June 22, 2010

Summer Heat

My calendar indicates that yesterday was Litha (Summer Solstice) and that the moon will be full on Saturday (Strong Summer Moon). However, from what I have seen as comments here and as e-Mails from those of you who follow this blog, a different kind of moon is undergoing a summer scorching.

One of the followers of this blog, Ron has posted comments about the relationship with his wife. It appears that she has finally agreed to spank him. I would refer the readers to his comments (June 19, 'Fear of Blogging') for the description of his story in his own words. It is a very touching and sweet story and is a tribute to his patience. Ron has given Cora and I praise as an inspiration, but it is truly his own actions that have resulted in yet another happy man who is spanked by his wife.
Another follower who comments often, Serving B, described a spanking he received last weekend on his blog. Its worth checking out and he has graciously posted photos of the progression of his night with B. Another touching story of a woman applying loving, caring discipline. In this case some rather intense, caring discipline!

In addition there are countless descriptions on other blogs recounting a woman spanking a man. There seems to be more and more blogs appearing and many of them relate to the FLR world. I have references to some of these blogs but it seems almost impossible to keep up with all of them.
And just today, I received two more requests for our 'Notice of Discipline' form. Its been a while since I have received requests for the form (my offer still stands - e-Mail me if you want a copy in Microsoft Word format), but one of the comments in the e-Mail really caught my attention: "have just got the good wife to agree to spank me on a more regular basis ...."
And so as the summer heat warms the countryside, it appears that new kind of warming is also on the rise. Women in greater and greater numbers are warming the bottoms of their men. And I know that we are all better (and happier) for it.


Tex said...

Love the blog... particularly Cora's choices of wardrobe for your spankings. I suppose like other Baby Boomers the girdle is a fond reminder of my formative years... especially seated with hairbrush in hand! Yikes!

Keep up the nice work.

Ron said...

Hi Cora and Ken,

Thank you so much and happy to shre my revelation at home. It is however a tribute to your relationship that you share with us and your love for each other.

All I can say is wow, Cora looks amazing, you know I love the brush but the girdle as well and those hands! Oh my.

Hope you enjoy your summer "tanning"!!

Thank you so much for sharing and love the pics as well.

Best always