June 5, 2010

Notice Issued - Sentence Carried Out

I usually think of myself as a guy who doesn't misbehave very often and I like to think I treat my Lady with respect and attend to her needs. I think she would agree that I take good care of her and generally make her a happy woman.

However, it seems like every once in a while, I slip up and find myself on the receiving end of some very well deserved discipline from her.
Such is what developed over the last seven days.
A week ago (last Saturday) I took her out to dinner at one of the nicer local restaurants. It has a terrific view of the city and we are on first name basis with many of the staff. She loves to dress up and this night was no exception. She wore one of her black cocktail dresses, seamed stockings, heels and a very sexy girdle. I also took advantage of the opportunity to capture her with my camera with the intent of posting the results on some of the other groups I participate in.

We had a terrific time, the meal was awesome, the wine wonderful and the view spectacular. On the way home, she suggested that we stop off at one of the local watering holes. When I was still working, we used to celebrate Friday evenings there and she loved to dress up. It was fun watching the heads turn as she walked back to the table we usually sat at. On this night, they were hosting a band. Since music is a passion we both share, we decided to check them out. The band consisted of a guitar, bass, drums along with a 3-unit brass section (trombone, trumpet and sax). They were accompanied by two female singers. It was amazing that all 8 fit into this small establishment (they didn't even have a stage). We both got caught up in the magick of their music and ended up staying for two sets.
Fast forward to the following Tuesday. We were 'out and about' and I stopped for fuel. I took out my wallet and got out my credit card and proceeded to fuel our vehicle. However, I immediatly noticed that there was something missing from my wallet: my driver's license and Visa card! Oops! Well, I knew that I had transferred them to another wallet that I used on Saturday. No problem! Right?

Well, yes, problem! When we returned home, I located my other wallet. But while my driver's license was in the wallet, my credit card was not. Panic! I immediately called the establishment we had been at on Saturday and luckily, they had my card in their possesion. Off I went to retrieve my card.

Upon my return home, she had a little present for me: One of our Notices of Discipline. I had to admit I had this one coming. I was to be spanked on Thursday!

At the appropriate time, I reported to her in our bedroom. This is a location she usually reserves when I am to be taken over her knee and spanked with her hairbrush, Ferule, SMTR paddle and her small school paddle, all of which hang on her smaller rack in our bedroom (this is the rack that used to hang in the kitchen until we needed more space for the new implements I had made for her).

She layed out her implements on the bed for easy reach and over her lap I went. She proceeded to 'warm me up' with a hand spanking. Next she proceeded to the hairbrush. Now this hairbrush can be as effective as her paddles and she showed me just how effective it is as she light my bottom on fire. She then reached for her Ferule, the SMTR paddle and finally her small school style paddle (its a shorter version of a 'standard' school paddle which makes it easy for the OTK position). This paddle makes quite a smacking sound and she began to entertain herself (at my expense) with the 'tick-tock' sounds it was making as she first hit one side, they the other. I am sure she was keeping accurate time compared with any precision timepiece as she was laying on the swats at a one-second interval. Of course I was feeling like a well-spanked guy by now. Very well, indeed. Finally, she let me up and finished my discipline session downstairs.

I am in the process of making yet another 'tool' for her and the latest product from the shop is a wooden handled tawse. Its not quite done but I brought it up for her to check out and much to my surprise, she decided to use it as part of my discipline (I will post pix of it when its finally finished). It has the traditional two-tails of a regular tawse but a wood handle. The leather is quite supple and really stings. I had finished the edges of the tails and was certainly glad I did as the tails have a way of literally taking a bite out of its target. Ouch! She then finished me off with her strap (the one with the red leather handle). The effects of this strap over my bottom that had been 'bit' by the sting of the tawse, was very intense. It was an amazing combination of sensations with the result that I felt that I had been thoroughly disciplined. I think she did too.
I truly love our relationship!


Al said...

Great site - keep it up. Love the pictures and her stern look

Ron said...

Great story, you two are the best.

Love her dress, very nice, hot and well just beautiful.

Now you answered one of my questions whether you ever enjoy the bliss of a nice sound otk hand spanking, sounds like you have and she uses it for warm up purposes.

We have spoke before about that brush, it is a classic and no doubt can do the job! Great stuff.

Wonderful relationship and so glad you are enjoying each other, really is heart warming, well and bottom warming as well.

Thanks, nice hot story for a Sunday morning.

Keep having fun, wonderful lady!



Anonymous said...

What a great story! And what a beautiful lady. I have no doubt that she is still turning heads at your local watering hole.

I am so sorry for your sorry behind, Ken, but it sounds as though you were very fortunate that the credit card was not lost (or used!) and that you have an understanding wife who will "help" you to remember to be more careful in the future! I bet you will be thinking about last Thursday evening every time you open your wallet!

The key word in your beautiful story is "love"....that's what it's all about.

Be well my friend,

John R said...

I am afraid I agree with your wife - you deserved the spanking. However, what I really liked about the story, is the punishment notice. I would love my wife to issue this, and I am trying, very gently, to introduce it. I don't think it is quite her scene, but as I would love to be served such a notice I will perservere. I do admire your wife, and love her 'corset' style. She looks great and I hope you appreciate her.

spankedbywife said...

Again, thanks for all the comments. It is truly the fuel that powers this blog.

Yes, although a beautiful woman in her own right, she can generate that stern look which has been known to melt steel. I love that about her!

And yes, I did not hesitate about deserving this one. It was stupid to forget my card and the results could have been much worse. This was an example of her handling 'real' misbehaviour with 'real' consequences. This an example of our Spencer Spanking Plan contract at its best.

John R- I am assuming you already have a copy of the form in DOC format. If not, e-Mail me and I can send you one as there is no way (at least no way I know of) to post one on this blog.