past. She replied that she had and rather enjoyed it. I asked her if she would consider wearing them again. She agreed. I ordered a pair of black pumps from 'Classic Pumps' (awesome shoes in the 'classic' style, not the pointy toes you find in the stores today - and very high quality and comfortable) and we found several sources for girdles and stockings. She hadn't worn these kinds of clothes for quite some time, but fortunately could still wear 4 inch heels and look good walking in them (probably a legacy of her ballet training).

She started wearing her shapewear (new term for girdles!), heels and stockings when we went out and about. Even with pants. When she did, it transformed her. Cora carries herself with much more poise and just radiates her power. I think her self-esteem factor has increased 100 fold. It was amazing to watch her personality take over a room. Even standing in a grocery line, she usually had everyone laughing in stitches by the time we got through check-out. Don't get me wrong, she didn't use her power to overwhelm everyone, instead it was just that people around her seemed to warm up to her. It was some kind of very positive invisible and Magickal energy.
Cora and I still delight in shopping for heels, stockings (especially the full fashioned ones with seams), girdles, skirts, dresses and all the trimmings. I have found the need to expand the space in her closet several times and she now has a wonderful shoe rack that displays her high heels and makes them easily available for 'action' (Cora's other Rack?).
So, yes I am totally prejudiced when Cora dresses this way. And the times I am blessed with being disciplined by her while dressed in this way is an erotic gift of her dominance. It really feeds my submission to her. I am truly blessed to be with a woman who feels empowered by dressing the way she does. I totally understand that other women may not share her enthusiam. The bottom line is this: Did Cora initially dress this way to please me and fulfill my own fantasies? Yes. Does Cora now dress this way because it makes her feel good about herself and gives her a feeling of empowerment? Absolutely!


Ron said...

Oh my goodness, what a post.

First off, at 55, growing up I was spanked by mom, three different aunts, at least two neighbors, nuns and my cousin. Yes sir, except for my cousin, all wore dresses and no doubt girdles but the feeling of being over the knee of a lady and her stockings, wow. You nailed it totally.It is true domestic spanking at it's best.

Now as for Cora, I have detailed my feelings before, she is a beuatiful lady and a wonderful lap. Love the pic in blue jeans but oh man, the overhead shot of her with the brush, skirt pulled up, my god, what a lap. Beautiful.

Great post, you wrote about so much I and we think about all the time. Again, my generation, spankings were given from almost any female in authority.

Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

Have a nice evening,


mysster said...

Cora is stunning. Your photos capture her power, her superiority. i feel weak and very favored to live in the same city.

spankedbywife said...

Ron, Mysster-
Thanks for the comments. As always we love the feedback.

As info, Cora is wearing a girdle underneath the jeans in the fourth picture. If you look close enough you can actually see the 'bumps' of her garters. This represents what she looks like, often when we go 'out and about'. I don't think anyone notices that she is wearing a girdle and stockings (with garter bumps showing) but they do notice the way she carries herself.

Ron said...

She is awesome, thanks Ken


Anonymous said...

If women only knew how powerful and alluring they can be in just the attire that your lovely Cora (and what a lucky fellow you are to have her as your wife!) has chosen to wear. We are the same age, and my earliest desires were also to be turned over the lap of a beautiful woman dressed in a girdle, stockings, and high heels, and spanked by her. Ladies like Cora--and there are seemingly so very precious few!--are true gems, and deserve all the love and attention and devotion we can give them. My own lovely bride, who left me three years ago, made all my dreams come true, for which I will be forever grateful. I know I don't need to tell you not to ever let that lovely woman you are so appreciative of go without realizing how special she is, on a daily basis. Thank you both for a most enjoyable blog--and for your creativity and courage in publishing it. I truly hope it serves as an inspiration to other women to understand how just a simple spanking administered over their knee means the world to men such as us. And how as a result, they will experience love and devotion to a degree that most other ladies never do.

Anonymous said...

I too think this is a very attractive way for a woman to dress, and I'm from a younger generation. Which I suppose begs the question: Are men who seek female discipline more drawn to women who are dress in a traditional or retro way? Regardless of the man's age or generation.