November 19, 2010

What is this Fascination with Panties - Follow-Up

The FLR Blogosphere has recently taken on the subject of men's fascination with panties.  As stated in our previous post, Throck in his blog 'Spankable Husband' posted some of the best explanations of why men find this particular attraction.  At least his logic made sense to me.

In addition in her blog 'A Spanking Marriage', Susan gives an excellent view from a woman's point of view.  In her most recent post (November 18), she described her own curiosity (and arousal) at men wearing panties.  Her husband, Barry apparently has had interests in panties for quite some time.  She also indicated that she is intrigued with panties and girdles too (You Go, Girl!), and plans to explore these things with her husband.

In addition to the posts, there have been a number of comments.  Rachael has placed her husband in panties, exclusively.  Bogey and Bacall enjoy wearing matching panties and applying paddles to each other.  Others have confessed that they wear panties and many have commented on their love of the pictures of Cora wearing her panty girdles.  (That has been one of my most pleasurable activities of this blog).

Since we have started blogging last February, one of our goals has been to portray ourselves as 'real' people.  We have used pictures of ourselves to illustrate our points.  And while I do the writing of the blog, Cora always contributes much of the content.  In addition to being my favorite model, she also reads everything, all the comments and many of the other blogs and their comments.

Well, since the 'Great Panty Topic of 2010' has generated lots and lots of contributions by many of you, Cora seems to have found that she, like Susan, is intrigued by the 'Panty Thing'.  In the past she has only infrequently 'forced' me to wear her panties.  I think this may be changing.  Today, while preparing to go 'out and about', I was duly instructed that I would be wearing her panties.  It was her idea.

So after toweling myself off, she presented me with the panties she intended me to wear, today.  She held them for me to step into.  Then she instructed me to bend over on the bed, and grabbed the 'She-Makes-The-Rules' paddle from her bedroom rack.  She couldn't resist the sight and proceeded to apply the paddle to my pantied bottom.  It wasn't a punishment spanking, so all things considered, I really enjoyed it.  As I sit here composing this post, I am still wearing her panties, at her instruction.  She has also found that stroking my bottom while wearing her panties can be a very erotic experience.

Cora confessed to me this morning that she is finding that when I submit to her instruction to wear her panties, that she is experiencing a further rush of power.  Something new to her, at least regarding the panty thing.  As she has been reading the blogs, Cora is really enjoying when she is reading and is beginning to connect with more and more of the things others are describing. And even trying out some of the things that are being discussed.  This may include shaving me 'down there'.  It appears that Susan's description has gotten Cora's attention.

I can't explain it but I celebrate her new-found power.  As Ms. Deirdre stated in her blog, when Cora makes me wear her panties, its an erotic expression of her power which is answered by me as an erotic act of my submission to her.  I don't know how, but I keep finding myself more and more in love with her.


Rachel said...

Congratulations Cora & Ken:
It is the most wonderful feeling to go over and pat your man's bottom and feel the firmness in panties. When I first learned about femdom from aj I got that feeling and after marriage decided to have it all the time. Since aj wanted my muff trimmed and I became HOH as a sign of my rule he is bald all of the time: both crainial and pubic. Since his body is hairy, I have a shaved his butt so he fully feels and enjoys my spankings and I get a clear target. I never have enjoyed this or thought of these when younger, now in my mid 60's I am living up my imagination.
Rachel & aj

spankedbywife said...

Ms. Rachael-
I have been a fan of yours for quite some time (goes back to that now defunct Spanking Forum) and love the story of how you were introduced into the FLR thing by aj.

Cora is really getting into the 'Panty Thing' and is already talking about expanding here panty wardrobe as it appears more will be worn. I am quite certain that she has picked up some of your comments about panty shopping with aj and I am sure that the shopping trip will be embarrassing in a most titillating way.

And like you and aj, it seems as though life just gets better and better as we expand our FLR lifestyle.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Ken wrote:
Ms. Rachael-
I have been a fan of yours for quite some time (goes back to that now defunct Spanking Forum

hmmm, if I recall right it was AJ and rachael back then.

Susan said...


Your last two posts have been very special. It is wonderful to see you and Cora share another side of your special relationship. I am delighted to hear that she is planning to have you wear panties more frequently. I would also strongly encourage her to shave you "down there". I have read several blogs where the husband is required to keep himself smooth. However, I love performing the task. Making him stand before me in the shower and watch me take his most delicate areas in hand while I shave them is a power rush for me. It also shows how much faith and confidence he has in me. As I mentioned before I love the sight of his shaved package in sheer panties and I love to feel how smooth he his when I handle him; and how smooth his bottom is when I spank him. Spanking a freshly shaved bottom is a real treat, because it reddens up much more quickly! I hope you will share when you joined the ranks of having smooth and clean shaven genitals and buttocks :-).

I will also share as Barry and I explore the use of girdles.


Dana said...

Ken,isn't it great. To have a woman that loves you and "takes" care of you. My beautiful wife, Margo and I just read your latest update. I get put in panties on occasion to remind me who is the boss. She likes me in the very lacy ones.When I am in panties there is a lot of checking to be sure that I am filling them ok, I certainly don't object to that. In the short time I have been following your blog, and writing my own blog (Not very long long ago, I had no idea what a blog was) I have been impressed by how real you and Cora are. I can just imagine being very happy to have a conversation and a visit with both of you. I know that you are wearing those panties proudly.

Ron said...


Nice post again and great follow up. Wow.

We are working on me getting spanked in panties now. Not sure when but the idea is out there and as you and Cora know my wife has many pair to choose from. In fact I am feeling a stop at Victoria Secret later today just to keep the idea fresh. As for the fit, well that is all part of the punishment for me. But we are going slowly with it but will get there I think.

Another thought I shared with Susan a while ago, a panty is really our ladies most intimate garment, the last stop before heaven for us, that intimacy is something I want to share and that also adds to it.

Final thought, the first real spanking of a girl I saw, was a hairbrushing over her blue panties, I see it in my mond everyday!!

Thanks, be well and best wishes to you both.


Ron said...


I love that hairbrush, a classic.

Cora holding the panty and the brush, totally hot.


Anonymous said...

I love Cora's pics... and these with her holding the punishment panties are a special treat! :) Her smile and attitude...oh man!

I haven't thought about Wife wanting to shave me, but I have started trimming around the "front panty line"... wonder if she'll ever want to do my backside...hmmm.

Panties - nylon, please! - are just so exciting, and being punished in them cannot be beat!! :)

Anonymous said...


As intrigued as Ken is with your panties and wearing them for a spanking, he almost surely would be even more enthralled to be taken over your knee after pulling on a tight paneled girdle and zipping it up. A Custom Maid 299 can make an ideal pair of spanking pants for a gentleman, because it is cut a bit narrower through the hips than some other girdles, and it has a lovely stretch stain "spank spot" across the seat. It the girdle stays on for the spanking and an extended cool down period, it will make the spanking even more memorable. And the paddle bounces so delightfully off a tautly girdled bottom!