June 14, 2010

For Whom The Belle Tolls

Yesterday Cora and I attended the SMTR Tea, here in Seattle. This is a FemDomme event where the men serve the women tea and hors d'oeuvres (the quality of a five-star restaurant, by the way). This was the third time we attended (its held every month) and its fun for both the men and women. Its also a place for the women to get to know each other. I am honored that some in attendance are also followers of our blog. We are anticipating the possiblity of getting together with one or two of the couples that participate in this event.

Cora has enjoyed sharing with the group some of the things we have developed including the 'Notice of Discipline' and some of the purpleheart paddles that have come out of my shop. Yesterday, she also shared a photo album of pictures from our photo-story (May 25 posting). It was fun watching the expressions of those who thumbed through it. The expressions of delight at seeing me taken over Cora's knee and spanked with her hairbrush were delightful, especially as the pictures showed my bottom getting redder and redder. Cora is an amazing woman to photograph and her acting skills come through in the photos.

The event yesterday featured a speaker who spoke on 'Defining and Extending Your Service Relationship'. He was a well known member of the community and the presentation was both educational and entertaining.
At one point the presenter steered the discussion towards non-verbal communication to initiate service. Cora brought up a description of a process we use here at home. Cora is interested in collecting antiques and has secured a number of small bells.

She has strategically placed them throughout the house, including one by her bedside, one at the place she normally sits while watching TV and one in her bathroom. If she needs me, all she has to do is ring the bell. One of the advantages of this system is that the sound of the bell penetrates most of the ambient noise and is easily heard by me. It also eliminates the need for her to shout to get my attention . (Its interesting to note that our three English Springer Spaniels have figured out that when they hear the bell, they know I will be immediately heading to attend to her needs. They usually join in on the stampede!)
Needless to say, Cora's description stole the show (at least for a few minutes). I don't think that anyone else in the room had thought of this method and during the resulting discussion, many of the women expressed their delight with this refreshing idea.
I am so proud of her.


mysster said...

the bell idea is genius! very Chatelaine-servant feel. Cora is quite the Lady of Invention.

Anonymous said...

In a posting titled "The Morning After, "Lady Grey (on http://womanincontrol.blogspot.com/) describes how she used a little bell to call her sub-in-training (now her husband).

Ron said...

So glad you and Cora found some friends, very nice story, love it.

Also the bells, love it.

Great stuff and thanks for sharing!


Jayne's Diary said...


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I hope that is ok with you but if not please let me know.

Thanks, take care:)