November 11, 2010

Questioning Her Authority

Its been a while since I have exhibited bad behavior but today, I did.  Cora was arranging some items in our living area.  I chimed in with some suggestions.  At least I though I was just making suggestions. 

I guess I came across as more than just making 'suggestions'.  So, guess what?  Yep, she issued a Notice of Discipline.  I am to be spanked this evening for my little transgression.  Looking back I deserved it and am looking forward to clearing the slate.

But what I am most proud of, is the fact that Cora didn't let this one get by her.  Instead she asserted her Authority and exercised her Power.  That's what this FLR is all about.  And I love her so much for it and I know I loves me enough to hold me accountable.

Post Script (7:25PM, November 11, 2010)
Cora followed through on her spanking.  I was just instructed to bend over the table and she proceeded to exhaust her rack of all the leather implements. 

She spanked hard and long and I feel totally relieved of my guilt regarding the questioning of her authority.   I love her so much.


Dana said...

Ken, I could not agree more that getting the slate cleaned promptly and efficiently is the best way. I still cannot get over how lucky that we are to live in a well female run household. My beautiful wife and I both like the notice of discipline form and we will be making some up for our household. I don't always get much notice when I am being disciplined but we both see can the benefit of the form. Currently I am away from home on business which I absolutely hate being separated. I do know that upon my return late this evening, I will be spanked for something that I said I would do but didn't and didn't tell her. And you should know that reading your blog was one of the inspirations for my blog. Have a great weekend with the love of your life.

ServingB said...

Ken - Great post! Cora knows what she likes and you probably know better about that! lol I love the selection that Cora has available to her - leather, wood, or a delightful combination. You lucky man, you!

Andrew said...

It is not just a question of who leads in the household, more about male irresponsibility. We men need to be risk takers to succeed in life, we would never do what it takes to get ahead otherwise. But we also need to take responsibility and accept punishment. that is why so many men need their wives to use the paddle and cane. I may be a little embarassed about this need but I accept it and am profoundly grateful to her, although I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about this coming week's canning,s icne she has warned me it will be severe.

mysster said...

i've said this before, and i hope it doesn't seem a nuisance.

Cora is unimpeachably powerful and attractive.

forgive the intrusion!


Anonymous said...


Nice hot story resulting in a nice hot backside! Cora is amazing. And yes sir, the stress and guilt relief from a good sound spanking is well amazing.

Thanks and warmest regards

Respect for Mistress said...

I empathise with this post because it's exactly how our own relationship is beginning to work and how I imagined an FLR should work. Isn't it so easy for us to make an off-the-cuff remark, which implies we know better? with that in mind. it's no surprise really that Cora issued a Notice of Discipline. I agree with Dana that it's good to get the slate cleaned promptly because the punishment is far more meaningful. Having said that, we also adopted the Notice idea in the form of a punihsment book so that any faults are recorded and if they can't be dealt with straight away, at least there is a record so they can be corrected at the first opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Panties are one of the "5 P's" that represent female power, as follows:

Purse (money, financial matters)
Pots (food prep, diet)
Pumps (authority, sexuality)
Paddle (discipline)

The first four are feminine objects associated exclusively with women. The fifth (paddle)
is not exclusively a feminine object (see male dom), but it is the tool of choice for many women in a FLR or Fem Dom relationship.