November 17, 2010

What is this Fascination with Panties?

I have been intending to write something about the subject of women's panties for quite some time. However, I have been a little reluctant as it involves something that is somewhat embarrassing to me.  I know, why should I be embarrassed about my fascination with women's panties when I have posted pictures of my well spanked bare bottom'?  Well, I can't answer that.  So here goes:

There is just something fascinating to me about women's panties.  I can't remember exactly when I first remembered when it started but I can recall paging through the various Sears, Penney's and Montgomery Ward catalogs.  And based upon what I have read from many other men, I am not alone.  And its no secret about my fascination with girdles and pantie girdles.  Especially when Cora wears hers!

One of my earliest memories about getting 'up close and personal' with panties was when I was growing up.  On some occasions I would mow a lawn for one of my mother's friends.  The lawn mower was kept in her basement and the laundry was there too.  Well, one time I remember seeing a pair of panties sitting in the laundry pile.  The temptation was just too great and soon I was inhaling the sweet aroma of the panties.  And it was a very sweet scent.  I was hooked (and I still am).

I belong to lots of Yahoo Groups.  Many of them are based upon Female Led Relationships but others are not.  Recently in one of the other groups, there was a thread that described the experiences of many of the guys also finding a fascination with panties and many described 'up close and personal' experiences.  Its obviously something that a number of men (perhaps many men) have in common with me.

A popular movie was released with the title, "Scent of a Woman".  I believe there is a reason for this.  Its probably buried deep in the earliest part of our evolution, somewhere in our 'crocodial brains' but I do believe that men are wired to be attracted to a woman's scent.  Probably something to do with the propagation of the species, or something.  Ladies take note: We are addicted to your scent!

In his blog, 'Spankable Husband', Throck describes his own relationship with women's panties.  He describes himself not as a 'crossdresser' but play a part with his fascination with spanking.  In addition in her new (and excellent) blog, 'A Spanking Marriage', Ms. Susan describes her husbands fascination for panties, too.  And she obtained a pair of 'control panties' (oh, how I love the double meaning) for him to wear when she spanks him.

I think Throck may have tumbled onto something in his explanation of his own fascination with women's panties.  He spoke of the power women have over men as it concerns the genital area of a woman.  Obviously its that area that comes into contact with a woman's panties as she wears them.
For those of us 'liberated' submissive men, its no secret that we celebrate that power.  It seems only natural, then to be obsessed with our Ladies panties.  If this subject has gotten your attention, I would suggest you check out Throck's post of November 10.  You would also find Ms. Susan's post of November 14, not only informative but an incredible example of erotic writing.

Some of the comments to Throck's post indicated that some of the guys have been made 'off limits' to their Ladies personal panties. Thankfully for me, that is not the case. I think that sometimes its a minor irritation to Cora, but I often 'steal' her panties. Its actually a game with us and one way I 'earn' a spanking. (Her current rate is 25 swats per pair).

Its no secret where I keep my 'stash', so if Cora wants to retrieve a pair, she knows where to look.  And when she gets in the mood, she will 'catch' me 'red handed' and issue a Notice of Discipline (and that's why 'Panty Stealing' is one of the boxes on the form).  In the meantime, I have the opportunity to enjoy the sweet scent of my lady.

Many of the men in FLR's have shared their preferences regarding wearing panties.  Some just like to wear them, some are 'forced' to wear them as a result of a decree from their Ladies and some (like me) like it when their Ladies make them wear them.  One thing that is beginning to become apparent is that many FLR women make their naughty boys put on a pair prior to spanking them (if you look close, you can see that I have panties lowered to my knees in the picture of my well spanked bottom).
In my case, Cora will sometimes make me wear her panties.  Fortunately, Cora's panties fit me just fine.  She has very womanly hips and the panties that fit her also fit my slightly too large stomach.  And she prefers to wear panties that are almost 'full cut'.  So I can wear them quite comfortably and I must admit, its very erotic on the rare occasions she makes me wear them.  There is something about that smooth fabric that arouses me.  Oh, and the fact that she has worn them previously.

