November 8, 2010

An Explosion of FLR Blogs

... At least it seems that way.

It has been my opinion that there are more and more couples adopting the Female Led Relationship lifestyle.  The reason I believe this is a result of the feedback I get from this blog, the activity on other blogs and Yahoo Groups that I follow.  In addition this blog just celebrated its 300,000th hit just today.  The level of activity exceeds our wildest expectations, but there must be something about FLR's that interests some of you.  Many of you have requested our 'Notice of Discipline' form and the feedback I have received from those who have followed up afterwards has included the fact that more men are getting spanked by their wives.  The form is probably not the reason that some of the guys have gotten their wives to spank them, but it has acted as a catalyst that resulted in the kind of communication that resulted in some major lifestyle changes.  Ron's story is just one example.

When I started posting some things again following our short term absence, I received an e-Mail from James.  He asked some questions about the blogging process.  It turns out he had first started his blog ('SpankedMale') in 2007 and hadn't posted further until just this month.  Welcome back, James and we look forward to hearing your stories.

Upon further checking, I found that there were several other new blogs including 'Husband in Check' and 'My Wife, My Babysitter' both written by men describing their own FLR with their wives.  Then I discovered Susan's 'A Spanking Marriage'.  This blog is particularly interesting as its written from a woman's point of view, something still rather rare.  Again, welcome and we hope that you continue to share.

All these blogs have links on the right hand column of this blog and I would suggest you all check them out.  I think they all have promise from what I have read.  They join many of the other excellent blogs that have been around for a while which I thoroughly enjoy following, too.  They are also included on the 'Blogs I Follow' list. (Note: I try to limit the 'Blogs I Follow' to those of a FLR nature written by 'real' people which don't show too much of a 'commercial' side).

And I am sure that there are even more FLR blogs out there that I just haven't hooked up with.  But the bottom line is that there does seem to be a groundswell of people like us, braving the blogging waters and sharing themselves with us.  I truly believe one of the positive aspects of this phenomenon is that as those who lurk read them, they will come to the realization that they are not alone and there are plenty of people like themselves.

So, come out and join us!

In addition, for those with partners who have been reluctant to join in, there are more and more examples of those of us lucky enough to be with partners who are not reluctant.  Perhaps one of our blogs will comfort one of these reluctant partners to join in and find out the wonderful benefits available.  One of the common themes that seems very consistent with bloggers in Female Led Relationships is the fact that they are all loving relationships.  Lots of Love.

And isn't that the most important part of our presence on this planet?


Anonymous said...

You're right Ken, when I started in 07 there didn't seem like there was to much interest in FLR. But after reading some of the blogs recently I was happy to learn there was.
Thanks for all your help, and the inspiration to get going again.
You indeed are a lucky guy, and I wouldn't mind going over Cora's lap for a little correction with that paddle she's holding. Of course with her permission, and of course my wife's. LOL

Anonymous said...

Blogging, for me and Mistress, is the prefect medium to express our thoughts and share experiences with others of the same interest. After all FLR matters are not something you can strike up in conversation with your freiends or neighbours. We decided to start our own blog after leaving comments on other blogs and realising we needed more sope to expand on our thoughts. It's interesting you mention your 'notice of discipline' form. We read your blogs on the subject and moulded your system to our punishment book - if punishments can't be meted out immeditely they go in the book to be dealt with later. Thanks for your intersting and informative blog.

Anonymous said...

My own blog is a pitiful thing and not about any lifestyle. Having said that, I know the effort it takes. What I appreciate the most about your blog is the joy that I see expressed. I hope to make it to Portland again and see the wonderful QueenBee, if I do, I would love to take the two of you out for dinner or lunch. If that were to come, you could ask the Queen about me and others.

The thing I like the most about your blog is how real you appear. I don't get fakes, I get a loving couple. I absolutely refuse to believe that the two of you are not the funnest couple around. Nobody could read your blog and not see the fun and the love.

B Still

Our Bottoms Burn said...

While our relationship is jointly led, we enjoy your Blog, share your taste for girdles and wish you the best.

OnHerKnee said...

Well, while I can agre it's true that there have been some recent new blogs, quite a few have gone dormant.

The F/M Spanking Blogroll I have on the side of my blog has quite a few dormant blogs that haven't been posted to for ages.

In fact my own blog went dormant for a while... There just wasn't that much that was coming to mind that I felt like writing about.

Of course there are some bloggers who have let a blog go dormant and have restarted with another blog because the theme of what they write about has changed... (this is my story)

Dana said...
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Dana said...

Ken, what an explosion it has been. It has been great to be able to read experiences from other like couples and good to know that my relationship is not the only one. I enjoy the blogs. We all have a different writing style but we write from the heart, and as you say there is a lot of love in those relationships. And finally, I feel that I am making friends and those friends are giving good advice. It has been a learning experience for me and I feel priveleged to be a part of it whether the relationship is female led, or a shared responsibility. Let's blog on!

Susan said...

Hi Ken. I fully agree with you about the number of loving, caring female led relationships that exist today. I have always enjoyed your blog and found it most helpful as Barry and I were learning how to move into a FLR. It really helped me to realize that we were not unique and hear how others have gone before us. I'm glad to hear you have also enjoyed my attempt at sharing my thoughts in a blog and appreciate you following it.


Ron said...

Ken and Cora,

Agree with your comments and will add that your form was a huge assistance to getting my beautiful bride to put me over her lap. But more so it was your advice, encouragement and well as one note said, your just being normal, that made this work for us.

You and Cora are an inspiration for us. Susan's blog is well amazing as she tells us her stories as is B' blog. Also Ma'am Yes Ma'am and Old fashion Girl Spanking blogs are wonderful and solid reinforcement for all.

What the bottom line is for all of us I think is we are all normal everyday people who either long for or have developed an FLR that is just wodnerful. As I have stated many times, we have not gotten along better in my marriage in 33 years than we are now.

Thank you all for your help and encouragement.

Best wishes.

spankedbywife said...

I have been honored by the number of comments this post has generated. Thanks to all who have taken the time. Its awesome to feel like we are part of a new movement, especially when we believe in this so passionately.

Its humbling to be identified as an inspiration. And I do believe that Cora would be happy to apply that paddle to you (with your wife's permission). In fact, she has a whole arsenal of paddles that she would probably use!

Respect for Mistress-
Somehow I missed your blog. So it appears there are more new blogs than I first found. And glad to hear your 'punishment book' functions similar to our 'Notice of Discipline'.

B Still-
Its gratifying to hear that our attempts to portray ourselves as just 'ordinary and real' people is working.

Our Bottoms Burn-
We really enjoy your blog and, yes, we share a passion for women wearing girdles. Ladies hear this: Wearing one will definitely increase your power.

On Her Knee-
It was a delight to see you return to the blog-O-Sphere. Your wisdom has always been something that has inspired many of us.

Indeed we have made many friends here and our little 'circle' seems to be very intimate and special. I treasure all the interaction I have received with those who have opened up themselves by creating a blog. I also treasure those who take the time to make comments. Its what feeds the need to keep on blogging.

Again, its very humbling to hear that Cora and I have inspired other couples, such as yourself to stick your feet into the FLR waters. And the fact that we may have helped you realize that your are not unique.

And we are so looking forward to watching your blog develope as we believe it is very important to include the Female point of view.

You have become a very special friend through your comments and direct correspondance and the way you shared your own story so unselfishly has also inspired many others to persue the Female Led Relationship lifestyle. I look forward to the day you join us in your own blog.

Our Most Sincere Thanks to All
Ken and Cora