November 5, 2010

All Work and No Play ....

I think I have been really dull lately.  The burst of fair weather has resulted in spending most of the recent days in the yard.  Doing all kinds of projects.  Fences, fence posts, gates, pruning, trimming, etc.  It seems like this has been going on all summer.

And with Cora getting her medications adjusted, well, there hasn't been much 'play' going on.  Hence the amount of time between posts.

Yesterday I spent most of the day getting some last minute items finished up as the prediction is for the sunny weather to disappear.  At the end of the day, I was rather exhausted.  Cora, however was starting to get her energy back.

So while preparing one of her amazing dinners (shrimp wrapped in bacon, with a lemon alfredo sauce over angel hair pasta - something that would rival a 5-star restaurant), she instructed me to bend over the table.  She then proceeded to pull most of her leather implements from her Rack (yes, its re-loaded).  I got a number of swats from her various leather straps and the leather paddle.  I am not sure why she kept to the leather and didn't add some of the wood.  The picture shows here with one of her straps from a previous session but this time she had bared my bottom.

Anyway, I think it did move my mind-set from dull and work oriented and added some much needed playfulness to my demeanor.  I could feel the sting of each stoke move like an electrical current from the point of impact up my spine.  As often is the case, Cora knew just what I needed.

I am thinking of declaring a 'Day of Play'.  I have thought of both of us making a list of things we want to do (both sexual and non-sexual), exchanging lists and each picking several things from the other's list.  Could be the subject of another post.


Dana said...

Sounds like it was time! Sometimes it is hard to get a time with schedules, deadlines etc but I think us guys who are assuming the position, really start to get into trouble if our bottoms cool off too much. Not to mention that Cora has to keep the arsenal in good shape.

Anonymous said...


I hear you. Life ebbs and flows, and along with it, so does playtime! You would think that retirement would make you wonder what you are going to do with your time. But no! It sounds as though you have been very productive, and you are doing your best to support Cora as she figures out how to handle what is ailing her. Bravo to you! You are doing the right thing! Glad to hear she attended to you both yesterday. I hope it did her some good, too.

You are a marvelous couple. We welcome your posts whenever you have the time!

Underling said...

Dinner and a spanking. Can't beat it!

I quite like pictures of fully clothed discipline. Not that I've anything against your bare bottom of course, Ken, but variety is always good!

Still love your blog. Please keep up the great posts!

spankedbywife said...

You are so correct. If I get spankings on a regular basis, it seems like its less difficult when Cora is applying her paddles.

BTW, I just discovered your blog. There seems to be several which have just appeared. Welcome to the 'community'.

Serving B-
As usual your wisdom shines. Yes, we seem to be in transition from ebb to flow and right now the tide just keeps coming in.

Well, I posted a follow up to this post and the picture Cora took of her handywork shows a bit more of me. Personally, I prefer pictures of Cora which is why there are many more of her on the blog. I am guessing that most of the readers would agree. :-)

Ron said...


Well now does that sound fun and if you two don't mind I am going to suggest this at home!! Now more important what I great way to introduce a panty spanking into the scene. I have been laboring with this one and I just got my solution. You and Cora are amazing and such a simple way to work my way into it here at home, thanks.

Nice spankings from lady Cora, she is amazing.

I am so stoked now, I may finally get the panty spanking on the menu here at home.

Glad my friend Ken got his first panty spanking as well!!

Yes I am totally fascinated with panties, totally.

Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration, always you two are the best.

Much love.