Over a year ago, I had a legal issue with my eX that led to an impasse.  It resulted in the need to resolve the issue in front of a judge in a courtroom.  Both the judge and my eX's attorney were women.  For reasons I won't go into, I represented myself.  The resolution of the issue required two court appearances, but in the end, I prevailed.  I took my participation in this process very seriously, including dressing the part.  I even purchased a blue pin-stripe suit (think Denny Crane).  However, I wonder what the other women who were participates would have thought if they knew that we were all wearing panties!  Cora made me wear a pair of her panties (yes, previously worn by her), under the Denny Crane outfit.  I must say that it was empowering.  VERY empowering.  Throck is right; women's panties are a source of power.  A very large source of power.

Post Script:
Finding pictures of Cora wearing just panties was a challenge, indeed.  I love to photograph her wearing girdles and such but it is rare to get a picture of her in just panties. 

But, even if I say so myself, the opening picture of her pantied Derriere is stunning.  She is the epitome of why I find a woman's panties and a woman's Derriere to be so attractive.


Anonymous said...

You are 101% on the mark. When I layout aj's outfits for tomorrow I always pick the panties he wears. He wears only panties as I disposed of his boy underwear. When I take him to the doctor's they know he is in panties and have so seen him. Wearing panties keeps a man torqued and always thinking of the lady in his life.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall does not force me wear them, rather we both like the erotic aspect of wearing matching panties sometimes. Panties and paddles go together so well.

Throck said...

Interesting post, and thanks for the reference. I wish more bloggers, male and female, would give their perspective on the use of panties in their relationships, FLR or otherwise. I certainly agree with Bogey that panties and paddles go together.
The pantie stealing game that you and Cora play is interesting too. I am debating introducing C to that game. I'll do about anything to earn a spanking from C.

Anonymous said...

Great post.
I love those images of Cora wearing her girdles!
I don't know why, but it makes a woman look so powerful.
And I totally get the whole men wearing ladies panties thing too.
I too wear woman's panties, I have several pairs in different colours and usually wear them when we go out together, though at this stage it's not a rule of the house that I wear them, but one of choice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, I have to agree with Respect for Mistress, I too wear them out of choice not being forced to. My fascination started when I was really young, and continued into my adult life.
I also believe most men in our type of relationship enjoy woman's panties whether it's the feel, or whatever else they like about wearing them.
It's nice to know there are other men that feel the way I do or we do.

Susan said...

Hi Ken. Thank you for a thoughtful and inciteful post, which has inspired some excellent comments that add more perspective. This seems to be the hot topic this week, so I will probably also try to find some time to offer a our perspective.


Anonymous said...

I love the look of a woman in a panty girdle.

Ron said...

Hi Ken,

Sorry have not been able to get on the sites recently.

Wow, agree 100%. The Sears book was golden in my life, I agree not sure why but it was.

My life, panties were called "unmentionables" and that in itself started my fascination with them. I too took care of our neighbors lawn, for over a month, they went on vacation every year. She was and still is a beautiful lady and not the laundry but once I got the nerve, I was right in her bedroom. I so enjoyed being in the panty drawer, wow, but never got caught. Also, catholic school, I had my share of peaks at the girls mostly white panties on the playground.

Hard to explain, I think and look for them almost everyday, not unskirt stuff, that is creepy but just a normal guy looking for panty lines and panty peaks.

Spankings to me hurt more in panties!! Not sure why but not doubt the control and being made to feel submissive is part of it.

Great posting, thanks.


Anonymous said...

I agree that a panty girdle is very sexy. I wish my wife would wear one!

I love it when Shannon is wearing nice underwear when she spanks me over her knee. Just a pretty half slip and bra is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I'm another panty-lover. Good post! I let myself be caught with my Wife's -- but I just printed out your notice of discipline form, and She noticed the "panty stealing" box right away!
I buy my own, as I fit my Wife's, but hers generally aren't as sexy as I get myself (she would never wear the sexy ones I'd buy her!)

MomSpanks said...

I love wearing old fashioned panties - and spanking my bad little boy while we're BOTH wearing them!! NOT a "pro" site. Just a place for our personal clips.