June 12, 2010

A Night at the Ballet

Last Thursday I took my Lady to the Ballet. We are lucky enough to live in a city that is able to support the arts and had attended a performance of the 'Nutcracker' a few years back. About two weeks ago she handed me a newspaper clipping describing the current offering by the Ballet Troupe, 'Coppelia'. I looked on line and found that tickets were available and in fact we were able to secure two seats in one of those 'boxes' in the second tier. You trade being above everything for improved privacy and the panoramic view was awesome.

Now I will admit that I am not familiar ballet and its workings but I do appreciate classical music from a live orchestra. However, Cora is very familiar with the Ballet, having been involved both as a child and an adult and still has her Ballet shoes! That really is her in the included pictures.

One of the things that impressed me was that this is a place where women's power is on display. Women are the stars. Women play the main roles and the majority of the lesser roles. There were Goddess statues on display. No wonder that many men avoid attending these events. Another observation was the costumes. The ballerinas wore the traditional dresses and lace and overall did not have much 'sex appeal'. The male dancers, on the other hand, wear rather revealing tights; eye candy for the female attendees. Cora commented that one of the dancers certainly had a very 'spankable' ass.

Overall it was a very Magickal night and the intimacy in the privacy of our box seat made me feel like a teenager in the balcony of a movie theater. (We did behave ourselves ... for the most part!) But being in that environment of so much feminine power was very mind expanding. I loved the reality check I had been provided.

Act IV

Upon our return home, I poured each of us a glass of Port wine and retired to the bedroon where Cora was in the process of getting ready for the night. Cora removed her dress but left her foundations on. Having spent the evening surrounded by all this feminine power and being in the presence of my powerful feminine partner (now wearing a bra, panty girdle, stockings and 4 inch heels, I couldn't help myself. I asked her to spank me. She consented.

I quickly retrieved four implements from the rack downstairs and brought them to her. She commenced to use all four on me. The last one she picked was our 'school' paddle. Now this one isn't the heaviest one and is a bit lighter than some of the others. However, she choose this moment to figure out how to put a 'snap' at the end of her delivery. The resulting 'crack' upon impact sounded a bit like a rifle shot. In the context of everything I found myself highly aroused. This was not a 'punishment' session but a very erotic (and rather severe) act of love from my Lady. The view of her from my point of view was of her hips swaying as she was delivering the kiss of her paddle. Seeing her dressed in her white girdle displaying the curves of her hips and the bumps of the garters holding up her stockings, was indescrible.

She had warmed both my bottom and my heart and we made very passionate love into the night. I then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep, totally satisfied under the spell of her feminine power.


Ron said...

Wow, amazing post, amazing night, amazing spanking from a beautiful lap. Most of all amazing relationship.

Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Wow, am breathless.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading about your relationship with your wife. It sounds wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely devine girdle. To be across a girdled lap like that is a pleasure not to be proud of. Nice indeed!!

mysster said...

with your leave, i share the feeling of Cora's paddle.

i am pleased to be struck and stung vicariously.

She is a beautiful ballerina.