June 9, 2010

The Look

Comments in previous posts have referred to Cora's 'Stern Look'. I agree that she can turn on that look. You know, the look that most women can call upon when we have done something to anger them. The look that reminds us that we are just naughty boys. The look that can bring out guilt feelings that make us just want to melt into the floor.

There have been many references about 'The Look' in many places. One of my favorites was the episode titled 'The Look' in the fifth season of Tim Allen's 'Home Improvement' series. Its a humorous treatment of it but most men I know, always feel a slight tinge as they recall being on the receiving end of it.

For those of us fortunate to be in a FLR, the outcome of an act of misbehavior serious enough for our ladies to invoke 'The Look' is likely to be difficulty for us to sit comfortably for while. For our brothers in other relationships, the effects will likely be drawn out with resentment generated for some time to come (I speak with experience from previous relationships). I much prefer our relationship where my misdeeds are handled, forgiven and then we go on with our life.

It works; and I am a lucky guy to be in this relationship. I especially love it when 'The Look' is displaced with 'The Loving Look'.


Ron said...

Once again you lead us to a place where we all want to be. Your relationship with Cora is incredible.

The look, wow, when she stands there in dressed in the girdle with that awesome brush, well we all melt totally.

Cora's look is amazing but to you, it is at a different level, which is wonderful to read and see.

Thanks so much, you are too genuine and real to believe at times but the pics show us it is true. Thanks.

I love the fact at the end of the day, you lap is your love and your life together is one we are all envious of, but love to read about, makes it all ok.

Thanks enjoy and keep drawing the "look" from that beautiful lap and partner.

Best regards


Anonymous said...


What an excellent post and wonderful relationship you have with Cora. One of the things I have been thinking about lately is how my partner has expressed concerns at times about "hurting" me while spanking me. Reading your post, it dawned on me that keeping the goal in mind during a spanking might be helpful. The goal is to correct and address behavior and lead us men down a better path. It usually works wonders!

Many best wishes to you, whatever look Cora sends your way. :)


Ron said...


May I add growing up, we dreaded the "look" from mom, aunts, neighbors and oh lord, the nuns. The "look" would send chills up and down your spine and sooner than later you were well spanked.