June 19, 2010

Fear of Blogging

Last Thursday one of my favorite fellow bloggers (Serving B) posted an article about his views on various FLR blogs and how many of the bloggers utilize photos and art to illustrate their points. The analysis of Serving B was incredible and (in my opinion) right on target, especially his point on how actual photos created by the blogger of themselves or their partner can add to the authenticity and make the post much more personalized.

I started this blog in February after retiring from a 38 year career, the previous October. Retirement feels very liberating and we have felt comfortable in sharing actual photos of ourselves with the universe, but understand that many who blog find staying anonymous a necessity. So we have the luxury of adding our personal touch to our posts with the inclusion of pictures of us. Most of the pictures posted have been of Cora by herself (hey, someone has to run the camera and I am still looking to hook up with another FLR couple or individual for assistance with the photography, including the possibility of video). However the recent photo story (May 25 post) was an exception and I can't express how much fun we had producing it. The feedback has exceeded our greatest expectations and we were especially flattered by the reference Serving B made to our photo story and our blog in general. Reading his post felt like being given some kind of blogger's award.


Ron said...

You both should get an award, you are an inspiration to all of us out here.

Your picture story was amazing, Cora is beautiful and it is thrilling to read how happy you are together.

Please keep sharing.

Best regards


Ron said...

Ken and Cora,

Wanted to let you know that last evening I presented my wife with a request for spanking, light, with one of those souvenier paddles, thin ones I purchased Upstate NY. I tried it, we were no kids around mode, she laughed and giggled at first but when she read I was peaking down the back of one of her friends shorts to look at the ladies panties, well, it worked!!! It was a very light spanking otk, she obliged and gave me 20. I want to start out slow and steady as not to scare her. Well she liked my red bottom and asked to give me 20 more, I told her she does not have to ask, so she did. Again very light but was awesome! She was more than ready and I performed better than ever to let her know how much I appreciated the spanking. There is a rose on her pillow, she is out now, with a thank you.

I wanted to share with you, as you two were the inspiration for me to try again, this is the first time for her, I know she was pleased with the effect on me. So now we will see where it heads but I feel wonderful and she was smiling this morning.

Thank you both for the inspiration and the lines to give me the nerve to try with her. Your love for each other is what makes thia all worth the while and I know it can work here.

Hope this makes you understand what your blog means to some of us out here.

Cora you are beautiful, thanks and Ken you are awesome.

I hope some more stories to follow.


spankedbywife said...

You story is truly inspirational and a tribute to you and the patience with which you have approached your wife.

There is such a large number of frustrated men who seek a FLR with their wives but are rebuffed when asked. Your story shows that it can happen. The rose on her pillow is an awesome touch and part of the feedback to her that will demonstrate some of the 'benefits' to her.

Its an honor to be at least a small part of your success and we look forward to hearing about future experiences.

Ken & Cora

Anonymous said...

Ken (and Cora):

Well, if I could give out awards, I would certainly give it to you and your darling wife! Thank you for sharing your life with those of us who appreciate the love and tenderness that underlies a domestic discipline lifestyle. Your love comes through loud and clear.

I am so happy for you both that your retirement allows you to enjoy that which makes you truly happy following a lifetime of service to employers. Think of those who retire, camp out in the barcolounger, and fiddle with the remote. The two of you are, in contrast, living the dream! That you share your joy with all of us is greatly appreciated.

Be well, and thank you for your support and your thoughtfulness.


Anonymous said...

Ron - A very touching story, and so true (about how inspirational Ken and Cora are). Congratulations to you and yours!

Al said...

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant blog.

Ron said...

Ken and Cora,


Serving B, thank you as well, yes this blog and their relationship is what gave me the courage to try it again and to be so patient.

Thanks for the comments.