November 6, 2010

A Day of Play

In our last post we made mention of a 'Day of Play'.  The idea was to submit a list to each other and let them pick a few items from the list.  This list was to include things that both of us would find fun to do, but also include things that might not be as fun, but needed to be done.

Well, yesterday morning, I composed such a list and submitted it to Cora.  She thought the idea was great and proceeded to check off the items I had listed that she wanted to do.  I included three categories including, 'Sexually Related Items', 'Just Fun Stuff, Not Necessarily Sexual' and 'Not Much Fun But Things That Need To Be Done'.  I included some blanks so that Cora could fill in something I had not listed.

When she had completed her side of the form, she returned it to me.  From the first group she had selected three items: 'Put Ken in Panties', 'Have Ken hand-wash my panties' (note: she added 'Wearing Dog Nose' - This is the item she is shown wearing in the July 2, 2010 post), and finally 'Paddling: Each implement from Rack, based on roll of dice'.

From the second group, she added one of her own items concerning assisting her with her display shelves.  She wanted to add a shelf to display a new item.  She also selected an item from the 'Not Much Fun' group.

As the day progressed, most of the activities proceeded as agreed upon.  First, she selected a pair of panties for me and had me put them on.  Now, this is a subject that has been briefly (pun intended) addressed but I had hoped to expand on it at a later time (which so far has yet to happen).  Suffice it to say that I believe that most men have a fascination with their Ladies underwear, and panties in particular.  (Think of the movie, 'Scent of a Woman').  I find it an erotic act of her dominance when she makes me wear her panties.  I am not one to just wear panties, although I know of some men who do.  But I find it very erotic when she make me wear them.  She repeated this instruction this morning, too.  So far her panties have yet to be washed but is something on the agenda for today and the only thing on the list that was not completed.

Soon, I was summoned to assist Cora in the re-configuration of her display shelves.  She has a collection of classic dolls, and a few other items.  As was described in our June 12, 2010 post, we enjoy attending the Ballet.  We have reservations for the 'Nutcracker' Ballet this December.  I am sure there will be a post describing that night. 
However, on a visit to a local hardware store who is known for their display of ceramic Holiday Village items, we found an animated display of a theater depicting the 'Nutcracker'.  Of course, Cora wanted to display this item and we soon began re-arranging her displays to accommodate the new item.  In addition, it was necessary to provide a power connection.  The picture shows her new shelf with some of her Ballet Dolls.  The item has the performers twirling, rotating and is accompanied with two of the Nutcracker tunes playing along.  With all the lights and actions, we find ourselves sitting and watching it for hours.

After making repairs to some of the low voltage lights in our front yard (the 'Not Much Fun Things' item), we settled down for a wonderful lunch.  Afterwards, we found that the whole day had resulted in us both being very aroused and the love-making was passionate.

Following an afternoon nap, I served Cora one of her favorite cocktails and poured myself a glass of wine, while Cora dressed in one of her tight, black panty girdles, stockings and high heeled boots.  Shortly after making her entrance, she instructed me to bend over the kitchen table.  She dispensed with rolling the dice and just decided that she would apply her own number of swats with her paddles.  She started with her favorite 'warm up' leather paddle and proceeded to light the furnace in my bottom.  She followed up with her straps and the swat count was definitely increasing.  I don't think there would have been enough points on the dice to suit her. 
Finally, she started to select the wood paddles from her rack.  She used all of them including the 'school' paddle, 'Spencer' paddle and her three 'Exotic Wood' paddles.  Needless to say, by the time she had gotten to the Exotic's I was really feeling the wood.  This is probably the first time she delivered some solid swats from the Zebrawood and Cocobolo paddles. 

Ouch!  Rather than try to describe it, I think the picture tells the story.

All things considered, we both agreed this process worked quite well. After several weeks of being in  the doldrums, we felt like we were having fun again.  We will definitely use this process again.  It, like the Notice of Discipline Form, provides yet another way to communicate our wants and desires to each other.  Sometimes its difficult to express things that may be a bit embarrassing to request, but I found putting it on a list with several other less embarrassing things was much easier.


Ron said...

Ugh, commented on the wrong posting, see my comments on the other blog. Oh boy, rushing this morning. But in essence great story, great fun and you have now given me the avenue to introduce a panty spanking here at home, awesome idea and working on it right now.

Great story and great play, thank you for sharing. And glad you got you panty warming!!!

Yes sir, love panty, I don't wear them per se but love to see them, feel them, buy them and now soon I hope be spanked in them!!

Thanks and best regards,

Sorry for mixing the posts.


Serving B said...

Bravo to you and Cora for finding new ways to bring the fun into the relationship! And some very practical benefits came from your experience, too. Loved the photos! Hot stuff, Ken! Be well, and welcome back from the doldrums!

FLR-HappyHubby said...

Thank you for this fantastic blog. My wife and I have been trying to follow this great lifestyle for about the past 4 years or so. There have been a few roadblocks recently, the most significant is our daughter staying with us from June until next Jan.
I really enjoyed this posting for its great idea of a list. We are planning a "reconnecting" weekend soon and this is a really great idea for focusing our ideas.
Thank you for your openness and sharing. The openness of the "tool rack" is especially motivating. Finally, I think your notice of disciple form is a great idea and although I have a jpg of the blank, wish there was some way of getting it in .doc or similar format. Please keep up the great work.

spankedbywife said...

Ron, Servinb B-
Always delighted to see comments from both of you.

Glad you like some of our ideas and we love to hear feedback from couples who engage in the FLR lifestyle.

As far as the Notice of Discipline form, all you have to do is ask. I will be glad to send you one but will need your e-Mail address. Just drop me a quick note (I think you can find my address in my profile) and one of the forms will come back to you at the speed of light!