June 20, 2010

A Trip to the Woodworking Store

Cora and I just returned from a trip to our local Woodworking Store. They hosted an open house as they have recently expanded their operations and we thought we would check out their bigger facilities. The store 'experts' are both men and women and have been really helpful in getting my shop set up and providing all kinds of tips on how to use the tools, finishes etc.
We decided that we would investigate using some different kinds of wood for our next projects and Cora was especially taken by the beauty of two pieces: Bocote (the one she is holding in the picture) and Cocobolo and we decided to purchase them.

Now, its not unusual to see women in this store and there are many women who are experts at working with wood who frequent this store. However, as you can imagine, Cora is a woman who attracts attention, especially dressed in her tight jeans. The man at the check out counter didn't have a chance.

As he was ringing up our purchases, including the two pieces of wood, he asked us what we were going to make with them. Cora came back with, "Why they are going to be made into Impact Therapy Tools". You could see the blush rise on the man's face immediately. Then she quipped, "... you should see the purpleheart one we made for my daughter!".

Life with Cora is always an adventure!

No wonder I keep falling deeper in Love with her!


Anonymous said...

"Ipact Therapy Tools"... Brilliant! You go girl! :) Love the photo, too.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I seem to recall that the dust from Cocobolo is toxic. Take precautions.

spankedbywife said...

Our Bottoms-
Good point. I know that wood dust of all kinds are not good to inhale but extra precautions may be needed with some of the 'exotics'. I use a fairly good dust collection system but the wearing of a filter mask is probably in order too, especially at the hand sanding stages.

Also, we learned that there are new finishing materials on the market that don't are free of some of the harmful additives, mostly metals such as chromium.

redxxx said...

looks like your work is going to lead to new experiences in impact therapy. Enjoy, at least the thought anyways..

Ron said...

Wonderful story, you better be careful Ken or Cora may do some testing in the store, very funny.

Love your relationship, inspiring.


Ron said...

OK now let me ask for some thoughts and assistance if you will, Ken and Cora. Some questions as a follow up to my other note.

Cora. How do I get my wife to spank harder and longer? How did you know Ken wanted it harder?
Ken, how did you work panties, although you don't say much about it, into your spankings?

Thanks for the inspiration.

By the way Cora, your answer was hot!! Impact Therapy Tools.


spankedbywife said...

I have answered Ron's question off line. However, just as a quick reply for the group, Cora had to get comfortable with spanking me harder. I think that many women who are new to spanking their men, including Cora, are afraid to hurt their man. It took patience and lots of careful communication before Cora stepped up the intensity. The first time she raised blisters was the time that she realize I could sustain that kind of intensity. Another key is the spankee's body language (making sure your bottom is 'presented' for the next swat) and the state of 'arousal' of the spankee (although that sign may not be something that the spankee can control).

Panties? I still plan to post something about that fascinating subject later.

Ron said...


Thanks again.


ServingB said...

If I may be so bold, what are the chances of "commissioning" you to make a purpleheart paddle for B? Something long and thick. I realize you may not have the time or interest to honor such requests, but I would be honored to be able to present B with one if you agree. You should feel free to email me at servingb at gmail. Thnk you.